99 Years Old – A Moment In History

Yesterday I had the honor and the privilege to have an evening supper with Ms. Beatrice (Beechie) Jenkins who turned 99 years old on Thursday November 11, 2010 Veterans Day. I had supper at Bills Ellis Restaurant in Wilson NC along with some of her children, grand children, great grands and great, great grands. Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight was also present.

What a moment in history this was.

Ms. Beechie is the grandmother of my sister and brother Carolyn Jenkins Knight and Barry Lee Jenkins.


Black Men And Education–Source: Eyewitness 9

Equal opportunity is one of this country’s most cherished ideals. But too often it’s been out of reach for one group of Americans – black males. And a sweeping education study out this past week may show why. It found that African-American males languish at the very bottom of their class every step of the way. Bill Whitaker shows us why this is a problem for ALL Americans in tonight’s reading, writing, and reform. (Read more)