Letter to editor – Tarboro Town Manager Noble, Three Department Heads To Retire

“Noble, three department heads to retire.” That is the headline of the Daily Southerner of 12 October 2010. I went to the town website and counted eight departments. There is no listed director for the Human Relations Department, so let us say that Sam lists himself as director of that one. If so, 50% of department heads are departing, all at once. Before I read the body of the 12 October article I checked to see if it said “see (keyword) page 5.” I had fully expected to see what the other directors had to say to the editor. You know, remarks about how good the town had been to them also, etc. . There was nothing. So, I had to try and make sense out of what the editor did publish. For a very small town a headline like that should be earthshaking but I felt nothing. I`m still trying to figure it all out, but some good possibilities come to mind.  My first thought:  It is all a coincidence. Three directors didn’t make public statements to the editor because they had obligations and were in a hurry. Second thought: Why would they all offer to stay on until August 1st 2011 and then leave council chambers so un-ceremoniously ? It seems Sam only repeated what he had said earlier about retiring soon in a previous Daily Southerner article.  Then too, these are the 3 departments Sam dealt with most often. Why didn’t Sam say something nice about them, in HIS remarks? I told Sam, not too long ago, that since he has all that power, when things go right he can claim all the credit. THEN I said when things go wrong he must take all the blame.  Question: Did something go “wrong” ?  If things did go wrong, why did our town government allow all of them to retire? I just know our town government is not going to keep them after Feb. 1st “on an interim basis.” As poor as our town is, the town council is going to allow 4 high-salaried people at once to double-dip for 7 months?  What if anything is the town council trying to cover up now?  No one is indispensible! Plus, if they had done their jobs as directors they would have trained someone in their respective departments to do their jobs, on an emergency basis. No contingency plans for the sudden departure of a director? WOW!

Perhaps we will never know the real truth, but add up the variables and the non-variables and one can come close to it. We should certainly have Qualified replacements by January 31st or one can conclude that there is still no objectivity at Town Council.

Anyway, the headline spoke volumes. What a breath of fresh air !

Plus, we have elections next year, don`t we?


Richard H Parker Jr                       

Tarboro NC

Letter to editor – Citizen Thanks Local Businesses by Richard H. Parker Jr.

18 October 2010

This Summer I had the good fortune of getting my Jeep of 22 years, painted by Eddie Hinton Auto Body.  I asked Mr. Hinton if he did other work on cars. He said no, but referred me to Norris Service Center. Today I went to Norris Service Center at Western Blvd and St. James Street.

A couple of years ago I got my Jeep serviced and inspected at Doug Henry. I was told that I needed a new brake master cylinder, afterwards.  My comment was that I did not come into the shop needing one, so the statement was shrugged off.  Sure enough, on the way home the brake peddle almost bottomed. Being an old mechanic myself, I freed the plunger in the master cylinder and it worked until this past weekend. So, I took my Jeep to Norris for service, specifically to get a new Master Cylinder. I asked them to install one. That would take some time, but I waited. From 1:40 to 4:50 PM. .  My Service Report? The Service Manager said they could find nothing wrong after checking for everything, EXCEPT that there was simply no brake fluid in the system. No leaks, it simply evaporated after 22 years.

When one takes one`s car for “Service and Lube,”  under “Service” it says “check all fluid levels”.  Obviously, not even the Jeep dealers have checked brake fluid levels.  But then, even I do not know where the brake fluid reservoir is on my Jeep, after all these years.  Norris Service Center knows where it is. I now have a “new” set of brakes without buying a master cylinder. Honesty and Know-how are the key words.  Guess where I will go to get my radiator hoses and thermostat replaced ?

Fear not. I saw everything from a `83 `Benz and Ford pickup to a 2008 Escalade come in for service. All happy customers.  Thanks, Mr. Eddie Hinton. Thanks, Norris Service Center.

Richard H Parker Jr.
Tarboro NC


Wilson towing company draws complaints over aggressive tactics–Source:

For years, WRAL News has heard complaints about predatory towing in the North Carolina. Lawmakers have too, so they passed a law last year to enforce aggressive towers.

WRAL Investigates recently witnessed a Wilson towing company in action and questions whether that law goes far enough.

Does towing a car in less than 40 seconds seem predatory? How about drivers who say they were threatened with an additional fee if they asked for their cars to be released? In Wilson, at least, that’s all still legal. (Read more)

NC NAACP Statement re Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools



114 W. Parrish Street, Second Floor Ÿ Durham, North Carolina 27701

866-626-2227   Ÿ    919-682-4700   Ÿ   FAX  919-682-4711

www.naacpnc.org www.ncprosecutorialmisconduct.com www.hkonj.com

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II                                                                                                                    Amina J. Turner

President                                                                                                                                              Executive Director

Immediate Release

9 November 2010

Contact: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, 919-394-8137

               Al McSurely, Esq., Communications Press & Publicity Chair, 919-389-2905

The Charlotte- Mecklenburg School Board Should Stop the Division and Just Do Right

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

The North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP stands with our Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch President, Rev. Kojo Nantambu, and all NAACP members, parents and other concerned people of good will who are demanding the divisive policies of their School Board be halted.   The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board first put in place policies that led to a resegregation of this once proud school system.  And now it wants to force inner-city kids and their parents to bear the brunt of closing down under-populated schools.  The Board claims this is purely an economic decision.  But this is a flimsy pretext–everyone can see the decision is about race and poverty.  Everyone can see it is trying to fix a mess that was created when the Board made commitments to certain “neighborhoods,” rather than making a commitment to the education of all children.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board, along with school boards across North Carolina and the nation, should stop their gimmicks and games.   The job of every School Board is to provide every child a high quality, constitutional, diverse, well funded public education.  If educational leaders kept this in mind, then we could close prisons…not schools.   Talk about saving money!

The NAACP believes there are eight inter-locking steps to educational success:

1. Stop resegregation and promote diversity.

2. Provide equity in funding.

3. Provide high quality teachers and smaller classrooms.

4. Provide high quality leadership teams.

5. Provide high quality 21st century facilities.

6. Focus on Math, Science, Reading and History.

7. Promote parental and community involvement.

8. Address disparities in graduation, drop out suspensions and achievement levels among minority and poor children.

Education research says this will work.  Anything less is playing games, using political gimmicks to address serious problems.  The education of our children is not a game.  Nothing less than these principles that we stand on in the NAACP is acceptable.  We intend to fight for our children and in doing so, fight for all children and their educational future.   Without a commitment of excellence for all, one judge has already said it is a form of educational genocide.  I have said it in an attempt to legalize child abuse by promoting policies that we know have a racial and class disparate impact on certain children.  The NAACP will use every tool at our disposal–mass education, litigation and legislation — in this struggle.  We will stand for our children.  We will never turn back.


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President
Mrs. Amina Josey Turner, Exec Dir
P O Box 335
Durham, NC  27702
919-682-4700 V  919-682-4711 F

Scotland County town wants people to pull their pants up–Source: WRAL

EAST LAURINBURG, N.C. — This town in Scotland County has 260 residents in 0.2 square mile, and town leaders want youth fashion on local streets to fit as snugly.

"I never thought I would see the day when people could walk around in public with their buttocks hanging out and think it was OK," Mayor Harry Pittman said in a statement last month. (Read more)

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Update on 401(k)/457 Transfers- Special Retirement Allowance Benefit Now Available

Update on 401(k)/457 Transfers- Special Retirement Allowance Benefit Now Available



The special retirement allowance created by the passage of House Bill 2066 (Sponsored by Rep. Bryant): this legislation allows an opportunity for state and local employees to transfer funds from their 401(k) and 457 accounts with the Supplemental Retirement Plans of North Carolina to the NC Retirement Systems in exchange for an increased monthly benefit.                

·        The educational website www.nclifetimeincome.org is now live.  The quick calculator on the “Is This for Me?” tab will be particularly helpful for individuals considering transferring funds.

·        The material on our Department of State Treasurer website http://www.nctreasurer.com/DSTHome/RetirementSystems/Supplemental+Retirement+Plans.htm is now live and contains detailed information about the transfer process.

·        The 401(k)/457 Transfer Benefit estimator is available in ORBIT Self-Service  http://www.nctreasurer.com/DSTHome/RetirementSystems.  Members can login to their own accounts and view estimated benefit amounts and calculation results for potential transfers.

·        The State Employees Credit Union (SECU) call center has been trained and is prepared to take transferred calls where appropriate beginning today, Monday (November 8th), although we generally want to direct people to the websites first as a starting point.

·         The Suitability Form can be used to get additional advice from a SECU investment representative and is now available on the www.nclifetimeincome.org site.