Resignation demanded, Sheriff’s race takes another strange turn – Source: The Wilson Daily Times

Wilson County Democratic Sheriff’s candidate Calvin Woodard got some long-awaited support from the Democratic Party Thursday evening.

Gwen Wilkins, chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District of the N.C. Democratic Party, traveled to Wilson County to give Woodard a check for $250, and to tell him that the party is supporting him.

She also revealed Thursday she’s asked for the resignation of Chris Boykin, Wilson County’s Democratic Party chairman, saying as chairman he’s not supporting the Democratic nominee for sheriff. Boykin didn’t return numerous phone messages seeking comment. (Read more @ The Wilson Daily Times)

Note: This is interesting. Don’t Boykin know that the thing to do is to step down. So why is it feels he can be the chair but not support Calvin Woodard. So is it he do not want to see a black man become Sheriff or is it to cover up corruption that so many speak of. I don’t know I am just asking. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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One thought on “Resignation demanded, Sheriff’s race takes another strange turn – Source: The Wilson Daily Times

  1. A well written article concerning the Wilson County Democratic Party. Calvin Woodard is the Democratic Candidate and deserves to be supported by the Democratic Party of Wilson County. Calvin’s courage and vision for Wilson County is one to be admired and supported by his party. It has been nearly three months since Calvin won. Mr. Boykin is doing a great disservice to the Democratic voters in Wilson County by not stepping down since it is apparent he is not supporting Calvin. If he is not supporting Calvin by his works and deeds, it is very apparent who he is supporting. You can support whom ever you want but not as the party chairman. It is your civic duty and responsibility to support who your party elected for the position of sheriff. Did you really thinks that the citizens of Wilson County were going to overlook this discretion? I think that was clearly stated in the newspaper today. Do the right and honest thing, Mr. Boykin, step down.


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