Princeville NC: So What Is It Going To Take To Really Get Princeville Headed In The Right Direction? (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

It is sad but the only thing that is going to save Princeville is some criminal charges will have to take place. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there are some criminal activities going on within the town governmental agency.

The citizens need to understand that although some of them may be family, friends and/or whatever to some of the commissioners that as long a they remain silent they are going to continue to suffer and not receive all the real benefits that they should be receiving from their governmental agency.

I challenge the citizens to contact the mayor and request an emergency meeting now to share what business has taken place such as signing of documents and etc. since this board has been in office.

I don’t know what bothers me the most, the criminal activity that is being done or the silence of the citizens. You see it should not be Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight who the mayor is trying to silence but the citizens ought to be outraged. The citizens should be at every meeting raising hell.

Oh well who am I? I am a concerned Edgecombe County Citizen and Princeville NC just happens to be in Edgecombe County.

Hell yeah I said it, now what?

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Princeville NC

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