Edgecombe County Politics – More than 600 take advantage of Early Voting in Edgecombe – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — As of Monday, more than 700 voters in Edgecombe County have taken advantage of Early Voting.

Edgecombe Board of Elections Director Jerry Spruell said that a total of 725 voters have turned out at the polls so far. (Read more)

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Gaston County Democratic Party Endorses the Following Candidates

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Paid for by the Gaston County Democratic Party

Campaign HQ

413 W. Main St Gastonia


Straight Ticket Democrat Voters

Enter your straight ticket vote. Turn the page to learn about Non-Partisan Races.

US Senate

Elaine Marshall eliminated red tape and helped make North Carolina a top pick for business relocations. She also chased crooks who stole more than $500 million from the retirement accounts of regular citizens.

US House of Representatives (Dist 9)

Jeff Doctor plans to secure our borders, cut defense spending, extend all the Bush-era tax cuts, and push to deny children of illegal immigrants automatic citizenship.

US House of Representatives (Dist 10)

Jeff Gregory is a retired postmaster and serviceman whose focus is on bringing more jobs and lowering taxes.

NC Senate (District 43)

Jim Long is a former City Councilman from Bessemer City who served eight years on the Gaston Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Advisory Transportation Committee. In addition to transportation, he will work to keep children in schools.

NC House of Representatives (District 110)

John Eaker is a retired dairyman and school counselor who understands that improving our schools is the way to turn Cleveland and Gaston County into places to drive-to, not drive-thru.

Gaston County Sheriff

Sheriff Alan Cloninger has used his six years as sheriff to identify and help deport illegal aliens, help inmates earn their GED, and designated special deputies to focus on gangs and domestic violence.

Gaston County Commissioner

John Craver is a small businessman who is focused on bringing jobs back to Gaston County.

Non-Partisan Races

School Board

Dallas Seat (choose one): Kaye Gribble is chair of the Gaston County Literacy Council. Joshua Ruiz is chair of the Carr Elementary Parent Advisory Board.

South Point Seat (choose one): David Phillips is a lawyer who has served on the school board since 2002. Two of his children graduated from South Point High and a third is a freshman there. Anne Miller is a retired educator, school teacher, counselor and administrator in Gaston County, and was an adjunct professor at Johnson C. Smith, University of South Carolina, and Lander Colleges.


NC Supreme Court

Bob Hunter currently serves on the N.C. Court of Appeals and was a former state Representative. He would be the only Supreme Court justice from Western North Carolina and is the pick of three former NC Supreme Court Chief Justices and former Governor Jim Hunt.

Court of Appeals

(three of five races)

Jane Gray now sits on the Wake County District Court. She served as counsel to the Speaker of the NC House and worked for the NC Dept. of Justice.

Martha Geer has been on the Court of Appeals since 2003. She has received a number of endorsements, including from the NC Troopers Assn, the NC Assn of Educators, and three former Chief Justices of the NC Supreme Court.

Cressie Thigpen was Gov. Perdue’s pick to serve the remainder of Judge Jim Wynn’s term on the North Carolina Court Appeals, after Wynn was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Voting this race is complicated, because you will have to mark your second and third choices for this race as well. Good second and third choices might include Stan Hammer, Mark Klass, Anne Middleton, Harry Payne or John Sullivan.

District Court Judges

(one of two races)

Judge Ralph Gingles is fair, honest and hard working. He runs unopposed.

Upcoming Events



Monday, 25 October

Location:Campaign HQ, 413 W. Main St., Suite 120, Gastonia 6-8p



Tuesday, 26 October
Campaign headquarters phone bank

Location:413 W. Main St, Suite 120, Gastonia, 5-8pm



Tuesday, 02 November
Campaign headquarters phone bank

Location:413 W. Main St, Suite 120, Gastonia, 5-8pm

Gaston County Democratic Party

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The Davie Democrat Endorses Cressie Thigpen and the Following:

The Davie Democrat Endorses the Following:

(Endorsements follow as listed on the ballot)

US Senate-Elaine Marshall  US House of Representatives-Billy Kennedy NC Senate District 34-Abstain           NC House of Representatives-Abstain

District Attorney District 22B-Abstain          Board of Commisioners (Choose Two)-Chris Anderson and Jeff Plott Clerk of Superior Court-Abstain          Sheriff-John Coley

Supreme Court Associate Justice-Robert C. (Bob) Hunter Court of Appeals Judge-Abstain                      Court of Appeals Judge-Jane Gray

Court of Appeals Judge-Martha Geer District Court Judge 22B-Abstain          District Court Judge 22B-Abstain          District Court Judge 22B-Abstain         

District Court Judge 22B-Abstain          District Court Judge 22B-Abstain          Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor-Phillip Morris Constitutional Admendment-For

Court of Appeals-Choice #1-Cressie Thigpen Choice #2-Anne Middleton Choice #3-Mark E.Klass

Visit The Davie Democrat Website for original document.

Edgecombe County Politics: Democrat Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Higgs A Vice Precinct Chair Seen At A Polling Place Putting Up C. B. Daughtridge Republican Sign

I have always said that he worked both sides and always keep mess stirred up within the Democratic Party. Rev. Dr. Higgs is a vice precinct chair and the sad part he do not live where he says he lives and the powers that be who had the opportunity to set him down has allowed him to continue his mess. Because he is a precinct vice chair he is able to speak and disrupt the meetings to keep confusion so that he can help a local PAC receive monies whereby they give him a few crumbs.

I have challenged this guy over the years and others know his motive but they were and are afraid to challenge him. It is a damn shame that the fight is on the inside when we ought to be focusing on the real fight keeping Democrats in office.

Higgs have stated in several Democratic Party meetings that the work is done outside the party and I found that out about him years ago. However I tried to work with him but I couldn’t take it. He eventually began to stalk me and I had to take him to court and he was found guilty. He was put on a 1 years probation.

Today I received a call from my sources in Pitt County that they seen Democrat Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Higgs in Greenville (Pitt County) driving a white truck with Republican C. B. Daughtridge literature on it. I also received a call last month that he was seen in Pitt County and possibly Ayden the same day of the “Collard Festival” driving around pulling a trailer with a big Daughtridge sign.

I spoke to several folks today after receiving the call from Pitt County and I found out from a high ranking official in the Democratic Party that Rev. Dr. Higgs was caught on a photo at Edgecombe Community College Rocky Mount campus putting up a Daughtridge sign.

Have you seen this guy in your area putting up signs?


Folks I have worked too damn hard holding all folks black, brown, white and other folks accountable for their actions. I will not stop now. I will not allow folks to represent me and do whatever the hell they want to when all they are really doing is holding us just where we are.

When we come together as a black people we can accomplish much but as long as we allow mess to take place nothing will change. And these same folks want to talk about why our children are doing the things they do. Why? Because they see what we allow.

It is about the future, my children and their children’s future so either you tell it or I am gonna tell it.

Note: Someone told me I left off Rev. Dr. Well I finally found out he was a Rev. because I didn’t believe it but I do know he is not a Dr. He calls himself a Dr. because he best bud is a Dr. Go figure.

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BLACK IN AMERICA – By William Reed Columnist

While the other networks and their on-air personalities continue to reflect society’s resistance to issues of race and equity, CNN continues valuable and educational programming about being Black in America.  Blacks and other “minorities” are on network and cable shows in abundance, but few outwardly identify with being Black in America.  Across most channels Blacks’ image is of a monolithic entity without culture or historical relevance.  Even those networks with Blacks in their employ, their personas and presentations are normally cued to America’s “mainstream”.  

Name a Black on-air personality that you associate with being an advocate for Black empowerment.  CNN and María de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien have taken the boldest steps in the industry toward Black education and empowerment with the Black in America franchise.   Black In America is a CNN multiplatform programming project with a series of documentaries that look at the culture and issues of Blacks in America.  Now in its third year of production, the initiative is gaining widespread acclaim igniting discussions on Black issues.  This year Black in America has evolved to include local partnerships with leadership individuals and groups on issues facing Blacks.  As Soledad and CNN focus on the role of the church in Black life in the third production set called “Almighty Debt”, the franchise’s marketing practices have evolved to a level deserving of mention.

Much of the success of the series is based on the tone set by Soledad O’Brien.   The multiracial daughter of an Irish Australian mechanical engineering professor and an Afro-Cuban French and English teacher has been the face and impetus of the Black in America franchise since it began in 2008. Soledad & Co. developed one of the most widely televised documentary series on the contemporary Black experience in cable television history.  To which she says: “With each Black in America I hope to shed light on the challenges and triumphs of the African American community.  My goal is always to tell the story of how we got where we are today and to measure the distance traveled”.   CNN has had high outreach among Blacks since its founding by Ted Turner in 1980.  Xernona Clayton was appointed Vice President of Urban Affairs in 1988 to forge positive relationships with Blacks. From the beginning, CNN has faced an increasingly competitive media environment from more than seventy 24-hour news channels, but nonetheless retained a dominant position for many years.   In 1996 Fox News was launched and by early 2002 had overtaken CNN in US ratings race.  In 2009 CNN fell behind MSNBC with the 25-to-54-year old demographic.

Blacks have always had a presence at CNN and in 2009 the second Black In America was produced.  The National Association of Black Journalists selected O’Brien as “Journalist of the Year” for the series. "Soledad’s work in the Black In America series offered extraordinary and gripping stories of successful community leaders who are improving the lives of African-Americans," said NABJ President Kathy Y. Times.  "This was an example of great reporting, and through her work and platform she shared stories in our communities that often go untold." 

In the third series, Black In America enhances its brand as it delves into creative and proactive ways an African-American faith community is addressing the challenges of the economic crisis.  For its “Almighty Debt” documentary, CNN offered kits to individuals and groups interested in holding their own screenings.  In this innovative promotional technique Soledad O’Brien leads screening sessions that include a discussion forum with local leaders.  Such a forum was convened in the nation’s capital by the Washington Informer local Black newspaper.  The panel featured: Soledad, Pastor Deforest Soaries of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, syndicated financial columnist Michelle Singletary, Black Enterprise’s Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Informer publisher Denise Rolark Barnes.

“Black in America: Churched” debuts across America October 21st.  O’Brien says “The Black In America experience is an American story…a raw and intimate look at stories that everyone will be able to relate to.  I hope this documentary will open doors to dialogue and understanding.”

(William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via BaileyGroup.org)

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White Republican Men Lead Record Pace of Early Voting – Source: Democracy North Carolina

For Immediate Release, Oct. 18, 2010:

White Republican Men Lead Record Pace of Early Voting

After three days, one-stop early voting is off to a record-shattering pace for midterm elections and the largest group casting ballots are white Republican men, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan group Democracy North Carolina. (Summary totals at end.)

Two years ago, black Democratic women led all groups in the 17-day early voting period and propelled Barack Obama to a surprise victory in the Tar Heel state. The remarkable shift to GOP men echoes polling data about the Republican tide this year, although after three days of voting, the total number of one-stop ballots cast by all Democrats still exceeds those of Republicans.

“Early voting doesn’t favor one party or another, but reveals who’s most organized and enthusiastic about making their voices heard,” said Bob Hall, director of Democracy North Carolina, which has tracked the evolution of early voting. “Combined with the opportunity for same-day registration, our state’s early voting process is essentially a tool of empowerment and convenience.”

After three days, a total of 72,173 voters have cast one-stop ballots. That’s more than twice the 35,728 cast at the same point in the previous midterm election of 2006 and even more than the 70,645 in the 2004 presidential election. In 2008, a surprising 266,649 voters crowded one-stop centers in the first three days.

So far this year, registered Democrats are edging out Republicans by 31,910 to 27,623. By contrast, after three days in 2008, Democrats were swamping Republicans by nearly a 3-to-1 ratio – at that point, 163,321 votes to 58,748.

The county with the most early votes so far in 2010 is not Wake or Mecklenburg but coastal Brunswick County, where eight voting centers and hotly contested local, state and Congressional contests reinforce a tradition of early turnout. Setting the pattern for the state, white Republican men led the county followed by white Republican women.

Wilson County, where tea party supporters are backing a white independent candidate against the black Democratic candidate for sheriff, is another center of early robust turnout; it ranked 6th among the 100 counties after three day of early voting. African-American Democratic women lead among the demographic groups in Wilson.

Other counties among the top ten are New Hanover, Alamance, Wayne, Henderson, Chatham, Johnston, Gaston and Caldwell. For a county-by-county chart of turnout for October 14 through October 16, go to http://www.democracy-nc.org/downloads/EarlyVoting2010First3DaysCountySumm.xls

Early voting continues through Saturday, October 30 at 1 pm. Counties have different schedules, including multiple locations and evening hours in some cases. Seven counties offer the convenience of Sunday afternoon voting which turned out to be the most intensive hours of early voting in 2008.


                Total Votes at One-Stop Early Voting Centers

            Election Year        First Three Day           Total Period

            2010                             72,173

             2008                           266,649                       2.4 million

             2006                             35,728                          372,020

             2004                             70,645                          707,628

             2002                             13,110                          170,543

Data from files at the State Board of Elections. The counts for 2002-2008 are for ballots accepted, not just those cast.



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