Unaffiliated voter weighs in–Source: Wilson Times

I’m compelled to respond to Mr. John Bruner’s letter in The Wilson Times on Oct. 25.

Mr. Bruner, with all due respect sir, you don’t know what you’re are talking about. Do you have receipts showing Mr. Woodard’s campaign received money from SEIU, NAACP and ACORN? I recall after Calvin won the primary and after the chair finally resigned, the Democratic Party gave Calvin a check. I want to reiterate the word "after." They gave him nothing during the primary. (Read more)

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Reader responds to letter – This letter mentions that the Vice President of the NAACP supports Woodard’s opponent.

Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

One thought on “Unaffiliated voter weighs in–Source: Wilson Times

  1. I appreciate Dorothy Pappas’ letter letting people know the truth about Calvin Woodard from an everyday person. Dorothy and her husband have been great supporters for Calvin. I am glad you set them straight, Dorothy. Your honesty and candor is appreciated. Calvin Woodard will certainly make a great Sheriff and like he has told us many times, he will not change, what we see if what we get. He is an honest, hardworking, intelligent, courageous, Christian man who is getting ready to be the next Sheriff of Wilson County. Thanks Dorothy for taking the time to write this letter and being persistent with WDT to get it published.


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