Cast Your Vote For The Following, I Did

Edgecombe County

Elaine Marshall – US Senate

G.K. Butterfield – Congress

Clark Jenkins – NC Senate District 3

Joe P. Tolson – NC House 23

Jean F. Butterfield – NC House 24

Donald C. Boswell – Edgecombe County Commissioner District 6

Sheriff James Knight – Edgecombe County

Robert C. Bob Hunter – Associate Supreme Court Judge

Jane Gray – Court of Appeals Judge

Martha Geer – Court of Appeals Judge


Instant Run Off Voting

1st Choice

Cressie Thigpen

Nearly 1 million have cast ballots in N.C.–Source:

RALEIGH — About 950,000 voters have cast ballots in North Carolina, according to data released Sunday that show an early Republican surge in voting has been matched at the polls among registered Democrats.

An Associated Press analysis of the state’s voter database shows more than 15 percent of North Carolina’s registered voters have made their selections. Early voting ended Saturday, and mail-in absentee ballots continue to arrive ahead of the election Tuesday. (Read more)

It’s time for the voters to decide–Source: Wilson Times (Editorial page will sit out the process of making endorsements.) I wonder why?

On Tuesday voters in Wilson County will be asked to make choices about who will lead this community in key local elected offices and who will represent it in important state and national offices. That civic act is the bedrock of democracy, and we urge residents to go to the polls and make their voices heard. It is a critical responsibility. (Read more)

Note: As a paid subscriber to this paper online and has been over the years, I find this editorial to be quite interesting. I understand you feel as if you have done enough but I feel that sitting out this this year’s election sort of stink. I don’t have to spell it out why I believe it stinks because it should be obvious.

Since Calvin Woodard ran as a Democrat and no other political parties chose to run, the people spoke during the May primary. The Tea Party has ran candidates against other Democrats however they obviously were so sure that Gay would get in that they didn’t run anyone. But why? They were afraid to go after him? So then Farmer switched parties and connected with the Tea Party.

Again I feel that because of the climate in Wilson and all the work you have done, that is all the more reason to endorse candidates. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Morgan Freeman: I never recorded campaign ad (North Carolina Republican and his campaign manager are "lying")–Source: Politico

Actor Morgan Freeman says a North Carolina Republican and his campaign manager are "lying" in claiming that he narrated a campaign ad for them.

B.J. Lawson touted the narration, by a voice sounding like Freeman’s, and his campaign manager told Byron Tau today that Freeman had narrated the ad.

But Freeman spokesman Stan Rosenfeld sends over a sharp denial from the actor: (Read more)

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