Magistrate rules in favor of Knight–Source: Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — Even though an Edgecombe County magistrate ruled in favor of the Princevile commissioner who filed a complaint the town for withholding her stipend for two months, the town has already began the appeal process. (Read more)

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Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

Princeville NC

Register Today: Discussing race relations–Source: Wilson Times

When asked if there are still issues with race in this country, Roger M. Grace said there aren’t.

"There are opportunities now that never existed and they are for everybody," Grace said. "When something doesn’t go well, some blame race. Race becomes the scapegoat. Everybody is equal now."

Grace lives in Wilson County and said the problems of long ago are just that — long ago and not now.

Note: You must subscribe to the Wilson Times in order to read more. This may be quite interesting. I plan to attend. C. Dancy II – Publisher

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Police officer recovering from wounds–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Roanoke Rapids Police Chief Jeff Hinton said Officer John Taylor is on the mend after last week’s shooting.

“He is doing real well,” Hinton said. “He is up moving around a little bit, and hopefully he will continue with his improvements.” (Read more)

Bailey enters chicken plant fight–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The Bailey Town Board of Commissioners has unanimously voted to oppose a poultry processing plant in Southern Nash County.

Nash County officials are trying to convince the Mississippi-based Sanderson Farms to build a processing plant on 150 acres of land at the southeast quadrant of N.C. 97 and Interstate 95. (Read more)

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Easley says buck stops here, but he can’t pay 95,000 of them–Source: News & Observer

Former Gov. Mike Easley is too broke to pay nearly $95,000 remaining on a fine imposed on his campaign by the state Board of Elections, his lawyer says.

"Governor Easley, because of the investigations and the costs involved, is not in a position to pay this fine personally," Raleigh lawyer Joseph B. Cheshire V said Wednesday. "He took responsibility yesterday for the failures of his campaign and paid a tremendous price that essentially leaves him without a way to support himself and his family, much less incur the costs of the large fine levied on his committee." (Read more)

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Wilson citizens deserve full public accounting–Source: The Wilson Times

At any given time over the past two years, some 5,000 people in Wilson County have been without jobs. A stretch of record-setting economic misery has snatched people’s livelihoods, savings and even their homes in painful numbers.

Yet while so many suffered, Wilson’s sheriff and its county manager enjoyed a big payday. A Wilson Times special report found that during 2009 and 2010 Sheriff Wayne Gay and Wilson County Manager Ellis Williford received excessive, five-figure raises. Democratic county commissioners and Williford shepherded those raises in a manner that kept them out of sight, meaning the decisions were made without the transparency common sense and good government demand. (Read more)

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Tom DeLay Found Guilty of Money Laundering, Faces from Five years to Life in Prison

Tom DeLay, the former U.S. House majority leader whose name became synonymous with the Republicans’ controversial rise to power in the Texas House, was found guilty today of laundering money in connection with the 2002 elections.

Jurors sent a note on yellow legal paper that a verdict had been reached to the judge at 4:46 p.m. They had deliberated since Monday afternoon. (Read more)

Note: I just don’t get it, why do they do this? C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

It is a damn shame that the good people of Princeville are allowing Mayor Priscilla Everett-Oates and the Town Attorney Chuck Watts to make them look like a bunch of ignorant people. When are you going to go to the meetings and demand justice because you sure are not receiving justice as it relates to the town business.

It is a damn shame that a commissioner and a former commissioner have had to take the town to court and the 2 of them have won both their cases however the last case has been appealed by the town. I strongly feel that the town will lose this appeal.

I don’t totally fault the current mayor for all the bull manure that she is doing because no one is speaking up nor out. It makes it look as if Commissioner Gwen Knight is an animal in so many words as the mayor and the attorney have made it appear. How in the hell do the good citizens of Princeville allow Knight to be singled out when she is only asking questions about the town business where the money going and etc.

So what is the damn problem the citizens do not care about the business of the town? Don’t you want to know where the money is going?

So when are black folks going to hold the mayor accountable for her ignorant actions? Folks ought to question how can she hold up paying Knight when the law is clear that she can not do such. You see people Knight is doing what she is suppose to be doing whether you like it or not. It is time that the people of Princeville say enough is enough and demand at the next meeting that either they get it right or they will seek a recall to remove them. It is time to put aside friendships, family and etc. because this is business and not a social gathering.

You see this bull manure is beginning to become criminal because it appears that the current mayor has no respect for the law and nor does the ignorant attorney.

So today, Turkey Day, I challenge the good people of Princeville to demand justice so that Princeville can become what it ought to be. It pisses me the hell off to say how beautiful the town is becoming with the new infrastructure beginning from the bridge coming out of Tarboro NC. How in the hell can the citizens say they are proud when they are continuously in the news for unnecessary bull manure that is hindering the town.

Well I don’t live in Princeville but I am going to follow them closely to see how it all unfold. You the citizens of Princeville are all accountable for whatever the outcome will be.

What we have here is a prime example of black folks not holding each other accountable and until we do the bull manure in our communities will continue. Look at the example we are setting for our children of the future. We are showing them we don’t stand for what is right but then we expect more out of our children.

Well not only are the citizens of Princeville failing the town they are failing their children as well.

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Magistrate rules in favor of Knight–Source: Daily Southerner

Black Folks Do We Hold Each Other Accountable For Our Actions When It Comes To Our Family, Friends, Leaders And Most of All Our Pastors? Can You Say Pastors Eddie Long, Cedric Miller and Bishop Steven Arnold Not To Mention Those In Your Local Community?

Princeville NC

Judge Rule In Favor Of Princeville Commissioner Gwen Knight But Princeville Don’t Get It

Judge rule in favor of Princeville Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight the Mayor and Town Manager were order by the judge to pay her now (Wednesday, November 24, 2010) not Friday but now. Source: Greg Higgs via Facebook

The judge has ruled against Princeville again but they just don’t get it. The citizens of Princeville ought to be outraged. The citizens should be going to the meetings demanded that there will be no future meetings until they pay Commissioner Gwen Knight and that they begin to work for the best interest of the citizens of Princeville.

On today Turkey Day, I called Commissioner Knight to tell her I was happy for her because it was Thanksgiving and I knew she could use the money. But after talking to her briefly this Thanksgiving morning I learned the Turkeys in Princeville appealed the Judge’s decision.

While talking to Knight she shared with me that the current Mayor had called some previous Mayors asking them to meet with Commissioner Knight to ask her to come to a commissioner’s meeting and apologize to her and then to drop her lawsuit. Well ain’t that some bull manure? Why in the world would Commissioner stoop to the current Mayor’s level because that would had given the Mayor all the ammunition she needed to carry out her illegal actions by withholding Knight’s money.

I feel strongly that Commissioner Knight will win the appeal because it appears from the research I have done that the law states that Princeville can’t hold her money legally because there is nothing in the books to justify such. After Commissioner Knight win the appeal, I smell lawsuit.

Linda Worsley former Commissioner/Museum Manager – Worsley was a commissioner several years ago. After losing her seat later she was hired to manage the new museum in Princeville. She was fired from Princeville accused of stealing from the museum. Princeville took her to court and the Judge ruled in her favor and Princeville appealed and Worsley won the appeal also. I smell lawsuit.

The manager’s position was given to Maggie Boyd a former Princeville Commissioner.

I can’t wait to see the article that will be in the Tarboro Daily Southerner on Friday.

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Magistrate will rule on Princeville–Source: The Daily Southerner

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* Correction: Princeville took her to court and not Worsley taking them to court.

Poultry plant tour doesn’t stop protests–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Protestors of a proposed poultry processing plant say they didn’t see any environmental hazards at a similar facility in Georgia, but still have reservations about Sanderson Farms plans for Nash County. (Read more)

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Environmentalists slam Sanderson Farm’s record in Texas–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

An environmental group last year named Sanderson Farms as the second worst water polluter in Texas.

Residents who oppose the company opening a plant in Southern Nash County point to the report as evidence that it has the potential to contaminate the area’s water supply. (Read more)

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Rocky Mount Utility review board hears few appeals (Electric bills)–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Afraid to open that utility bill? You’re not alone.

“For hundreds of people, no matter what the conversation is about, if you mention utilities, you hear, ‘Oh my god,’” said Cynthia Jahi, member of the Utility Services Review Board. “A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear someone complain about their utility bill.” (Read more)

Note: So do the people need to be more educated on how the appeals process works? It appears there need to be some educational sessions in each community about how the process works. There are neighborhood meetings all over Rocky Mount so this should be on their agenda.

I agree with Jackie King, “She said although some situations cannot be avoided and problems arise, customers need to be proactive.” “Learn to read your meter,” she said. “Keep up with your water and electric meters. Keep track of what it was the day it is read, so you know what to expect on your bill.” However the reader meter need to make sure he/she is reading the meters correctly because the the city is offering a service and the customers is paying for the service so therefore they should pay for what the actual service they receive.

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RIP Grandma Beatrice Beechie Jenkins Pinetops NC

To my sister and brother Carolyn Jenkins Knight and Barry Lee Jenkins and my nieces and nephews know that your grandma is in a better place no more suffering after 99 long years.

It was just 2 Saturdays ago that we celebrated her birthday at Bill Ellis Barbecue in Wilson and she looked good. But today it was time for her to move on.

Go ahead and cry your last tear for Grandma Beechie because she is alright now.

Know that I am just a phone call away.

Song of inspiration:

Cry Last Tear – Bishop Paul S. Morton


Ford Motor Company has had a successful business turnaround.  The century-old corporation’s rebound is a great American story in which Blacks played pivotal roles.  The way Ford went from a $12.7 billion loss in 2006 to a $2 billion profit in three years is an African-American success story.

Black Americans’ economic history is intertwined with that of automobile production.  As consumers and/or workers Blacks played a role in Ford’s turnaround.  Starting a century ago Ford has helped build the country’s economy and middle-class and made history advancing agendas of African Americans.  So, it’s important to note roles African Americans are playing at Ford and its success.  Black American leaders of note are impressed with ways Ford Motor Company’s Group Vice President of Global Purchasing Tony K. Brown “turned Ford around”.

Ford’s top-ranking Black Officer, Brown has a $65 billion procurement portfolio and makes decisions regarding Ford’s operations and suppliers that impact countries and communities.   At a major industry gathering on January 9, 2011 at the MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Sound Board Theater in Detroit, Brown will be given Decisive Media’s “Executive of the Year” award.  The awards program is in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show and places Brown front and center as a “Black role model in the industry”.  Randi Payton, publisher of the "African Americans on Wheels", has gained acclaim in the industry that makes Decisive Media’s imprimatur meaningful to Brown and Ford.  The Urban Wheel Awards promote “awareness of companies and individuals who have made progress toward embracing diversity”.   Payton’s publications broaden awareness of “all areas of the auto industry”, including suppliers, dealers, employees, aftermarket, corporate philanthropy, marketing and green technology.  Payton says Ford’s turnaround “should remind Americans about the power of staying positive in difficult times, whether they are corporate executives, managers, or new to the workplace”.  Payton points out that: “Tony Brown is not just a leader in developing quality minority suppliers for Ford, but oversees all its suppliers…Through his leadership; he has helped to rebuild consumer confidence in Ford products and services."

Ford has a long corporate culture promoting community engagement.  From the beginning Ford encouraged and set the stage for empowerment of African-Americans in the industry and national economy.  Henry Ford was one of the nation’s first businessmen to provide Blacks a level playing field, his ethic guides people like Brown to help in inner cities and actively provide solutions toward urban and inner city problems.  Brown led Ford’s provision of more than $150 million business to minority- and women-owned companies in 2009, says Ford expects to exceed 10 percent minority- and women-owned sourcing goal in 2010.  To Brown says "Ford Motor Company truly ‘gets it’ when it comes to inclusion and helping diverse suppliers not only to survive, but also to succeed."

According to industry statistics, people of color purchase one-quarter of new vehicles annually.   More and more of these consumer segments are recognizing Tony Brown for his impact in the car industry and on the national economy.   In 2006, Al Sharpton gave  Brown the National Action Network’s “Keeper of the Dream” award, Jesse Jackson gave Brown Rainbow/Push’s “Keep Hope Alive” award in 2008 and, in 2009, the the Michigan Chronicle newspaper named Tony Brown winner of its Legacy in Motion Executive of the Year Award.  According to Chronicle publisher Sam Logan, the award honors those that made significant contributions to southeastern Michigan’s economic growth, social change and overall development”. It’s time to recognize executives like Thomas K. Brown for ways they’ve are keeping pace with the mainstream, yet reaching back to where they came from.  Brown is a contemporary force making today’s Ford a major international force.  It’s good to have people like him guiding and implementing corporate and community issues.  Ford is America’s second largest automaker and the world’s fourth-largest.  Ford manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents and in 2008 produced 5.5 million automobiles with about 200,000 employees and 90 plants.  The brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo and Ford Motor Credit Company financial.

(William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via

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Easley pleads to campaign finance violation–Source:

RALEIGH (WTVD) — Former Governor Mike Easley walked into a North Carolina courtroom Tuesday and entered an Alford plea to a felony campaign finance violation.

An Alford plea means he does not admit guilt, but acknowledges the evidence against him could lead to a guilty verdict.

"As the candidate, I have to take responsibility for what the campaign does. The buck has to stop somewhere. It stops with me," Easley told the court. (Read more)

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