$144,517: That’s how much Wilson’s new sheriff will make

When Wilson County’s new sheriff takes office, he will be the third highest paid sheriff in North Carolina, that’s according to both UNC School of Government data and a top Wilson County official. (Read more @ The Wilson Times)

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The Local Tar River Tea Party Responds To The NAACP Stance On The Tea Party

If the following message from Mike Armstrong is true, how in the hell do you consider the name of the tea party? If they want to be something other than the tea party they should simply change their name.

Oh but they want the name but they are different from the other tea partiers.

Now this is too damn funny!! LMBAO

C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher
Life Fully Paid Member NAACP

From: andreknight

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 19:42:31 +0000

To: Michael Armstrong

ReplyTo: andreknight

Subject: Re: NAACP accusations

We agree and support our President and this Great Organization!

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From: "Michael Armstrong”
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 10:00:31 -0400
To: Andre Knight
Subject: Fw: NAACP accusations
Andre Knight,
     The email below was sent to members of the Tar River Tea Party by one of our leaders. I hope that you will read and ponder it’s message. The real strength of our movement is that … we have no national headquarters … we have no national leaders / spokesmen and are functioning very well.
      Can you imagine how long we would last if a neo-con, a talk-show celebrity or a political party was to attempt to lead us. We can agree on common issues (debt, borrowing, taxes, spending, etc) and take it from there. Some groups will align politically while others remain independent. That’s OK.
     The actions by the national NAACP are disappointing and hopefully, not a reflection of the individual chapters.
                                              Mike Armstrong

Dear Members,

The recent accusations by the NAACP have everyone racing to formulate a response.  There are calls for a nationally concerted action by the Tea Party groups to hold reconciliation meetings and town halls to discuss this issue.  For what???  To focus and perpetuate a false stigma?  To drive the tea parties into a single nationally controlled organization? To force the tea parties away from their mission to restore good government?  To wastefully expend the resources, time, and energies of the millions of Americans asking for nothing more than Constitutional government and fiscal responsibility?  The answer is YES to all of these questions.  I have already received an email from a national tea party organization asking if we thought there should be these reconciliation meetings and forums and that if the NATIONAL LEADERSHIP decided to do such would we as a local group follow suit.  The answers are a resounding NO and NO!

First and foremost, the accusations of the NAACP do not warrant a single response nor the wasting of time by our organization and members.  The accusations are untrue and thus there is no obligation for us to prove otherwise.  To take this issue on, is to give legitimacy to the accuser and to sap the energy of the organization.  We all know from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals that a prime tactic is to accuse the opponent of being what you yourself are and of doing what you yourself do. This is a very telling statement about the NAACP.   Secondly, the Tar River Tea Party is not part of some contrived national group.  We are an independent grass roots organization and will remain as such.  We do not need a national leader to instruct us in what is best for us as individuals or as a community, nor do we need them taking us off on tangents while our attention needs to be focused on local, state, and national issues.  As such we will not blindly follow suit in follies like this.

I ask that you focus your energies on the real issues of restoring sound Constitutional government on all levels, demanding fiscal responsibility of our elected officials, and restoring common sense to all aspects of government.

Dropout Prevention Grants

Dropout Prevention Grants

The North Carolina General Assembly’s Committee on Dropout Prevention’s Budget Review Subcommittee will meet via Webinar on Monday, July 26, from 2-3 p.m. The purpose of the subcommittee meeting is to address any program or budget revisions that may have been submitted that month for dropout prevention grants. To listen in, go online to https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/234878873 . Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone to 218-844-4932. The Meeting ID and Access Code is 234-878-873. The Audio PIN is shown after you join the meeting. PLEASE NOTE: Only subcommittee members can actively participate in the meeting. If you are a member of the public and have questions, please email those to Angela Ward at the email address below for appropriate follow-up.

The grant must be completed by 5:00pm on August 31st.  The application is completed ONLY on the web and must be sent before 5:00 or it won’t be accepted.

A partnering agreement must be mailed in or dropped off by Sept. 15th. The application will not be reviewed without this. It is considered incomplete without it.

The technical assistance meetings started Wed. July 14th and the next ones will be the 21st and the 28th along with the webinar as an option on the 28th.

For more information, please contact Angela Ward at award@dpi.state.nc.us or 919.807.3606.

Poll Says Americans Losing Faith in Obama – Source: Your Black World

Brought to you by The Great Black Speakers Bureau, the #1 Black Speakers Bureau in the world.  To join the Your Black World Coalition, please visit YourBlackWorld.com.

Poll Says Americans Losing Faith in Obama

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, The Institute for Black Public Policy

Recent polls are showing that 6 out of 10 Americans are losing faith in President Obama’s ability to run our nation.  This decline in the president’s numbers is in stark contrast to where the numbers were at the start of his presidency.  They are also reflective of the general fact that Americans are losing faith in government.  While 60% of Americans polled say they have little belief in President Obama, 68% said the same thing about Democrats, and 72% said the same about Republicans.

I don’t agree with these assessments, since President Obama has proven time and time again that he is the most qualified candidate for the job.  The broader challenge for the American people is that there are almost never enough good candidates available.  The elitism that leads our officials to only consider Harvard and Yale graduates for the White House or Supreme Court nominations is disturbing, and such a limited set of selections is what causes us to choose incompetent individuals like George W. Bush or Clarence Thomas to run our country.

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Dr. Boyce Video — Sherri Shepherd Stops by for a Conversation

One Year After Henry Louis Gates:  Still No True Teachable Moment

Gates 'teachable moment' one year later: What have we learned?
by Dr. Boyce Watkins, The Institute for Black Public Policy

Last year, our nation was brought to a standstill over an otherwise uneventful confrontation between a police officer and a professor. That professor’s name was Henry Louis Gates Jr. To our surprise, we then watched this non-event become the national spectacle, as the police officer soon learned not to mess with an angry professor with a good publicist. By the time the debacle was over, however, the professor quietly and mysteriously walked off into the sunset so he could try to redeem his public image on PBS specials.

One part of the political fallout was the additional damage caused to race relations in America, and a president who had to watch his poll numbers plummet as a result of his misguided intervention. To console the American people, we were promised a series of "teachable moments," designed to help our nation gain a greater degree of interracial understanding. Just like many college students across America, we were holding out for a powerful teachable moment, and instead we just got beer.

One year later, perhaps we can talk about the things that we were supposed to learn from the Henry Louis Gates case, but never did. I’ll take it from the top:

1) Every officer who arrests a black man, even a famous one inside his house, is not always doing something wrong. We must first investigate the facts.

When Gates was arrested, I was surprised to see how many people believed his story without spending a second analyzing the facts of the situation. I didn’t presume that Gates was innocent just because he works at Harvard University, nor did I presume he was guilty. Harvard faculty and students have been arrested on numerous occasions, but I am sure there are also cases when police overstep their authority.

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Turpin Suicide and Other Kentucky Players Are Examples of How the NCAA Destroys the Lives of Young Black Men

I’ve said it once and I’ll keep on saying it: The NCAA is an incredibly destructive force within the African American community. The league, which professes to offer opportunities to “educate” players, often turns into a pathway to broken dreams, empty bank accounts, prison sentences and even suicide. The stories involving former University of Kentucky stars Melvin Turpin and Antoine Walker are very good cases in point. Turner recently committed suicide and Walker is on his way to prison for gambling debts.

The goal here is not to focus specifically on the cases of Walker and Turner, but to instead talk about why the NCAA has so much power over athletes and how athletes might find a way to change that. Significant limitations on athlete labor rightshave been allowed by Congress, and they tend to be most strict on athletes in revenue generating sports. Nearly every activity and revenue stream of the athlete is carefully controlled, with the sole objective of keeping money in the pockets of old white guys. The racial element to this clearly unjust and unAmerican way of doing business cannot be denied. One has to wonder if the fact that most of the top college athletes are black plays a role in why the public perceives the NCAA to be helping the athletes, the same way a major corporation is considered to be a savior for five-year olds in a Chinese sweatshop.

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Mel Gibson: What You Probably Don’t Know About His Money

Boyce Watkins and Bill Cosby On Al Sharpton's "Keeping It
Real" Show

Boyce Watkins and Bill Cosby On Al Sharpton’s "Keeping It Real" Show

Geraldo Rivera Interviews the New Black Panther Chief Malik Zulu

Geraldo Rivera Interviews the New Black Panther Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz

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Rush Limbaugh Insults Black People With ‘Cracker’ Remark

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Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Downplay Tea Party Racism

LeBron's House Has a Casino, Starbucks In it?

LeBron’s House Has a Casino, Starbucks In it?

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NFL Player Johnny Jolly Suspended on Serious Drug Charges

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LeBron James Interested In ‘Buying’ $50 Million Miami Mansion

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How To Financially Destroy Your Children Right Before You Die

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AKA Sorority Having Major Legal Problems on Financial Issue

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Black Contractors Not Getting Many Contracts for BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Post Image

Mike Tyson’s Interview Reminds Us of How Conflicted He Is

Post Image

Former NBA Player Melvin Turpin Commits Suicide

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President Barack Obama Haters, “Let It Go!!”

Yes he is a very intelligent man. I found him on the internet and was following him when he was running for the Senate and was on his mailing list at that time. I had no idea he would one day become my President and especially so soon. This is a prime example that it does not matter where a black man goes to school, live a good life and strive to do the right thing, he still don’t get the respect that he truly deserves. But as long as the black man recognizes that it is what it is and can continue to move forward and not backwards it is well with our soul.

You say, "He did better than most politicians in explaining exactly what he wanted to do if elected. The problem is that people in general don’t know what they are voting for." We all should know that many people vote because it is the right thing to do. Many vote because of influence from others, family, friends, organizations, tv and/or whatever.

But you see this is nothing new. I have always asked people to learn about the candidate and not just take my word. Now if it is somebody I truly trust in then I will sometimes take their word especially if time does not allow me to do some research.

While the NAACP is devoted towards “equality”, I am still saddened that an organization has become in some cases “get whitey, its his fault”.

Oh hell no, I beg the difference when it comes to the NAACP educating people about what a candidate stands for. They are always having candidates forum so not going to let that be the gospel. I have been involved in the education process on the local and state level but have been connected with many branches across the nation and the national. Literature goes out almost daily about what is going on all around us and people who read the information have the opportunity to read and make an informed decision for themselves.

No I do not know and do not care about how many states will sue over the healthcare bill. Some folks do not want to see anything that they feel black folks will benefit from.

I do want to add that "White Republicans" who are serving us in Washington do not support our President. They probably never will and it is my opinion they do not want to hear anything that our President has to say simply because he is black. Having to report to a black man is something that some folks will never be able to live with. Hell none of us agree with everything that everybody does even husbands/wives/children and etc. but damn when one does something that we can appreciate then we ought to celebrate that moment. I have not seen this with "whitey" as you so clearly stated who have issues with our President. Hell I had issues with many Presidents before our President now but I be damn if I disrespected them as many "whiteys" have done since our President has been "ELECTED" to office.

I read literature and receive literature from some white school classmates and some others who are constantly sending out mess about our President. One white guy has a damn video that he wanted to talk about that supposedly shows our President saying he was not born in America. Well damn if it is on video and an be proven then this is just totally ignant on this white brothers behalf because we all know that our President would not be in office.

When in the hell will they "whitey" as you so clearly stated let it go. Damn let it go until the next election and the people will speak again just like they did during the last Presidential Election. But you see some folks just don’t get it.

Hell all I have to say to anyone who have a problem with our President, vote against him during the next election. This is how I do and the NAACP as well.

The above is my response to a comment on my blog related to an article in the Washington Post, “What the NAACP is really asking on racism within the Tea Party?”

Curmilus Butch Dancy II
DCN Publisher
A Grassroots Effective Community Activist
Life Fully Paid Member NAACP

Stay Tuned Sources Say CNN Came To Town To Do A Story On The Murdered And Missing Women In Rocky Mount NC

In the meantime while we wait on the article let’s review the last event that was held in Rocky Mount NC. This was a powerful service.

PROMM Parents & Relatives of Missing & Murdered Recognition Tribute To Our Daughters & Sons Church Of God Of Deliverance Rocky Mount NC

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