Racist messages pose quandary for mainstream sites – Source: Washington Post

— Although you rarely hear racial insults on Main Street these days, there’s a place where unashamed bigotry is all too easy to find: tossed off in the comments sections of some of the Internet’s most popular websites, today’s virtual Main Street. (Read more)

Note: I can relate to this because I experience it almost daily, racist comments left as if I am going to approve them. LMBAO C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

One thought on “Racist messages pose quandary for mainstream sites – Source: Washington Post

  1. It really is a shame that we must tolerate racist comments from both ends of the conversation, but at times not putting one’s real name out there is a good thing. I know that I have too many ties to the community to put my name out there, far too much to lose. But this also raises a first amendment right issue, whether there should be censorship amongst the citizens. But then again, throwing race in everyone’s face solves nothing. I know all it ever did for me is to create hard feelings towards most minorities. Even though I am latino, (so pale skinned most assume me to be white) I was subject to slurs about how “my ancestors put my ancestors in slavery” throughout my childhood. Hell. The only side of the family that isn’t latino is yankees. It only causes problems to constantly play the blame game, espescially for something that happened 150 years ago, and by people’s ancestors, not the people today.


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