Tether, Use Your Laptop Connected To Your Phone To Access The Internet. It Is Awesome!!

Tether is an application that allows your PC to take advantage of your BlackBerry® smartphone’s data plan, allowing you to access the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is cellular coverage from your BlackBerry®.

Tether use with my Blackberry. Love it. I have had it for several months now and used it no more than about 20 – 30 minutes at a time and probably used it around 3 or 4 times until this past Sunday. I signed on as we were pulling out of my yard in Pinetops NC in route to Durham NC around 95 miles away and I was on my laptop all the way there. It is fast too. I had all of these open: my email, my blog, Facebook and surfing the net and also received a phone call.

This week I have been going to my vehicle during my lunch break using Tether to check my emails, post on my blog and etc. I used to go to the college across from my workplace and sign on to the Technology Center wireless but now I am going to use my Tether more. Why not? It is a one time fee.

Visit http://tether.com/tour  and do the free trial thingy like I did and you will love it.

Sex more common in teens who text–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram (So What Do You Think?)

ATLANTA — Teens who text 120 times a day or more — and there seems to be a lot of them — are more likely to have had sex or used alcohol and drugs than kids who don’t send as many messages, according to provocative new research.

The study’s authors aren’t suggesting that “hyper-texting” leads to sex, drinking or drugs, but say it’s startling to see an apparent link between excessive messaging and that kind of risky behavior. (Read more)

Facebook to open $450 million N.C. data center–Source: News & Observer

North Carolina officials are falling over themselves today to brag about their new friend: Facebook.

The social-networking site plans to build a $450 million data center in western North Carolina, joining similar facilities open or coming soon from Google and Apple.

Facebook executives joined state and local officials in announcing the project this morning in Rutherford County, about 65 miles west of Charlotte. The offices of Gov. Bev Perdue and U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan sent out press releases within minutes. Perdue sent out a tweet at 11:55 a.m. (Read more)

Coming Soon–The State of Edgecombe County From My Perspective

1. The State of The Democratic Party of Edgecombe County

2. The State of The Local NAACP’s

3. The State of Pimps: Political, Poverty and Pimps in The Pulpit

I have been actively engaged in politics since the early 90’s when I joined the Democratic Party Executive Committee, the NAACP and other organizations here and there.

My problem has always been that the real enemy is on the inside and I have had to fight them when the real enemy should be on the outside.

For me the upcoming years are very crucial because it is about making Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play for my children and my children’s children if they choose to continue to live here. However it is not only about my children but the future of all others who live here.

With crucial elections and racism on the rise especially the hidden racism, I refuse to allow the leaders of the Democratic Party, the NAACP and other that suppose to be about what is in the best interest of the people of Edgecombe County to continue hold us right where we are.

I talk to folks from neighboring counties and abroad and they have some of the same feelings that I have. So when I do my spill I know I will being speaking not only for me but for those who have expresses their concerns with me.

Stay tuned.

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