HIGH SPIRITS: Brake adjusts to life back home–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The day leading up to Colt Brake’s life-changing injury was anything but normal.

Brake had recovered from a high fever the day before and spent most of the half-day at school expecting to head home to get some rest. His mother, Tammy, remembers the phone call distinctly. (Read more)

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Colt Brake

Pinetops NC: Secretary Position At SouthWest Edgecombe Will It Be Filled? Has There Been Interviews Although There Has Been No Job Postings

Sources say the secretary position that was held by retiree Barbara Warren may not be filled. But I wonder why? It appears that 3 people including Warren has interviewed some candidates but the latest verdict is that the central office was not aware of the interviews and has said there is no money for the position. Oh well. So what about the person over at South Edgecombe who thought she had the job?

It is time for the good ole buddy mess to end at SouthWest. It is a lot that goes on at the school but is kept hush hush.

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Pinetops NC: SouthWest Edgecombe High School Principal John Westberg Has Been Moved To Phillips Middle School As An Assistant Principal And Raymond Privott Will Continue To Serve As The Interim Principal

Sources say Principal John Westberg has been reassigned to Phillips Middle School. The principal of Phillips just recently retired and obviously the assistant principal has been elevated to principal.

Westberg was recently suspended with pay as the investigation of testing procedures that took place during the summer.

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Note: Correction John Westberg moved to W.A. Pattillo Elementary School

Princeville NC: Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates And Her 2 Favorite Commissioners Gave Out Christmas Bonuses To Themselves And Others

Sources say Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and her 2 favorite commissioners Calvin Sherrod and Isabelle Purvis-Andrews gave out Christmas bonuses to themselves and others but Commissioner Gwen Knight still has not gotten paid for serving on the town council. I understand that on Monday December 20 Mayor Everette-Oates asked for the case to be continued to February.

I understand that Mayor Everette-Oates received $300.00, commissioners $150.00, the new police chief $100.00, former chief who was stripped of his position received $60.00 and other staff received $100.00 down to $50.00.

So when will the people of Princeville say enough is enough? It appears never because the saga continues.

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Instant analysis–Source: News & Observer

After seven weeks, the votes are in, counted and recounted. The result: Doug McCullough won the Nov. 2 election – the Instant Runoff election – for a seat on the state Court of Appeals. McCullough should make a good judge on the Appeals Court (he’s been there before, serving capably). Question is, should North Carolina elect to use Instant Runoff Voting in statewide races again? (Read more)

Note: I totally agree 100%. This was instant “BULLMANURE” and everyone who pushed to do this election in that fashion is just that full of it. How in the hell can anyone feel good about this particular race? Nope I am not talking about because Judge Thigpen lead and then lost but because how do we know the total process was done correctly? Do we know if all the candidates received their right amount votes? Not a supporter of IRV now and never. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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New Princeville Police Chief Petway–Source: Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — The new chief of police is bringing years of experience and a common sense approach to the post.

Joey Petway is the new police chief for Princeville and with a little more than a week on the job he is ready to start planning for the future of safety for the town. (Read more)

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Penny an excellent choice for Rocky Mount–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

It’s hard to imagine a better choice for Rocky Mount’s next era of city management than Charles Penny.

As assistant city manager for the past 15 years, Penny has been called on time and again to take on tough assignments related to law enforcement, downtown development and planning and zoning. (Read more)

Note: I totally agree with Jeff on this one. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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