Sex, approximate age of skeletal remains determined – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

Details are sparse, but the sex and approximate age of two skeletons found on Sept. 7 in a field off Quarter Road north of Red Oak were released Monday. Nash County Sheriff’s Capt. Pat Joyner said in a press release that the medical examiner indicated the two skeletons belonged to men in their 30s. (Read more)

Note: Some folks assumed the remains would possibly be connected to the murdered and missing women in Rocky Mount NC. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Cultural Baggage * Century of Lies * 4:20 Drug War NEWS * Time 4 Hemp

Cultural Baggage for  09/12/10 29:00 NORML report from Conference in Portland w/Madelyn Martinez Dir "World Famous Cannabis Cafe", Steve Dillon Dir of NORML,Steve DeAngelo Dir Harborside Health Center, John Walker of Firedog Lake, Steff Sherrer of Americans for Safe Access & Tristen Reismer reporer for KPOV, Bend Oregon



Century of Lies for  09/12/10  29:00  Reports from Portland convention; for NORML with Gary Johnson former Gov of New Mexico, Alice Huffman head of Calif NAACP, Jasmine Tyler of DPA, Neil Franklin of LEAP and Vertel Jackson of Florida NORML



4:20 Drug War NEWS, 09/13 to 09/19/10  Link at on the right margin –

Sun – Steve Dillon, Chairman of National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, recorded in Portland
Sat – Steve DeAngelo, Pres of Harborside Health Center on the growth of the cannabis industry
Fri – Alice Huffman, head of Calif NAACP on why they support cannabis leglaization
Thu – Reporting from "World Famous Cannabis Cafe" in Portland with Madeline Martinez
Wed – Reporting from NORML Conf in Portland with Jasmine Tyler of Drug Policy Alliance
Tue – Neill Franklin, Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition at the NORML Conf in Portland
Mon – Interview with Gary Johnson, former Gov of New Mexico re failure of drug war at NORML Conf in Portland
Programs produced at Pacifica Radio Station KPFT in Houston, 90.1 FM.  You can Listen Live Online at

-  Cultural Baggage Sun, 7:30 PM ET, 6:30 PM CT, 5:30 PM MT, 4:30 PM PT

-  Century of Lies, SUN, 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT & 5 PM PT

Who’s Next?":  Dr. Mitch Earlywine, Steph Sherrer, Steve Bloom, Dr. David Bearman

Hundreds of our programs are available online at, and now at James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

We have potcasts, searchability, CMS, XML, sorts by guest name and by organization. We provide the "unvarnished truth about the drug war" to scores of broadcast affiliates.  You can tune into both our 1/2 hour programs, live, at 6:30 central time on Pacifica’s KPFT at  and call in your questions and concerns toll free at 1-877-9-420 420

The two, 29:00 shows appear along with the seven, daily, 3:00  "4:20 Drug War NEWS" reports each Monday morning at .  We currently have 91 affiliated, yet independent broadcast stations.  With a simple email request to , your station can join the Drug Truth Network, free of charge.

Check out our latest videos via  Please become part of the solution, visit our website: for links to the best of reform.  "Prohibition is evil." – Reverend Dean Becker, DTN Producer, 713-462-7981,

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Working to end race and class drug war injustice, Efficacy is a non profit
501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1997. Your gifts and donations are tax

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Wake County Public Schools BOE News

Subj: [CoalitionofConcernedCitizensforAfricanAmericanChildren] Updates

Hello!  Welcome to a new week!  Here is today’s BOE news.

2010 SAT results released

According to this press release from Public Schools of North Carolina, "North Carolina students have shown the largest 10 year gain on the SAT among the states where the test is the most commonly used college entrance exam, according to The College Board’s annual SAT report released today." Since 2000, WCPSS’s scores increased slightly. You can view a detailed spreadsheet of SAT scores statewide, and by district and school, here. According to WRAL, twenty years ago, North Carolina’s SAT scores trailed the national average by 53 points. NC’s average score of 1008 this year has narrowed that gap to nine points (national average score, 1017). In addition, 63 percent of the Class of 2010 took the SAT statewide, compared to 45 percent nationally.

Seventy-one percent of WCPSS seniors took the SAT this year, earning an average score of 1069 for reading and math combined, 52 points above the national average of 1017. A Great Schools in Wake colleague summed it up nicely: "(A) bigger pool (of students taking the test) typically means lower scores. Compare (the scores of) our 71% to the national (scores) of 45% (participation) and … WOW!  Not bad for a district that ranks in the bottom 20th percentile in terms of spending."

Assignment choices exercise

John Tedesco and the BOE majority have said they want parental choice to be the primary factor in their proposed, new community assignment zones. In that vein, I suggest you take a few moments to do the following exercise: 1) go to WCPSS’s site and plug in your street address to determine your current assignment node; 2) review  your current school choices for elementary, middle and high school, and 3) document your choices by copying and pasting them into a separate document and SAVE IT for future reference. Tally up the numbers and compare them to the choices in your zone in the proposed plan.

In my node, I can currently choose from 14 elementary schools (one traditional, one year-round and 12 magnets); seven middle schools (one traditional, one year-round and five magnets), and five high schools (one traditional and four magnets). In contrast, my proposed zone has five elementary schools (one year-round and four traditional; NO magnets), one middle school (traditional only) and one high school (traditional only).

I look forward to hearing how your current choices compare to those available in the proposed community assignment zones.

Saunders back-pedals on last week’s column

Readers came down "hard" on N&O columnist Barry Saunders for claiming a former math teacher was indifferent about him and his MAD magazine.


Testing testing

Thank you for staying engaged with WCPSS.


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