CNN Murdered And Missing Women In Rocky Mount NC (Interesting Report)

I found the CNN report to be quite interesting.

I was amazed at how many girls one guy had killed in another state before law enforcement found out who the killer was. It was interesting to see how some family members in other states felt the same as some of the family members in Rocky Mount that law enforcement was not doing enough. The timeline of trying to find out who was doing the murders were somewhat similar.

Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman says he felt like law enforcement could have done more. My question is what more could law enforcement had done?

I found Chief John Manley’s comments to be somewhat interesting. He said he couldn’t say what he would have done differently and I feel that was a good answer.

Overall I thought the report was good and that it showed how no matter what color the victims were it appears that the family members were not satisfied with the local law enforcement.

If you missed the show check it out for yourself on Sunday.

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