Was America really ready for a black president? Philadelphia Daily News

TWENTY-five months ago, I watched in awe as people of all colors stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. Some even wept with joy. The moment was Nov. 4, 2008, the night our 44th president, Barack Obama, was elected. Our first black president!

The euphoria I felt was unexplainable. America had spoken – enough of the current administration, enough of the rich getting richer, and no one giving a hoot about the poor. Enough of industries drying up, enough of the war – and enough of George Bush! (Read more)

Note: I totally agree with this 100%. Again I do not expect my President to bring about all the change that we would like to see in 4 years. I repeat he needs another 4 years to get more accomplished. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Congratulations Tarboro Vikings (16-0) On Your Victory Over Winston Salem Carver For The State 2-A State Championship

Tarboro has done it again State Champions for the 2nd straight year after defeating Winston Salem Carver 21 – 13.  Tarboro has made it to the State Championship game 3 years in a row.

Go Vikings!!

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