Black Folks Do We Hold Each Other Accountable For Our Actions When It Comes To Our Family, Friends, Leaders And Most of All Our Pastors? Can You Say Pastors Eddie Long, Cedric Miller and Bishop Steven Arnold Not To Mention Those In Your Local Community?

I had a conversation with a friend on Sunday about black folks not holding each other accountable for their actions but we expect our children to be adults during their children hood. Hell it is hard for them to act as adults when they are teenagers because by this time they have seen the way we do. So who are they following? You probably don’t get it, well I stopped by to tell you they are following us.

Many of us talk a good game one on one or in the backroom but when it comes time to say what needs to be said in all the right places, we get amnesia. Well not I. And then when I say certain things, certain folks get ignant on me talking about I should use the word “I.” We have been so brainwashed that we feel comfortable talking about ignant mess but when it comes time to talk about serious issues we take the high road and get silent.

Well my friends, "I Have No Permanent Friends, No Permanent Enemies Only Permanent Interest!!" And “At the end of the day, it is not our enemies we remember, but the silence of our friends!” Dr. Martin L. King

Bishop Eddie Long Update: Trial Date Now Set for Next SummerSource BlackVoices

Long’s allegations of hypocrisy are also quite telling in light of the some other things going on around the country. Pastor Cedric Miller of New Jersey was found to have had a four-way affair with his wife and male assistant after condemning his congregation for using Facebook. Bishop Steven Arnold in Little Rock, Arkansas was asked to resign after it was revealed that he’d had an affair with the wife of a young man he was mentoring. It seems that 2010 has become the year of exposing corrupt pastors in African American churches, so perhaps this represents a new day in the black church community.

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