Judge Rule In Favor Of Princeville Commissioner Gwen Knight But Princeville Don’t Get It

Judge rule in favor of Princeville Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight the Mayor and Town Manager were order by the judge to pay her now (Wednesday, November 24, 2010) not Friday but now. Source: Greg Higgs via Facebook

The judge has ruled against Princeville again but they just don’t get it. The citizens of Princeville ought to be outraged. The citizens should be going to the meetings demanded that there will be no future meetings until they pay Commissioner Gwen Knight and that they begin to work for the best interest of the citizens of Princeville.

On today Turkey Day, I called Commissioner Knight to tell her I was happy for her because it was Thanksgiving and I knew she could use the money. But after talking to her briefly this Thanksgiving morning I learned the Turkeys in Princeville appealed the Judge’s decision.

While talking to Knight she shared with me that the current Mayor had called some previous Mayors asking them to meet with Commissioner Knight to ask her to come to a commissioner’s meeting and apologize to her and then to drop her lawsuit. Well ain’t that some bull manure? Why in the world would Commissioner stoop to the current Mayor’s level because that would had given the Mayor all the ammunition she needed to carry out her illegal actions by withholding Knight’s money.

I feel strongly that Commissioner Knight will win the appeal because it appears from the research I have done that the law states that Princeville can’t hold her money legally because there is nothing in the books to justify such. After Commissioner Knight win the appeal, I smell lawsuit.

Linda Worsley former Commissioner/Museum Manager – Worsley was a commissioner several years ago. After losing her seat later she was hired to manage the new museum in Princeville. She was fired from Princeville accused of stealing from the museum. Princeville took her to court and the Judge ruled in her favor and Princeville appealed and Worsley won the appeal also. I smell lawsuit.

The manager’s position was given to Maggie Boyd a former Princeville Commissioner.

I can’t wait to see the article that will be in the Tarboro Daily Southerner on Friday.

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* Correction: Princeville took her to court and not Worsley taking them to court.

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