Parents For Diversity UPDATES/Vote

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE and make sure that you remind others about the importance of everyone voting!

Anyone interested in working at the polls on Tuesday while receiving compensation?

We need to make sure that convicted felons who have served their time, have the right to VOTE!!

We have been told that some are being turned away for this very reason. Please  let me know if you are interested in making 10.00 per hour working at the polls on Tuesday.

Remember,  Your voice, Your VOTE!!

Historical perspective on Gurley, bonds and school construction

This April 2006 article from The Independent offers some historical perspective about how WCPSS got to this point regarding year-round schools and insufficient funding via the Wake County Commissioners. It is also a good reminder how the County Commissioners are intricately involved with school funding in Wake County. Tony Gurley, who is again seeking re-election on Tuesday, supported year-round schools as a cost-saving measure, and a means to float a smaller bond issue that didn’t exceed the billlion-dollar mark, even though that amount was truly needed to adequately fund WCPSS school construction four years ago. Now, Gurley says he does not support "mandatory year-round schools" — a term that came into play several years ago when WCPSS determined a need (to address unprecedented growth and limited financial resources) to open all new schools on a year-round calendar to maximize capacity and be more cost-efficient. Btw, Great Schools in Wake is an off-shoot of WakeUp Wake County.

WEP roundtable summary

If you were unable to attend last week’s roundtable discussion (sponsored by Wake Education Partnership) about the ‘controlled choice’ assignment plan being formulated by education consultant Michael Alves, you’ll find a detailed summary on Neil Reimann’s site.

2010 NC School Report Cards

The 2010 North Carolina School Report Cards are now online and feature the state’s largest collection of information about student performance and attendance, class size, school safety, teacher quality and classroom technology at the state, district and school levels. On the WakeEd blog, WCPSS test scores are compared to Charlotte Mecklenberg’s schools.

Boycott Variety Wholesalers

The Democratic Party is encouraging people to boycott Variety Wholesalers (Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart and Super 10 Stores). The company’s owner, Art Pope, contributed significantly to the campaigns of BOE members Debra Goldman, John Tedesco, Chris Malone and Deborah Prickett last year. Read more here. In addition, there were two LTEs about Pope’s political donations: In hock to Pope and Ill-conceived boycott. As one commenter noted, "…when the wealthy and powerful can legally purchase elections: our democracy suffers."

BOE meetings w/o Nov. 1

Attached is a list of BOE meetings scheduled for Nov. 1 through Nov. 5, fyi.

In the News

Former educators announce support of Wake candidate (Jack Nichols)

Plans to shut Harding sparks new uproar (Charlotte-Mecklenberg)


Life via schools

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.

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Wake County Public Schools

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