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Education Lottery transfers $99.4 million to state – Transfer means total revenues for education now stand at $1.655 billion –

RALEIGH – The North Carolina Education Lottery transferred today $99.4 million to the State Education Lottery Fund to support the education initiatives that it serves, including teacher salaries for grades K-3, school construction projects, the More At Four preschool program for at-risk four-year-olds and college scholarships based on financial need.

The Education Lottery now has contributed $1.655 billion to education in North Carolina since the lottery was launched in March 2006. As of Sept. 30, overall sales have surpassed $5.23 billion. (Read more)

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Watts apologizes to Knight (Princeville NC) – Source: Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — I write in response to comments attributed to me that were published in your Oct. 6 article regarding private session matters considered by the Princeville Board of Town Commissioners.

The author of the piece, Jamica Ashley, unfortunately published these comments out of context. They occurred during a heated e-mail exchange between us and was not offered for publication. The full context would show Ms. Ashley making comparably inappropriate statements. In any event, I hereby apologize to Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight for the tone and tenor of those comments. (Read more)

Note: Well I be damn Watts strikes again. Now he is trying to blame the reporter for his ignant comments. What in the hell are you talking about sir when you say, The author of the piece, Jamica Ashley, unfortunately published these comments out of context. They occurred during a heated e-mail exchange between us and was not offered for publication.” Out of context:? Not offered for publication? What? And you are an attorney and you should know that comments made publicly are not off the record and even those when you speak to a reporter off the record is not be truly off the record.

Sir an apology is in order however if I was Commissioner Knight I would be asking for you to resign from your post because you being an attorney in my opinion overstepped your bounds. Actually Commissioner Knight is your boss. You disrespected her with your comments during the last meeting.

Mr. Watts I question this paper and other papers motives from time to time however all that you mention sounds good and is somewhat valid in my opinion but it does not justify your ignance when you attacked the character of Commissioner Knight. It appears you did some of the same things that you accuse the papers of. But you should be neutral as it relates to a commissioner’s persona vs the town’s business. So therefore sir your ignance overrides you apology.

After reading you entire letter it pissed me the hell off as you didn’t stop with apologizing to your boss and explaining how you overstepped your bounds in my opinion. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Butterfield will help P’ville get water plant–Source: Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — Water concerns were briefly mentioned during the Princeville Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night but the backing of a congressman was assured on several projects. (Read more)

Note: Princeville should not be lacking when it comes to infrastructure and other town necessities since they are the oldest black incorporated town. But because of all of the ignance that take place the town needs are delayed. I trust that one day they will get where they need to be but until the commissioners in office at any given time begin to focus on what is in the best interest of the town it will take a long time. I trust that my Congressman will follow through and this and other projects but the people have a role to play. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Butterfield, Woolard toe party lines–Source: Greenville Reflector

The candidates in North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District race say they have the solutions for the nation’s problems with job creation, health care and immigration.

The solutions proposed by Democratic incumbent G.K. Butterfield, 62, and his Republican challenger, Ashley Woolard, 35, mirror the platforms laid out by their respective political parties. (Read more)

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