Why our folks continue to be left behind in so many things…

You know Political Agitator, I’ve wondered why our folks continue to be left behind in so many things… Why it seems we as a people can not advance to the measures and levels of prosperity as I see in other minorities. I’m learning – sadly…- a great majority are simply content where it is they are. There is no yearning for better or to do better. For themselves first and then for others. For in doing, you can’t want more for somebody else then they want for themselves. Sounds harsh but I am finding it to be true, we are often left behind because we choose to be. We, as a people are not making ourselves available to be an active part of the process. And asking us to participate in the arena of civic duty, local politics, etc those things that help shape our lives and our future, we simply will not apply ourselves… So in growing weary I made a decision to help where I can, when I can for whomever I can. And let God do the rest. For HE knows their needs far better than you or I ever will. And for those who know no better and those who don’t know they need somebody to help them along the way – I surrender them to HIM. God knows, ENERGY & EFFORT doesn’t come as ample as it used to my friend. Getting older makes you readjust how you do what you do. I pray you continued peace and strength in your call to communicate to the community. From the sparkplug to the agitator. Let’s continue to give them something to talk about! God Bless & God speed. Post on Citizens United For Change in Wilson NC

My response to: The Spark Plug.

It is my heartfelt feeling the reasons why we are left behind in so many things is because our people are sometimey. They get involved only when it is something in it for them. You see that is a real problem. In order to stay on top of things we must be at the table at all times just in case if something should come up we will be there. But the majority of the time we are not there and we have to work hard as hell to fight back.

Look at our local politicians. Are they really concerned about what is really going on around us overall or are they just concerned or play the role as it relates to the position they hold. Are they really doing a good job or are they just collecting a check? Do they really fight for change or do they do just enough to continue to get re-elected so they can collect a check? They collect the check but we are the voice while we sacrifice our time and resources while they reap the benefits. Look around and see how many folks that you know including yourself are appointed to boards and etc., or recognized for the work you do by these folks in power. They say they appreciate what you do and they do because you make them look good but obviously they are inferior of you because they do not promote you. You see if they promote you, they will not be popular.

Every day people don’t get involved or seem to care about what is going on around them simply because they do not see the powers that be (local elected officials) doing a damn thing. Every day people say why waste there time going to meetings such as a school board meeting when those that look like them do not support them when they come in for a complaint or concerns. I understand why every day people do not get involved because I have been there. It is frustrating even sometimes humiliating that folks like you know that you have valid concerns and/or complaints and tell you to come to the meeting but they sit there and don’t say a damn thing. So why should one go?

I truly believe there are every day people who want to get involved but there is little trust in our community. I have said it over and over and over again that there need to be some meetings in the hood to talk about why we are not together, set aside our differences, talk about what has worked/not worked and how we can move forward holding each other accountable. Those who do not want to move forward together can eliminate themselves and they need to get the hell out of the way. We have no time for playing games because it is about the future, the future of our children especially during a time when it seems that our children are lost. However it is not their fault because what in the hell are we doing? We want the children to stand for something but what in the hell are we standing for? We are allowing mess to go on in the hood, around the hood and abroad and then we talk about how bad things are.

As individuals especially those like myself and others who have been out there trying to make a difference for many, many years we have to rethink how we do things in order to stay sane. Since we have done our part we must do whatever we is best for us in order to stay sane. We must fight for our future, the future of our children. We must keep in mind that those who are not in the fight will also benefit from the work that we do.

My main concern has been and is education but not limited to. However I do not attend the school board meetings faithfully after doing so for around 15 years trying to make things better for our children while others who shared my concerns never attended any meetings and those who did said nothing. I have decided that I will attend the meetings now when there is a specific issue or when I feel like it. I have done my share and I continue to be a resource to parents who call me. I can do that because I have been very active in the school PTO over the years serving as assistant secretary and vice president at G.W. Carver Elementary School. In 2001 I was instrumental in making sure that G.W. Carver replaced the retiring principal with a certified person and not the non-certified white female that they were going to put in place. They were going to make this female an assistant principal at the school until she received her document to become a principal. This was going to give us 2 assistant principals and no principal. I said I have no doubt she will receive her papers but the criteria states that we are to interview for a principal and not an assistant. I walked out of the interview. They didn’t act on her and this is when William Ellis from South Edgecombe moved over to the school from South Edgecombe Middle. I truly feel someone asked him to consider because he didn’t apply for the position. Dr. Florence A. Armstrong was blackballed during the meeting I set in while we interviewed candidates for that principal position. I also served on the School Improvement Team at this school.

I am a former member of the School Improvement Team at South Edgecombe Middle School where my daughter was a 7th grade honor student and they tried to use her to get back at me by trying to keep her from receiving the “A” Honor Roll. I challenged the principal and he had to go back and not only give my daughter the “A” she deserved but had to hold another awards program and other children got their “A” as well. The majority of those who benefitted were white children. Some of the staff at the school felt intimidated by me because I challenged them during the meetings and always held them accountable for their actions. I requested that 2 schools staff receive diversity training because of some issues. The Central Office agreed and the training was held in 2003 at 2 schools in my district. Because of my knowledge of the education system, a former principal of South Edgecombe called the local Sheriff Department to have me removed from the campus at a School PTO Report Card Pick Up night because I asked questions during the election of the PTO officers and during a visit to one of my daughter’s classrooms whereby I questioned the teacher about a math question. I had the election on video. I was banned from the school because the punk Superintendent at that time was buds with this principal. The principal was later removed from this school. The punk Superintendent eventually left also and he left the Edgecombe County Public Schools System in a financial crisis. I had informed some members of the school board that I had received calls from Hertford County before they hired him that we didn’t want him because he had tore up their school system.

At both of the schools I was the one who actually made them put by-laws in place for the PTO and School Improvement Teams. I contacted the DPI to get the information and got information from other local schools who had actual by-laws in place.

So did the black board members speak out on these issues? Go figure or better yet ask them.

The above is just a few things that I have been involved in since I was called upon by the children at SouthWest Edgecombe in 1993 when they asked me to come to the school to help them solve a staged walkout that stemmed from a white teacher/coach who had grabbed a black student around the neck in the hallway. During the time I was the 1st vice president of the Rocky Mount NAACP.

The principal at SouthWest a short time after my involvement in the walkout issue among some other issues because he had a problem with me, he invited me to the cornfield. Go figure what that meant? A white man invited a young black man to the cornfield. The Rocky Mount Branch NAACP called for his resignation but after some Safe Negroes met with the principal without me, the NAACP retracted the resignation although he admitted to it. But he did it in front of the guy that was with me and also some others who were present in the main lobby of the school.

I have received certificates of graduation for participating in the yearly (PESP) Parent Education Studies Program through the NC Justice and Community Development Center Education Leadership Institute at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill NC on June 14, 2002 and again on May 30, 2003 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Rocky Mount NC.

One good thing my friend is inspite of it all, I have gained valuable resources so whatever I may experience in life I have resources. But the main thing is I am a resource for others.

So to the spark plug my friend we have promoted other folks but who is promoting us? Why do we continue to do what we do while other folks reap the benefits? It is the God in us my friend.

Check out see related below for verification to things mentioned above.

My friend, I totally agree with you, "I will help where I can, when I can for whomever I can. And let God do the rest."

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One thought on “Why our folks continue to be left behind in so many things…


    I thank God for the strong people that replied before me, I agree with all that was written. What I am about to say, applies to Christians in every house and church. I believe that Jesus is coming back for the church in the people, not necessarily the people in the church. Regardless of the church you belong to or do not belong to, once we get back on track, we can still get to the mountain top that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of. We continue to be bound because we deny the truth, forget from whence we came, resent education and think we have arrived because of the material things that will someday perish. Many leaders have weakened to the lies and deceptions of the powerful. Those of us who are righteous and know the real truth must continue to speak the WHOLE TRUTH. We must hold preachers of the gospel and elected leaders accountable for not speaking the WHOLE TRUTH to the powers that be. Leaders that don’t know the WHOLE TRUTH need to learn the WHOLE TRUTH, accept it and stand firmly on it. The WHOLE TRUTH includes not only sermons from the testaments but include the way God’s children and those who have not found God are treated outside of the church doors. Once the preachers and leaders get on one accord with each other regarding how to heal and address the weight of racism and classism at these town meetings, justice can be served so all us can arrive a much better place than where we are now. One of the reasons they won’t speak the WHOLE TRUTH to the powers that be is because they are afraid they will loose their so called place. You that are guilty know who you are. Preachers and elected officials who believe in righteousness need to get spiritually and realistically connected to the lives of others and start speaking the WHOLE TRUTH from pulpit to pulpit, from house to house, from block to block by serving people instead of the people serving them. People say that they are righteous behind church doors, but they are afraid to stand up for what is right outside of the church doors. Jesus plainly told us that a tree is known by the fruit it bears. A righteous person is also known by the fruit they bear. Jesus also said,the truth would make us free, so why not speak the truth so people can be free. Half of the truth is not the WHOLE TRUTH. We hear half of the truth behind the church doors and the other half behind the doors at home. We need to take the WHOLE TRUTH to the hedges, highways and the stage. If things aren’t fair don’t be afraid to say ” It’s not fair and I’m not going to accept it”. If we are going to ever change the mindset of principalities and powers, we MUST operate in love for the WHOLE TRUTH in Jesus’ name. Remember, God is a magnet for the truth, and at some point He will show up. We must always stand for the truth, no matter what kind of truth it is. If it’s the truth today it will be the truth tomorrow. If we live right, we will die right, and that’s another truth. How can we expect God to deliver us while pretending things are not the way they really are? To pretend such things is satanic in nature and causes us to hide the truth and act out in scarry lies, hypocrisy and deception. Never fear another human being so much until you are afraid to tell them the truth. To tell Half truths about the total human condition means that you’re not telling the WHOLE TRUTH. The WHOLE TRUTH will bring God where God is needed. The condition we have now can and will be reversed. When we get serious with God, God will get serious with us. People need to show up like they show up for church and support the good preachers and elected officials at town meetings, schools, various events, etc. There are truths about real life issues that must be addressed and supported for our children’s sake. If one can speak the truth about what happened to Jesus, why be afraid to speak the truth about what is happening to our children, seniors, young men and women, housing conditions, etc? Why should anyone give you meat when you have shown them that you are satisfied with just the bone? Those of you who are sitting, just watching your life go by, need to “GET UP AND GET INVOLVED” for a better future. I thank God for the few good preachers and leaders that we have. I don’t have to name them, you know who they are. They don’t just tell part of the truth, instead they STAND UP and tell the WHOLE TRUTH. Regardless of you are, if you’re operating in half truth, you are hendering the advancement of people that need to be free. A lot of Christians today remain afraid of the truth. If you have opened your heart to God who you have never seen, why close your eyes to the truths that you see everyday?


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