Correcting counting error leads to new leader in Court of Appeals race–Source: WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — Nearly complete results from the instant runoff race for the North Carolina Court of Appeals show the second-place candidate overtaking the leading candidate from the first round of voting.

State elections director Gary Bartlett said Doug McCullough had a roughly 6,700-vote lead over incumbent Cressie Thigpen with counting complete in 99 of the 100 counties. The only one left – Warren County – doesn’t have enough votes cast to turn the race back to Thigpen, he said. (Read more)

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There Is A New High Sheriff In Town – Sheriff Calvin Woodard Sworn In Today

I hate I could not be present to witness and to capture history on video of the new High Sheriff Calvin Woodard being sworn in today.

Sheriff Calvin Woodard is doing what all Sheriffs before him has done making appointments. He has the right to choose who wants to work on his staff. Many folks do not understand the role of the Sheriff and many do not understand that the staff has to be sworn in as well.

I bet there are a generation of folks who have not seen such a swearing in and is not aware of what actually takes place when a new Sheriff takes office.

Yes the Sheriff Office is political.

Heck everything is political.

But yes Sheriff Woodard must make sure he has a staff that he feels will carry out his duties because he holds the highest office in the county.

I am still trying to figure out why the Wilson County Manager feels he holds the highest office when he is hired by the county commissioners and the Sheriff is elected by the people.

Well former Sheriff Gay said it would be a cold day in hell before Sheriff Woodard becomes Sheriff, well it was cold as hell.

Okay it is time for the people to give the new High Sheriff the opportunity to serve his 4 year term and then one can decide if he deserves to be re-elected.

Sheriff Woodard do the best you can and make the people of Wilson County proud. I hope you become just as successful as my Sheriff in Edgecombe County.

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