IRV – Instant Runoff Voting and the NC Court of Appeals (Judges) Election 2010

Judge Cressie Thigpen was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Judge James (Jim) Wynn. There are 13 candidates who will be running to replace Wynn during the November election however the race will not be the norm but will be decided by IRV – Instant Runoff Voting.

I posted the following link recently.The upcoming election for the Court of Appeals seat being vacated by Judge Wynn will be decided by IRV

Check out how complicated IRV is in the following link. Kiss Wins in Instant Runoff Voting.

Read more here about IRV.

I have had Joyce McCloy on my the local cable station in Rocky Mount over the years talking about IRV and the voting process. You can visit her website to see all the research about IRV.

Thank you my friend Joyce McCloy NC Coalition for Verified Voting for all that you do especially the research on IRV.

See this link as to what would have happened in Rocky Mount during a recent election if they had chose to use IRV.

Note: We discussed this briefly at our Democratic Party Meeting on last night. I didn’t really try to explain it because it is too complicated and a person need to read it for themselves. Click on everything in blue to read more about IRV. I hope this will give you and idea of what we will be facing as it relates to IRV.

There is a lot of work to be done in individual counties to educate the voters. This is why there is a need for each county party to use modern day free technology like Blogging, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and etc. When the county parties are not in session the county officers must be busy. Time is winding down so it is time to get your technology on.

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