Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

It is a damn shame that the good people of Princeville are allowing Mayor Priscilla Everett-Oates and the Town Attorney Chuck Watts to make them look like a bunch of ignorant people. When are you going to go to the meetings and demand justice because you sure are not receiving justice as it relates to the town business.

It is a damn shame that a commissioner and a former commissioner have had to take the town to court and the 2 of them have won both their cases however the last case has been appealed by the town. I strongly feel that the town will lose this appeal.

I don’t totally fault the current mayor for all the bull manure that she is doing because no one is speaking up nor out. It makes it look as if Commissioner Gwen Knight is an animal in so many words as the mayor and the attorney have made it appear. How in the hell do the good citizens of Princeville allow Knight to be singled out when she is only asking questions about the town business where the money going and etc.

So what is the damn problem the citizens do not care about the business of the town? Don’t you want to know where the money is going?

So when are black folks going to hold the mayor accountable for her ignorant actions? Folks ought to question how can she hold up paying Knight when the law is clear that she can not do such. You see people Knight is doing what she is suppose to be doing whether you like it or not. It is time that the people of Princeville say enough is enough and demand at the next meeting that either they get it right or they will seek a recall to remove them. It is time to put aside friendships, family and etc. because this is business and not a social gathering.

You see this bull manure is beginning to become criminal because it appears that the current mayor has no respect for the law and nor does the ignorant attorney.

So today, Turkey Day, I challenge the good people of Princeville to demand justice so that Princeville can become what it ought to be. It pisses me the hell off to say how beautiful the town is becoming with the new infrastructure beginning from the bridge coming out of Tarboro NC. How in the hell can the citizens say they are proud when they are continuously in the news for unnecessary bull manure that is hindering the town.

Well I don’t live in Princeville but I am going to follow them closely to see how it all unfold. You the citizens of Princeville are all accountable for whatever the outcome will be.

What we have here is a prime example of black folks not holding each other accountable and until we do the bull manure in our communities will continue. Look at the example we are setting for our children of the future. We are showing them we don’t stand for what is right but then we expect more out of our children.

Well not only are the citizens of Princeville failing the town they are failing their children as well.

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Princeville NC

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