Resignation demanded, Sheriff’s race takes another strange turn – Source: The Wilson Daily Times

Wilson County Democratic Sheriff’s candidate Calvin Woodard got some long-awaited support from the Democratic Party Thursday evening.

Gwen Wilkins, chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District of the N.C. Democratic Party, traveled to Wilson County to give Woodard a check for $250, and to tell him that the party is supporting him.

She also revealed Thursday she’s asked for the resignation of Chris Boykin, Wilson County’s Democratic Party chairman, saying as chairman he’s not supporting the Democratic nominee for sheriff. Boykin didn’t return numerous phone messages seeking comment. (Read more @ The Wilson Daily Times)

Note: This is interesting. Don’t Boykin know that the thing to do is to step down. So why is it feels he can be the chair but not support Calvin Woodard. So is it he do not want to see a black man become Sheriff or is it to cover up corruption that so many speak of. I don’t know I am just asking. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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OUR VIEW: Birmingham superintendent has to convince his school board, not the AEA, that job cuts are necessary – The Birmingham Times

Many changes must be made in the structure and operation of Birmingham City Schools if there is any hope of turning around the school system’s finances and reputation.

With chronic financial problems, made worse by a continuing decline in student enrollment, more city schools will have to be closed or consolidated. The school system’s outrageous legal costs must be slashed. And with so much of the school system’s budget tied up in personnel costs, jobs have to be eliminated, too. Those are the facts. (Read more @ The Birmingham Times)

Note: Dr. Witherspoon do what you feel is best. It is sad when the board is not listening to the head when he is trying to do what he feel is the best thing for the children. He did some of the same here in Edgecombe County Tarboro NC and the people got mad as hell. But look at the system today, it is more financially stable than it has been in many, many years. The auditor commended Dr. Witherspoon for his great work with the finances and said she had not seen other Superintendents do what he did because he was passionate about the money.

Dr. Witherspoon continue to do what is right because you know that it is about the children and not the adults who are afraid of change especially when they are part of the change. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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