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Debating the issues – Source: The Wilson Times

There are only three days before the sheriff’s debate between Democratic nominee Calvin Woodard and unaffiliated candidate John Farmer.

About 900 Wilson residents will get a chance to see the candidates talk about the issues Tuesday night in person at Fike High School. Others will get to watch it on television from home. (Read more)

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The Public School Forum’s Friday Report – October 8

Public School Forum & Friday Report


The Public School Forum’s Friday Report – October 8


Drama Abounds at Wake County School Board Meetings
Since a new majority took control of the Wake County School Board, it has attracted local, regional and national news attention – not all of it flattering – as it moved to dismantle Wake’s diversity policy on student assignments. The new majority, a slim one with a 5-4 vote margin, has been rushing to finalize a new student assignment policy that it claims would have students attending schools in their neighborhoods while somehow avoiding clustering low-income, minority young people in inner-city Raleigh schools.

The new majority came close to imploding this week as a member of the 1 vote majority joined with the 4 person minority faction on the school board and voted to “cease any planning that would create to a zone-based assignment plan.”

Whether this is a permanent or temporary realignment of power on the Wake Board remains to be seen, but tempers frayed at this week’s meeting and comments from John Tedesco, the new majority Board member who has been driving the creation of a zone-based plan, seemed to signal an end to the new majority.

In debate, Debra Goldman, the Board member who reversed her vote and sided with the minority in ending plans for Tedesco’s zone-based plan, said at one point, “Now, John (i.e., Tedesco), don’t get all upset. Calm yourself down” to which Tedesco shot back, “You calm down, prom queen!”
He went a step farther at one point offering Goldman a hand shake and saying, “I’ve enjoyed our friendship while it lasted.” Later he claimed that opponents of the new majority had “played Goldman like a fiddle,” and said further “She’s not a swing vote. I’m ready to be done with her.”
Stay tuned for the next chapters in the Wake County saga. The situation would be amusing if the outcome of the on-going debate didn’t impact over 140,000 in North Carolina’s largest school system.

Civitas Institute Goes Purely Political
The Civitas Institute, a conservative would-be think tank that calls itself a “voter education” organization, has created a political action arm, Civitas Action Inc. and is spending money opposing Senate Leader Marc Basnight and House Speaker Joe Hackney. Reports filed with the State Board of Election show that the group has raised $264,899, $190,000 of which came from Variety Wholesalers, the retail store chain owned by former state legislator Art Pope. The remaining $74,899 came from Americans for Prosperity, another conservative group with close ties to the John Locke Foundation and the Civitas Institute.

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Burns speaks up for candidate critical of Wake school board – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — Three former Wake County schools superintendents — including the recently ousted Del Burns — are endorsing an outspoken critic of Republican school board members in a county commission race.

Burns stepped down in February, intending to stay on until June, but was ousted by the current board. He had given critical media interviews about five board members’ efforts to dismantle the county’s former student assignment plan, which used diversity as a key component. (Read more)

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