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Flood of the Century (Pinetops, Tarboro, Princeville North Carolina) – September 1999 – Featuring Former Governor Jim Hunt

Flood of the Century Fellowship Preaching and Gospel Singing at the Shelter at G.W. Carver Elementary School September 18, 1999

If You Are Scared, Say You Are Scared Rev. Al Sharpton Greensboro NC – October 11, 2005

Barack Obama Speech at North Carolina Central University November 1, 2007

Barack Obama Speech at East Carolina University Greenville NC April 14, 2008

Barack Obama at Beddingfield High School Wilson NC April 28, 2008

Michelle Obama at Rocky Mount Senior High School Rocky Mount NC 6 days before the Election October 28, 2008

Candlelight Vigil for Slain/Missing Women in Rocky Mount NC held at Dr. MLK Park Rocky Mount July 19, 2009

M.O.M.S. Charity Ride for Murdered or Missing Sisters Dr. MLK Park Rocky Mount NC July 26, 2009

Sheriff James L. Knight Edgecombe County Installed As The First Black President of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association 87th Annual Training Conference Raleigh NC July 28, 2009

beGlobal Community Day At The Community Center In Pinetops NC August 22, 2009

Hurricane Floyd 10 – Year Commemoration Sponsored By The Bynum Mill Road Community Club Dodge City Pinetops NC October 24, 2009

beGlobal Dinner For Children Of The Murdered And Missing Women December 24, 2009

Hair and Hats Fashion Show After Author and Photographer Micheal Cunningham Speaks Edgecombe Community College Tarboro NC  Sunday March 7, 2010

PROMM Parents & Relatives of Missing & Murdered Recognition Tribute To Our Daughters & Sons Church of God Of Deliverance Rocky Mount NC Sunday April 25, 2010

Martin L. King III Speaks At The Booker T. Washington Center and MLK Park Rocky Mount NC Saturday May 1, 2010

Congressman G. K. Butterfield Keynote Speaker at Civil War Re-enactment Covention Center Saturday May 8, 2010

SouthWest Edgecombe High School Athletic Banquet Alphelia and Bridget Jenkins Inducted in Hall of Fame Monday May 17 2010Short Version

Bishop Richard K. Thompson AME Zion Press Conference Supporting Rev. Dr. Willam J. Barber II President NC NAACP In School Fight Convention Center Greenville NC Friday June 18, 2010

Wilson County Sheriff Debate Calvin Woodard and John Farmer Fike High School Wilson NC Tuesday October 12, 2010 – New

[CoalitionofConcernedCitizensforAfricanAmericanChildren] Updates

Hello!  Here is today’s BOE update.

Vote will stand

After reviewing last week’s vote striking down the proposed assignment zone plan, BOE attorney Ann Majestic has determined that a second reading and vote by the BOE is not needed, because the directive did not change policy. Read more on the WakeEd blog.

Teachers not happy with BOE

A telephone survey conducted by the North Carolina Association of Educators in September found that "72 percent of teachers surveyed said they felt public schools in Wake County are on the wrong track and 81 percent had a negative or very negative general impression of the school board." NCAE president Tama Bouncer will be discussing this information and more at the Great Schools in Wake forum on Saturday. In the meantime, watch/read more on WTVD.

Superintendent search

Heidrick & Struggles, the search firm hired by the BOE to find a replacement for Superintendent Del Burns, will present a list of candidates to the Superintendent Search committee today.

Independent endorses County Commissioner candidates

The Independent cites public schools as "the paramount issue" in the race for four seats on the Wake County Board of Commissioners. However, since all the Republican candidates for these positions "refuse to address this critical issue," the publication has announced its endorsements accordingly. Btw, early voting starts today in Wake County.

Data negates Prickett’s ‘wish list’

Below are some of the data distributed to the Student Assignment Committee on Tuesday. A Great Schools in Wake colleague provides observations about how this information disputes BOE member Deborah Prickett’s claims that her district (District 7) does not have equitable access to AP classes. The logistics of making Hilburn a 6th grade center are also questioned. Note: "FRL" = "free and reduced-priced lunch."

#AP Classes at High Schools:
15  – Broughton, Cary, Enloe (magnet), Wakefield
14 – Millbrook (new magnet 10-11)
13 – Athens Dr, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale*, Leesville
12 – Apex, Green Hope, Panther Creek
11 – Garner (magnet), Sanderson, Wake Forest-Rolesville
10 – Southeast Raleigh (magnet)
9 – Middle Creek, East Wake-awaiting confirmation on #
8 – Holly Springs
1 – Heritage – new
0 – Longview Alternative High, Wake Early College of Health and Sciences (application based)
*Some AP classes at Knightdale High are offered via electronic video link to students; partnership with Green Hope High – teacher located at Green Hope High)
Leesville  – 13 AP classes – 09-10 FRL 18.4% – projected 10-11: 20.6%
Green Hope  – 12 AP classes – 09-10 FRL 6.0% – projected 10-11: 7.7%
Ms. Prickett’s list indicates that she has a different definition of "Equity" and what she considers "Inequitable." Equity vs Equal definition needs to put in black and white and distributed.
Should Hilburn be a 6th grade center? Where will the 481 students currently at Hilburn be reassigned?  of which the majority (at least 225) are poor children (do not have exact %FRL yet)…
This possible reassignment of 481 Hilburn students and the need for a possible 6th grade center (reassignment of 450 – 6th graders at LRMS) (TOTAL of 931 students-K-6) is due to the conversion of  Leesville Middle from  a year-round calendar school to  a traditional calendar school after a survey indicated parents and staff were happy with year-round calendar……..because of a political payback….
09-10 Leesville Middle – year-round calendar capacity – 1439; 09-10 total students = 1289 (room for growth)
10-11 Leesville Middle – traditional calendar capacity – 1153; 10-11 20th day students = 1344 (+191 overcapacity by 20th day) – projected to grow for the entire school year 10-11 was 1279
09-10 Leesville Elem – year-round calendar capacity – 1115; 09-10 total students = 1076 (room for growth)
10-11 Leesville Elem – traditional calendar capacity – 837; 10-11 20th day students = 904 (+23 overcapacity by 20th day) – projected to grow for the entire school year 10-11 was 881

09-10 FRL 44.7%  = 225 economically disadvantaged children; total students = 519; 10-11 projected students – 461, 10-11 20th day # students (actual) – 481, projected FRL 48.0% = 221 students, school capacity – 690 seats
If reassign students to Stough, York, will increase FRL-already at 44.9%; Leesville already overcapacity…Jeffrey’s Grove next over
Which should be a magnet?  How about if the experienced WCPSS STAFF make that decision and NOT a pay back for political contributions.
Stough 09-10 FRL 44.9%  = 240 economically disadvantaged children; total students = 535; 10-11 projected students – 510, 10-11 20th day # students (actual) – 576, projected FRL 44.0% = 225 students, school capacity – 623 seats
York – 09-10 FRL 44.9% = 171 economically disadvantaged students, total students 372; 10-11 projected total students – 417, 10-11 20th day # students (actual) – 432, projected FRL 45.6%=190 students, school capacity – 566
Which one is closer to the beltline- easily accessible for transportation county-wide for a magnet?  Which one has more economically disadvantaged students?  Which can handle the program better?
Stough is getting special programs? Would Stough admin and parents rather have a  magnet over a "program" offer? 
Think rim schools and staff experts need to be making these decisions.
District 7 – 09-10 FRL
    * Brier Creek Elementary (year-round) – 25.1%
    * Carpenter Elementary – 21.2%
    * Cedar Fork Elementary (year-round)- 11.9%
    * Green Hope Elementary – 12.4%
    * Green Hope High – 6.0%
* Hilburn Elementary – 44.7%
* Jeffreys Grove Elementary – 33.3%
* Lead Mine Elementary – 40.6%
    * Leesville Road Elementary – 20.7%
    * Leesville Road High – 18.4%
    * Leesville Road Middle – 27.9%
* Morrisville Elementary – 17.1%
* Stough Elementary – 44.9%
    * Sycamore Creek Elementary (year-round) – 12.7%
    * York Elementary – 44.9%
2010-11 FRL data has not been released yet.

In the News

Raleigh-Durham one of fastest growing cities in U.S.

NC lists schools with top graduation rates

State ends student accountability gateways


Saturday forum

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.

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Wake County Public Schools

Early Vote Now!!

Early Voting began today. Please go to the polls between now and November 2nd because we do not want to go backwards. Look at what happened in Wake County with their public schools system because citizens stayed home. They have a big mess. We can not afford to stay home.

The Edgecombe County democrats are encouraging all registered voters to please exercise your rights by voting in the November 2nd election. You may take advantage of one-stop voting from October 14th – October 30th.

You may vote at the polls on November 2, 2010.

Locations for early voting:

Tarboro – 201 St. Andrews Street (641-7852)

Rocky Mount – 800 North Fairview Road

If you need a ride to the polls, you may call (252) 563-5883 or (252) 563-5884.

County chairman: Mr. Allen Mitchell (252) 563-5883
"Get-Out-To-Vote" Coordinator: Mr. John Wooten (252) 563-5884

Visit and join the Edgecombe County Democratic Party on FACEBOOK.

Volunteers Needed for Early Voting! – Elaine Marshall

Subject: Volunteers Needed for Early Voting!

Early voting begins on Monday, October 18 at Independence Regional Library and Matthews Library for District 103 voters.  We need your help at these precincts to represent Ann Newman, as hundreds of local voters head to the polls. 

Will you volunteer your time at one of these polling places between October 18 – October 30?

We have a unique opportunity to reach early voters personally at these precincts…but we need your help!  If you haven’t volunteered your time for Ann Newman, your time to do so is running out!  Get involved now!

We’re also looking for volunteers to work polling places on Election Day.  How about donating one of your vacation days to represent Ann on Election Day in District 103? 

Please respond with the date, time, and location that you’re able to volunteer your time and energy for Ann Newman!  There’s just 18 days left to do so!!

INDEPENDENCE REG LIBRARY                            


MATTHEWS LIBRARY                                                    

MON OCT 18   11 AM – 7 PM        
TUE OCT 19   11 AM – 7 PM        
WED OCT 20   11 AM – 7 PM        
THU OCT 21   11 AM – 7 PM        
FRI OCT 22   11 AM – 7 PM        
SAT OCT 23   10 AM – 1 PM        
SUN OCT 24   1 PM – 4 PM        
MON OCT 25   11 AM – 7 PM        
TUE OCT 26   11 AM – 7 PM        
WED OCT 27   11 AM – 7 PM        
THUR OCT 28   11 AM – 7 PM        
FRI OCT 29   11 AM – 7 PM        
SAT OCT 30   10 AM – 1 PM      

Thank you for your continued support!  We hope to see you out on the campaign trail with Ann over the next three weeks!

Tracy Montross
703/328-1213 cell

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Visit Elaine Marshall on Facebook

Education of a President

On a busy afternoon in the West Wing late last month, President Barack Obama seemed relaxed and unhurried as he sat down in a newly reupholstered brown leather chair in the Oval Office. He had just returned from the East Room, where he signed the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 ­— using eight pens so he could give away as many as possible. (New York Times)


Prevent the Tea Party from Counting the Votes in 2012 – Source: Alternet



Dear Reader,

One of the important secrets of elections in the U.S. is that Secretaries of State often have enormous power over making voting rules and influencing elections. As a result, it is a frightening prospect that Tea Party candidates running for Secretary of State in this year’s election could wind up being in charge of counting the votes in the 2012 presidential election.  I have personally worked closely with the Secretary of State Project and they are true innovators in protecting our democracy, working so very hard below the radar to ensure a fair vote.  Please consider financial support of the Secretary of State Project to help ensure fair elections. It is all of us they are protecting.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor,

The Secretary of State Project

Dear Friend,

Stop the Tea Party

Do you want the Tea Party to count the votes in 2012? With less than three weeks left until the election, many Secretary of State races in key battleground states hang in the balance. Whoever is elected now will be in charge of counting the votes for President Obama’s re-election.

Not surprisingly, the Tea Party has made Secretary of State elections a key priority. If they win, vote suppression, demands for excessive ID requirements and sheer hysteria would rule the day in 2012. Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell would fit right in!

You can prevent this debacle in 2012 by acting today to defeat Tea Party endorsed candidates for critical election positions. Here are just three examples:

  • In Ohio, Tea Party endorsed1 Republican Jon Husted is running to take back this seat for conservatives. Husted would be a giant step backwards for this key battleground state.
  • In Michigan, Ruth Johnson won the Republican Secretary of State nomination after courting tea party supporters.2
  • In Iowa, Tea Party member3 and conservative Republican Matt Schultz is running to repeal Iowa’s innovative same day voter registration and other election reform.

Fight back against the Tea Party by donating to the Secretary of State Project now.

You can make a difference in these critical races. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project is one of the most effective political investments you can make. We run smart, targeted campaigns with proven results in key battleground states. By making a small contribution today, you can make sure the Tea Party is not in charge of counting the votes later.

Thank you for all that you do to help protect the vote!

-Laura Packard and the rest of the team

Portage County Tea Party website, as of September 29, 2010.
"Tea party storms gates, but Snyder gets running mate", Detroit Free Press, August 29, 2010.
"Tempest in a tea party",, March 12, 2010.

Paid for by the Secretary of State Project and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.





© 2010 Independent Media Institute
All Rights Reserved
77 Federal St., 2nd Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Early Voting Starts Today – See polling places


Early voting began today and continues through Saturday, October 30th. Click here to find a polling place in your neighborhood.

The stakes are too high to wait until Election Day to vote. According to their own propaganda, Republicans will roll back health insurance reform, cut programs that help our elderly and disabled, and erode public education.

To keep North Carolina moving forward, we have to maintain the majorities in the State House and Senate, send Elaine Marshall to the U.S. Senate, protect our Democratic Members of Congress, and elect fair-minded judges.

We’re proven leaders with experience balancing the budget, protecting the classroom, and keeping North Carolina among the top states in the nation in business growth and job creation even in tough economic times.

So the choice boils down to a simple driving lesson:  To move forward, vote D. To move backwards, vote R.

Keep North Carolina moving forward by going to your nearest polling place between now and October 30th and vote Democratic.


David Young
Chairman NC Democrats

Racist E-mails Lead to Resignation of a Florida Police Chief – Source: Hatewatch


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Week of October 14, 2010

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Racist E-mails Lead to Resignation of a Florida Police Chief
Report: Would-Be Terrorist Inspired by ‘Schoolteacher’ Glenn Beck

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Intelligence Files for profiles of various prominent extremists and extremist organizations.

Hatewatch Headlines
FBI Concerns Grow Over ‘Citizen Extremists’
Fox 13 | Oct. 13, 2010
Trouble Cultivated in KC Leads to Arizona Case
The Kansas City Star | Oct. 11, 2010

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Reentry Network Training Institute 9:00AM until 3PM

Reminder! Reminder! Reminder!

Reentry Network Training Institute 9:00AM until 3PM

Fri, 10/22/2010 – 9:00am -3pm

CSI training location

1116 N. Blount St.

Raleigh, NC

RSVP needed for headcount for food and handouts

Hosted and facilitated by Dennis Gaddy and Community Success Initiative. Click here for directions to CSI

Coming together to check in with each other–get updates on what each other is doing–exchange of knowledge and resources; cross pollination of ideas and best practices in reentry.  Also, get updates on the various Reentry Studies going on in North Carolina–NC Legislative Reentry Study Commission, Governor’s Street safe Taskforce; Justice Reinvestment. Get updates from Employment Security Commission and the Former Offender Initiative.

For more information contact,    or call 919-834-7626, ext 11.

Obama Declares Major Disaster, Federal Assistance for Eastern NC

Washington, D.C. – Congressman G. K. Butterfield applauded today’s federal disaster declaration by President Obama for people affected by the recent storms in eastern North Carolina.

“This is welcome news in a time of need,” Butterfield said. “People will certainly need help as they work to put their lives back together.”

Today, President Obama declared a major disaster declaration for North Carolina, triggering the release of federal funds to help people recover from the severe storms, flooding and winds associated with the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole that occurred September 27 to October 1, 2010.

The declaration covers residents in Beaufort, Bertie, Craven, Hertford, Onslow, and Tyrell counties. The declaration includes individual assistance and hazard mitigation funds for state and local governments and certain non-profits.

Butterfield represents all or parts of Beaufort, Bertie, Craven and Hertford counties.

The toll-free tele-registration number for disaster survivors: 1-800-621-3362 (FEMA), TTD 1-800-462-7585. Individual assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.

Hazard mitigation funds can be used for actions taken to prevent or reduce long-term risk to life and property from natural hazards.

Last week, Butterfield was among the state’s congressional delegation who sent a letter to President Obama urging the disaster declaration. U.S. Sens. Kay Hagan and Richard Burr and U.S. Reps. Walter Jones and Mike McIntyre also signed onto the letter.

Butterfield said that he will continue to push for a federal disaster declaration for the agricultural losses. Many agricultural areas across the affected counties were flooded and losses expected to total millions of dollars.


Curmilus –

I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Elaine Marshall before and know first hand that she is tough, but boy was I impressed with her performance against Senator Burr in last night’s debate. She kept him on the ropes all night, and never backed down – all while sticking to the facts and talking issues.

It was an impressive moment for Elaine. She showed why she is going to win.

But now we need to help her close the deal.

The momentum has completely shifted in this race, and she needs our help to keep her ads on the air. Help me, help Elaine by chipping in $5 or more today!

Just in case you missed the debate, let me tell you what I saw:

Elaine Marshall laid out clear proposals for creating jobs while Burr bumbled and was exposed as a 16 year Washington politician unwilling to take any responsibility for the problems he created. Burr even said he was “proud” of his vote to bail out the banks, which provided no accountability and allowed CEO’s to award huge bonuses with your tax dollars.

In short, Elaine clearly showed why she’s the better choice – and why she’ll win.

Help Elaine keep her television ads on the air by contributing $5 or more now:

Early Vote starts today.

North Carolina can pick someone who will stand up for the middle class and work to get this economy going – or we can send back to Washington a politician that protects special interests, and supported the policies that got us into this mess.

I’m standing up for Elaine Marshall. Join me by pitching in $5 or more here:

Let’s show Elaine how proud of her we are.

Let’s show the special interests what we can do.

Keep up the good work,

Cal Cunningham

P.S. Early voting starts today across NC. Find your polling location here!

Paid for by The Elaine Marshall Committee | UNSUBSCRIBE | TELL A FRIEND
324 S. Wilmington Street, No 420, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Elaine Marshall

Tune In To The DCN TV To Watch The Wilson County Sheriff Debate Featuring Calvin Woodard And John Farmer, Woodard Smoked Him

Click on picture to watch video.
Sources tell The DCN that John Farmer is telling folks that he won the debate. With all due respect to Farmer I must disagree. Calvin Woodard was very professional while it appears that Farmer was not ready for the debate.

Watch it for yourself and you can make your own decision, however I feel strongly that you will agree with me.

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Finally, the face-off – The Wilson Times

Wilson sheriff candidates face off in debate

Wilson Sheriff candidates talk experience, crime – WRAL

Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

Visit Calvin Woodard’s Website

Visit Calvin on Facebook