November 5, 2010

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Roundtable Panelists Include Judge Glenda Hatchett, Democratic Pollster Cornell Belcher and Conservative Commentator Amy Holmes

(L to R) Host Ed Gordon and NAACP Image Award-winner Anika Noni Rose sit down to discuss new movie "For Colored Girls" on this week’s episode of WEEKLY WITH ED GORDON. Premieres Sunday, November 7 at 12:00 p.m. ET/PT
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New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — This Sunday, November 7th at 12:00 p.m.* on WEEKLY WITH ED GORDON, seasoned journalist Ed Gordon sits down with multi-award winning actress Anika Noni Rose to discuss her highly-anticipated new project, "For Colored Girls," directed by Tyler Perry. The actress also talks candidly about the power of image, particularly for black women, and how being the first African American princess in the Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog" helped to inspire thousands of young black girls.

Also on this week’s episode, panelists Judge Glenda Hatchett, democratic pollster Cornell Belcher and conservative commentator Amy Holmes discuss the portrayals and images of blacks in the media, as well as the recent midterm elections and what the GOP’s victory in the House of Representatives means for President Obama.

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Millionaire’s money key to NC’s historic GOP wins–Source: Institute for Southern Studies

Facing South
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DATELINE: THE SOUTH – News and trends
SPECIAL REPORT – Art Pope’s Big Day: Millionaire’s funds key to historic GOP wins in NC legislature
INSTITUTE INDEX – The South’s new political landscape

DATELINE: THE SOUTH – News and trends

3 BIG ELECTION STORIES IN THE SOUTH: What’s the fallout in the South from the 2010 elections? Facing South looks at three big-picture issues raised by this year’s contests. (11/3/2010)

MEET THE LIKELY HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIRS WHO PROMISE TO ROLL BACK ‘JOB-KILLING’ REGS: Election-night gains by House Republicans will mean new leadership for powerful House committees. (11/4/2010)

LATINO FIREWALL HELPED SAVE SENATE FOR DEMOCRATS: If Republicans hadn’t used anti-immigrant rhetoric in their campaigns, they could have captured the Senate. Meanwhile, immigrant advocates say the outcome of the election doesn’t bode well for immigration reform. (11/4/2010)

WILL THE TEA PARTY GO NUCLEAR? The nuclear power industry sees the outcome of this week’s mid-term election as a win for itself. But will the industry’s call for more taxpayer subsidies resonate with politicians and an electorate demanding fiscal austerity? (11/4/2010)

SPECIAL REPORT – Art Pope’s Big Day: Millionaire’s funds key to historic GOP wins in NC legislature

By Chris Kromm

The Republican takeover of North Carolina’s state legislature in 2010 — the first time since Reconstruction — caught many by surprise, but perhaps none more than state senator John Snow.

A three-term Democrat in the senate’s western-most district in the mountains, Snow largely avoided controversy and often bucked his party; one group rated him as the state’s second-most conservative senate Democrat. What’s more, his Republican opponent Jim Davis — a dentist and newcomer to state politics — seemed like a long shot.

But then the money flooded in. Smelling an upset, the state Republican Party injected $321,600 [pdf] into Davis’ challenge campaign. By mid-October, the Republican had raked in a total of $448,000 — a staggering sum for the small district, and nearly double the $225,000 incumbent Snow had raised. (Final campaign finance reports will be released in January.)

If he was caught off guard by the GOP’s big spending, Snow was completely blindsided by another onslaught: A barrage of attack ads and mailers from Civitas Action and Real Jobs NC, outside groups backed by conservative donor Art Pope. In lockstep with the Republican Party, the ostensibly non-partisan organizations poured over $205,000 into attacking Snow — almost as much as Snow had raised for his entire campaign.

The money Republicans and aligned advocacy groups lavished on the Sen-50 race may well have tipped the balance: Two days after the election, Sen. Snow trailed his Republican challenger by just 187 votes.

Sen. Snow was not alone. According to a Facing South analysis of state and federal campaign records, in 2010 three independent groups backed by Art Pope — Americans for Prosperity, Civitas Action and Real Jobs NC — poured $1.1 million into 21 state legislative races targeted by Republicans. Art Pope and his family members injected another $252,000 into 19 of those races, for a total of over $1.3 million spent on the targeted state contests.

In most cases, the record-setting investments paid off. Republicans won 18 of the 21 races deluged by party and outside spending — a stunning 86% win rate. Democrats decisively won just one contest; in two others — senate districts 44 and 45 — Democrats are clinging to leads of less than 100 votes. …

(To read the full story and comment, click here.)

INSTITUTE INDEX – The South’s new political landscape

Number of seats the Republican Party gained in the U.S. Senate in the mid-term elections: 6

Number of those seats that are in the South: 1

Number of seats the Republican Party gained in the U.S. House: at least 60

Number of those seats that are in the South: 16

Percent by which the Blue Dog caucus of conservative House Democrats was reduced: 50

Of the 22 Blue Dogs who lost their re-election battles, number from the South: 7

Percent of the losing Blue Dogs replaced by Republicans: 100

Percent by which the House’s Progressive Caucus was reduced: 5

Last time the Republican Party made such dramatic gains in a mid-term election: 1938

Number of governorships the Republican Party picked up: 7

Number of those governorships that are in the South: 1*

Number of seats Republicans picked up in state legislatures nationally: over 500

Of the 13 Southern state legislatures, number that are now controlled by the GOP: 7

Number of Southern states where Republicans took control of both chambers: 2**

Number of state legislative chambers nationally that switched from Republican to Democrat: 0

Last time Republicans controlled the North Carolina Senate: 1898

Number of years since Republicans last controlled the Alabama legislature: 136

Number of new Congressional districts the South is expected to gain after the 2010 Census results are in: 7

Percent of those districts where Republicans will be drawing the lines: 100

* Tennessee
** Alabama and North Carolina

(Click on figure to go to source.)

Z. Smith Reynolds Internship – MLK Grants for Non-profits – Grant Workshops

Z. Smith Reynolds Nonprofit Internship Program



The ZSR Nonprofit Internship Program will award twenty low-income students with paid summer internships at twenty different ZSR-grantee organizations across the state of North Carolina. Eligible students must be 1) a full-time, enrolled student in a four-year college or university, 2) a resident of North Carolina or attending an institute of higher education in the state, and 3) receiving a Pell grant during the academic year in which they submit the application. Interested students who are ineligible for a Pell grant but face financial hardship should contact the Foundation. A number of issues might make an applicant ineligible including, but not limited to, citizenship status and a criminal conviction while receiving federal college aid.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation believes that it is important for college students to have summer internships in the nonprofit sector in order to provide a pathway to future employment in the sector and to foster a training ground for the next generation of nonprofit leaders. The universality of unpaid internships in the non-profit sector creates a barrier for low-income students, who are disproportionately students of color. Because of the inequitable access to internships, these students are less able to explore potential careers in the non-profit sector. Even if they do, they are less competitive than fellow applicants who can demonstrate experience in the sector.

The Foundation is committed to building a diverse pool of candidates and encourages applications from people of color.

Additional Qualifications:

The program is geared toward full-time undergraduate students enrolled in a four year college or university. Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors who have received a Pell grant within the last year. Recent graduates are eligible if they received a Pell grant in the last year.

For more information contact John Francis via email  johnf@zsr.org or by calling (336) 725-7541 or (800) 443-8319.


MLK Grants Available to Qualified Non-profits


Grants of up to $5,000 per each region are available from the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission to non-profit organizations wishing to create or strengthen programs that support of legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., especially those which benefit youth.

"There is a great need today to revisit the philosophy of the Rev. Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. regarding the strength of nonviolence and importance of embracing diversity,” said Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw Jr., Chairman of the MLK Commission. “We seek to fulfill the ‘Beloved Community’ and stand ready as a Commission to support and uphold efforts to strengthen our communities across the state of North Carolina."

“Our primary goal is so support organizations that provided quality services to at-risk youth “We are especially interested in receiving applications from qualified non-profits whose mission is to reduce the drop-out rate, increase voter registration and otherwise strengthen their communities.”

The MLK Commission is staffed by the Human Relations Commission of the N.C. Department of Administration. Grants will be awarded to entities located within seven regions to ensure statewide distribution of funds.

Interested non-profits should use the application form on the Human Relations Commission website to identify your organization and to define the specific program you wish to present that will foster and promote the legacy and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Examples include, but are not limited to: youth programs to enhance race relations; voter education and registration; reducing the high school drop-out rate; literacy programs (including essay contest); anti-gang activities; leadership training; and promotion of cultural arts.

Applicants are encouraged to the use the checklist to ensure that applications are complete. Applications must be postmarked no later than Nov. 30. Awards will be announced by Dec. 17. If you have questions, call the Human Relations Commission at 919-807-4420 or visit the website: http://www.doa.nc.gov/hrc/grants.aspx.



Obama Calls New Leaders to White House: Americans ‘Don’t Want Us Engaged in Gridlock’–Source: ABC News

President Obama today said he has invited Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate to a meeting at the White House to find common ground and develop a new agenda going forward.

I want us to talk substantively about how we can move the American people’s agenda forward. It’s not just going to be a photo op," the president said at the end of a meeting with his cabinet. (Read more)

New Congress, same approach to hot-button Internet issues?

Amidst all the shouting over Tuesday’s transfer of the House of Representatives to Republican control, a distinct cry of pain could be heard for the loss of one voice—Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA). Republican Morgan Griffith, majority leader of Virginia’s House of Delegates, has taken Boucher’s seat.

As Chair of the influential Subcommittee on the Internet of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Boucher’s imprint on tech issues—particularly online privacy—was clear as a bell. Now he is gone. (Read more)

Sampson vote confirmed in Etheridge/Ellmers race–Source: 11 ABC News

Sampson County became ground zero Thursday in the contest between Congressman Bob Etheridge and Renee Ellmers for North Carolina US House of Representatives District 2.

According to unofficial results, the pair are separated by about fifteen hundred votes, and Etheridge said Wednesday he will not concede the race until all the votes are in. He said he would ask for a recount if the margin stayed below one percent.

State election officials were in Sampson Thursday to double check results after the county reported a swing towards Etheridge of about 450 votes. (Read more)


November 4, 2010

Larraine Covington
Email: info@CollectorHub.com
Address: POB 1140, Ripon, CA 95366, USA
Telephone: 209-599-8599
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Lookin’ good, Mr. President … Life-like figurine of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America. So realistic, one wouldn’t be surprised to see the Secret Service lurking about.

Ripon, CA (BlackNews.com) — America witnessed a groundbreaking day in history when the first African-American was sworn into the White House to stand as leader of the free world. Today, they observe an innovative initiative by another African-American, Thomas Blackshear, as he showcases his exquisite life-like figurine of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America. This awe-inspiring piece can be ordered through Collector Hub, the internet’s pre-eminent gathering place for fans and collectors of internationally acclaimed artist Thomas Blackshear.

A significant addition to Thomas Blackshear’s Ebony Visions(TM) collection, this limited edition piece is sure to be a collector’s dream. Its a wise investment and a wonderful way to add a historical icon to any home.

"One of the driving forces that make Mr. Blackshear’s art so attractive to collectors is its constantly escalating value on the secondary market," reports Larraine Covington, Community Director for Collector Hub. "The Storyteller, one of the most sought-after pieces of all time from the Ebony Visions(TM) collection, has been sold out since 1996. It originally sold for $410 in 1995, and is currently trading on the secondary market for up to $5000."

All are invited to join Collector Hub as they celebrate the man, the strength and the ideals – Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

About Thomas Blackshear
Internationally renowned artist, Thomas Blackshear believes his Ebony Visions(TM) collection is his greatest artistic acclaim to date. A blend of Art Nouveau and African culture, Thomas refers to it as Afro Nouveau. A collection of dignified and uniquely powerful depictions of African-Americans, the First Lady figurine is the perfect complement to this endearing collection.

About Collector Hub
Formerly known as Blackshear Online, Collector Hub, established in 2001 is the Internet’s preeminent gathering place for collectors of internationally acclaimed African American artist, Thomas Blackshear. Their goal is to continue to be the most comprehensive Thomas Blackshear community by providing the essential link collectors need to interact and share ideas and information, and conveniently and confidently purchase Thomas Blackshear products online. Interested ones can visit and bookmark their web site at
www.CollectorHub.com or call them at (209) 599-8599.

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