Calvin Woodard For Sheriff Campaign Has Been Good For Wilson NC

Wilson NC – I want to commend the citizens of Wilson who are supporting the Woodard for Sheriff Campaign. I attended a fundraiser recently and I was just amazed at how the people poured in to support Woodard. Since the chicken plates were sold out people bought T-shirts and/or just left a huge donation. I see a lot of unity between black, white and others centered around this campaign and I just love it. This is what the county needs someone to bring about unity and therefore the county can potentially grow to become a better place to live for all people.

It is sad the people of Wilson chose who they wanted to become the new Sheriff when Woodard defeated longtime Sheriff Wayne Gay during the May Primary. Woodard’s opponent switched parties and petitioned and received enough signatures to have his name on the ballot.

Citizens of Wilson go out and cast your vote on Tuesday November 2nd for Woodard who will bring about change and unity while taking the office to a new level. Woodard will have to give 150% because he must work hard to show those who oppose him that he is the man, although they already now it.

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One thought on “Calvin Woodard For Sheriff Campaign Has Been Good For Wilson NC

  1. Yes, Calvin Woodard has been very good for Wilson County. He has inspired people to come together and work toward a common goal. It has been my pleasure and honor to have been a part of this group. When he is reelected in 2014, we will be there also. Some of us we wondering what we will do on Wednesday when we are out of a job (volunteers) and then we remembered that we need to stay organized for the 2012 Election, it will be just around the corner. We have made new friendships and renewed old in this campaign. I was talking to a Farmer supporter and explained to him that the difference in candidates is that Calvin Woodard brings people together, he is inclusive not exclusive and that is what Wilson County needs as the Sheriff. People in his presence want to be their best. We all must also remember that he will need our prayers and support in the next four years. I think he knows that all he has to do is pick up the phone and we will be there for him. He will certainly be an public figure that our youth can look up to. I am excited about the Victory Party on Tuesday and also for Wilson County. The best is yet to come. God has blessed Calvin Woodard and Wilson County.


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