Attorney General rejects group’s claims (Princeville NC) – Source: The Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — The complaints of a group of citizens remain.

The Concerned Citizens of Princeville, with the assistance of former Princeville Attorney Anthony Flanagan, received a response from the Attorney General’s office but it was not what they had hoped for. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

Note: I wonder why the former Mayor Perkins is the spokesperson for the group. We all know that the former Mayor and the current Mayor have been going at it since the current Mayor defeated the former Mayor after the flood of the century. And then during the following election the former Mayor Perkins was re-elected and then during the most recent election the current Mayor Everette-Oates was re-elected.

It is my opinion that there comes a time when one is a member of an organization, group and etc. they should not be the one out front because the cause can get caught up in the people and not the real issue although they mean well.

Well I decided to stop attending the commission monthly meeting because obviously the people of Princeville like the drama. If they do not then maybe they will show us by electing someone other than the current and the former Mayors during the next election. I do believe that Mayor Perkins would be the better of the 2, however I feel it would be best for both to work from the rear and not from the top. If there is a new tie-breaker at the table then just maybe the commissioners will eventually come together if they are re-elected.

Prime example “Former Mayor disputes Mayor Oats claim” of why there needs to be a new Mayor other than the former and current Mayor until things are in better shape. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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One thought on “Attorney General rejects group’s claims (Princeville NC) – Source: The Daily Southerner

  1. Dear Princeville Township & Citizens! My name is Rev. William D. Burton. I was born in 1944 and My first sermon was in Mason Temple, the last place that Dr. Martin Luther King Spoke! I have taken up the Civil Rights gauntlete in my own way! I help create abundance and affluence and high level wellness in our community along with Montel Williams, who is one of my business associates! We reaise funds for any good cause! Please allow me to show you how! I was the National Director Of Marketing For the Black Wallstreet Journal, based on the Tulsa,Oklahoma Black Wallstreet business model!


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