Senator Exposes War on Middle Class, Federal Pay Freeze Leaves Workers in Cold–Source: North Carolina State AFL-CIO

Senator Bernie Sanders -  Republican

"In the midst of all of this growing income and wealth inequality in this country, we are now faced with the issue of what we do with the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. And if you can believe it, we have people here–many of my Republican colleagues–who tell us: Oh, I am so concerned about our recordbreaking deficit. I am terribly concerned about a $13.7 trillion national debt. I am terribly concerned about the debt we are going to be leaving to our kids and our grandchildren. But wait a minute. It is very important that we give, over a 10-year period, $700 billion in tax breaks to the top 2 percent. Oh yeah, we are concerned about the debt, we are concerned about the deficit, but we are more concerned that millionaires–people who earn at least $1 million a year or more–get, on average, $100,000 a year in tax breaks. So we have a $13.7 trillion national debt, and growing, we have growing income inequality–the top 1 percent earning more income than the bottom 50 percent–but the highest priority of many of my Republican colleagues is to make sure millionaires and billionaires get more tax breaks. I think that is absurd." (Read more)

Statewide Christian group joins chorus against Westboro–Source: News & Observer

The N.C. Council of Churches has issued a statement speaking out against the planned protest at Saturday’s funeral for Elizabeth Edwards by the fervently anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church:

The protesters from Kansas have come many miles to spread their hatred at Elizabeth Edwards’ memorial service. Let us be clear: the Bible calls us to kindness and respect for one another, and Jesus Christ preached throughout his life that we should love one another. The protesters’ appalling and repeated violation of the sacred services by which we honor our dead, along with their representation of themselves as messengers of Christ, are offensive and misrepresent Christian faith.

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Note: This is just ignorance at its best. This group has no sympathy for the family especially the children. To protest at a funeral is going way to far in my opinion. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Making Sense of the 111th Congress as the End Nears–Source: The Caucus

The 111th Congress

Anyone watching the final few days of the 111th Congress this week could be excused for being completely confused.

Faced with a mountain of legislation to get finished in just a matter of days, the country’s lawmakers have taken a series of actions that – to those not steeped in legislative arcana or political minutiae – seemed simply odd. (Read more)


Are “Conservatives” really conservative? by Curtis Gatewood Columnist

Are “Conservatives” really conservative?

An opened letter and column by Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood

The news bloggers’ instant news cycle (which requires no facts or responsible editing) possesses the potential to create massive detriment as a result of politically motivated allegations and even serves as the engine for a hate-driven, misinformed “movement”. For example, lies regarding U.S. President Barack Obama’s birth, religion, citizenship, and political views have continued to garner massive circulation through blogs and other online networks and wrongfully presented as facts. Another lie being claimed by so-called “conservatives” is their contention that they are “conservative” in how they safeguard the taxpayers funds. Yeah right.

Regardless of how wrong, the tactics have been effective and create ongoing hardship for the first African-American U.S. President as exemplified in the mid-term elections. For example, during mid-term, voters illogically gave politicians more power to cease the “change” Americans voted for after eight years of hellish foreign and domestic disaster.

Republicans were empowered despite never proving themselves worthy of such an increase in power; despite being viewed by many Americans as the current “party of ‘NO’”; despite producing nearly a consecutive decade of Bush policies which drove the nation into the deepest ditches of economic failure since the Great Depression. And while I have personally remained opened relative to party affiliation, the facts speak for themselves in how republicans at this particular point in history, have clearly shown the greatest level of fear-mongering, race-baiting, and intolerance and exclusion in terms of race, religion, nationality, socio-economic status, and other such demographics.

“Conservatives” claim “repealing healthcare legislation” is necessary in order to ensure “deficit reduction”. But their pattern to “conserve” spending appears to be more race and class driven than driven by the best interests of the taxpayer. For example, tax dollars which are likely to fatten the pockets of billionaires (i.e. Halliburton/war contractors, Wall Street, CEOs, etc.) are normally “wasted” and “spent liberally” by these “conservatives”, as the tax dollars which are likely to help the poor, people of color, and lower middle-class citizens are “conserved” and/or cut from the budget altogether. In reality they are no more “conservative” than their democratic rivals as both parties are “conservative” and “liberal” depending upon whose constituents are seeking the help.

Therefore, “deficit reduction” has been a pretext for majority of the “conservatives” unfair attacks against the Obama Administration, which have been relentless in dogging this particular President even before serving his first 100 days in office. But when in control of the White House, deficit reduction and “conserving” spending are seldom seen as issues for these same so-called “conservatives”.

For example, President Ronald Reagan created a deficit larger than the deficits of all of his predecessors combined. In 2010 dollars, it is estimated Reagan spent 4.1 trillion on defense alone. So-called “conservatives now accuse President Obama of this, but Obama was forced to clean up an economic and foreign policy disaster like no other. Obama inherited a humongous disaster which could not be cleaned up without a humongous price tag. But “conservatives” create huge deficits even when inheriting economic soundness, peace, and financial surpluses.

For example, Reagan took office at a time of peace. Nevertheless, President Reagan blamed President Jimmy Carter for leaving him planes that would not fly and other military and economic deficiencies. Similarly, President George W. Bush inherited peace, but still piteously transformed a 128 billion dollar surplus to the 4th largest deficit in history, further causing President Obama to inherit two simultaneous wars.

The Iraq war which was driven by lies and conflicts of interests (i.e., W. Bush may have sought personal retaliation against Saddam Hussein who miraculously survived the “Gulf War” confrontation with Daddy Bush; the billions in no-bid war contracts went to Halliburton an employer of Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush campaign contributors), proved to be nothing more than an ill-advised-unnecessary-deficit-exacerbating-shameful-bloodbath-for-oil.

But never mind the facts, conservative bloggers appear to be winning for now as they often receive the help of one of the nation’s largest media conglomerates (i.e., News Corp). Such a platform assists them in flooding the information highway with the cesspool of confusion, which is designed to continuously pollute and contaminate the waters of truth; stir up the types of lies which strategically stir up their base (i.e. lies which trigger fear, division, race-baiting, hatred, political expedience, etc.); suppress/neutralize the voting base of their opponents, and keep their key rivals on the defense.

I suggest all Americans check the facts and demand that the folk who have a history of running the country into a hell-hole of debt stop calling themselves “conservatives”. They are not conservative. Just tell the truth. They care nothing about “conserving” the tax payers money. The only thing they have consistently “conserved” is money that could have possibly gone to the working poor Americans who, due to generations of injustice, are disproportionately people of color.

Therefore, “conservatives” pay millions to those such as Rush Limbaugh to instigate confusion, hatred, and other distractions through playing the race card and peddling other hatemongering misinformation. “Conservatives” find this necessary, otherwise, all poor Whites in America would work together in demanding justice with other people of color who are continuously bamboozled by “conservative” lies, frivolous declarations of war, tax-breaks for the wealthy, wasteful spending on foreign affairs (defense contracts), corporate welfare, and other crooked policies designed to further empower the wealthiest one percent, while the other 99 percent of Americans are left to fight like dumb crabs in a paper bag. Are “conservatives” really “conservative”? Absolutely not! “Conservative” is simply become a code word to mean, they will do absolutely nothing to help poor Americans and Americans of color.

Column written Dec. 1, 2010
Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood
919 939-6311 

N. Carolina’s instant runoff voting chickens come home to roost. Recount sought

The instant runoff voting contest for NC Court of Appeals is headed to a recount. Here we are, 38 days after the election, we get the results to the "instant runoff" and learn that we’re going in for another round, due to lack of confidence in the tallying procedures. No surprise, since Larry Leake, the Chair of the NC State Board of Elections expressed concern about the tallying procedures when approved on Oct 28, 2010 in the middle of the election. (Read more)

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Instant Run Off Voting

Note: IRV what a mess. But they wanted though. C. Dancy II DCN Publisher