The Truth About H6 – Purchase Of Land in Rolesville NC For A New High School. Voting To Take Place On July 6.


Stan Norwalk, Wake County Commissioner H (919) 363-4685 

At the first reading regarding the purchase of land in Rolesville for a new high-school, several speakers suggested we keep politics out of the site selection process, i.e. out of the Forest Ridge site.  But consider the "road" to Rolesville. 2008 – Republicans in the NCGA introduce bills that would dilute the voting power of inner city residents for the BOE. Of course, that had nothing to do about politics!! 2009 – Setting a new precedent the Republican Party takes an active role in supporting the new majority on the BOE. Of course, that had nothing to do about politics!! Nov. 2009 Art Pope sends Margiotta  a  congratulatory email and thanks him for using Pope’s suggested strategy  in the election campaign .  Of course that had nothing to do with politics !! The major donors to the party include Art Pope and Bob Luddy, both of whom promote the end of public education. Based on selective and misleading data, Ron Margiotta, Kent Misegades (Luddy’s headmaster for his private school) publish a white paper promoting the success of re-segregated public schools in Charlotte-Mecklenbu rg. CMS was offered as the model for WCPSS. Of course that was not politics!! Luddy is building a chain of private schools ( Thales Academy ) and is an advocate for the public paying for his schools through vouchers. Ron Margiotta sits on Thales Academy ’s board. Of course!! That has nothing to do with politics!! Upon taking office the new majority on the BOE began spending tens-of-thousands of dollars on a stream of ideological compatible lawyers. They used a highly dubious cover story of an audit that would show the way to save legal fees. Surprise! The audit proved to be a dud..easily seen from day #1. Of course, that’s not politics!! The new majority, counter to staffs advice, initiates a poll to affirm their view of year-round schools. When the results were counter to their views, they ignored the costly poll and went ahead with eliminating some YRS…coincidently schools where their supporters had been most vocal and active. Along the way they committed hundreds of millions of school construction bond capacity. Never was a plan, a financial analysis or a strategy mentioned…of course! That’s not politics!. The new majority on the BOE made “diversity” a dirty word within WCPSS. Chair of the Assignment Committee John Tedesco claims the previous diversity policy was counter to Brown vs. the Board of Education. But that’s not politics!! The new board majority chooses to be the only school system in NC that is not a member of the NC School Board Association. Their cover story is that they are saving $40,000. Closer to the truth is that the national Council of Urban School Boards (CUBE) supports diversity and opposes vouchers…but of course that’s not politics!! Out of meanness and spite Margiotta and Tedesco propose to change the name of Enloe High School – home base for many protestors. Obviously that has nothing to do with politics!! The new board majority has abandoned a data-driven process for site selection; denied relief to the worst over-crowding in the County, i.e. Wakefield. Wakefield is in a BOE minority nember’s district; and selected a site (Rolesville) in a district represented by one of the majority…but of course!! That’s not politics!!!  The new board majority , with only skimpy explanation,  rejected the findings of a non-partisan task force of stakeholders that the original (Forest Ridge) site was the best of several investigated…but of course!! That’s not politics! Denying Rolesville as the site for H6 high school is NOT  only  about locating a school two miles outside the growth target area. It is NOT  only about building a 2200 seat high-school in a town with 212 high-school age kids.  Its NOT just about the low population density in the area and the excessive busing that will be required. It IS about stopping the death of WCPSS by a “thousand cuts”. If the line in the sand is not drawn here, future cuts will be harder and harder to stop.   The H6 vote is the first opportunity for the Board of Commissioners to take action to stop the madness, the meanness and the eventual death of diversified public education in Wake County. The vote on the siting of H6 will be on Tuesday, July 6th in the 7th floor board room of the courthouse. You can email the County Commissioners at commissioners@ us

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Bronson Williams Owner The Promise Network Shut Our TV Talk Show Down Last Night Because One Of His Ignant Followers Called In – Connections

Last night Bronson Williams Owner and Host of The Truth Hurts Broadcast FM 107.3 The Promise and also the one who works the board at WNCR TV 41 shut the Connections Talk Show down because obviously one of his ignant followers called in. George Fisher is the host and I am the co-host and I  call in from home daily. (Past tense)

The Truth Hurts Broadcast is on daily from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM and then he goes to the TV station to do our TV show. On yesterday Mattie Mozell called in to his radio show and talked about me and I called in an rebutted her in a nice way. She called back a 2nd time however I did not.

I have been trying to tolerate Bronson however last night when what sounded like a white male called in and told Bronson he wanted to talk to him off the air about the ignorant people that call in to his show. Bronson took the person off line and accepted his phone number but we could hear him telling the person he would call him. However he did call out the first 3 numbers but then I guess he figured out he was still on the air although the caller was not.

I say the caller probably wanted to say those (Niggers.) Well you see this is why I have no more respect for Bronson because it is not about utilities any longer but about allowing ignorance on The Untruth Broadcast.

I played a conversation that I had with Ms. Mozell on June 18 whereby she called me and I returned her call per her request. But on yesterday I called her to ask her about her comments on the radio station last Friday and she went off on me. I told her I didn’t hear the show and wanted to hear what she had to say because I had received several phone calls. I wanted to talk to her before I responded.

Ms. Mozell said I called didn’t want to hear what she had to say but my point of the recording is to show that I have listened to her patiently on many occasions. I feel she has been calling me trying to get me to say something negative about Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell.

I have told folks time and time again it is situations like this the reason why I document what I am doing because I know I am a target because I am friends with Councilman and NAACP President Andre Knight and Councilman Reuben Blackwell.

Back to the TV show, Bronson shut us down our show last night because obviously one of his followers called in and was speaking an untruth and he wanted us to allow her to continue and to rebuttal her when she was finished. Hell no. Bronson may have called her and told her to call in who knows. But it does not matter. This lady said I was the reason why the utilities were high in Rocky Mount. When I asked Bronson was I responsible for the high utilities bills in Rocky Mount several times, he would not respond so then he said he was shutting the show down for the night. He said we all needed to talk. Well my friend we don’t have a damn thing to talk about because I have been trying to talk to you asking you to keep the show about utilities and you have convinced me that it is no longer about utilities. As far as I am concerned The TV Talk Show is shut down for good and you can have that show as well. I will not stoop to your level of ignance.

Well today I received a text message and a message on Facebook that I was talked about on The Truth Hurts Broadcast. Well I knew that was going to happen because Bronson do not have anything else to talk about so he has to entertain ignance.

I was told that Teresa Hinton called in response to the Christmas Card that she mailed me and I sent it return to sender. Why in the hell would this ignant butt hole send me a card when she do not like me because of Andre Knight. I have not done anything to her. But I be damn if I am going to kiss her butt. Enough said.

So obviously Bronson has nothing to talk about as it relates to utilities because he and his followers are saying the same things daily which makes the show boring. Funny as hell to me.

So what has Bronson accomplished? A Rocky Mount business man who are taking folks money for advertisement and then he is going to let his lights get turned out. I hear commercials about people giving donations, what he call it, sowing a seed so where is that money going? Do these folks live in Rocky Mount? Should they not be putting this money on their light bill?

So Bronson you didn’t kick me off the TV show because I have not been in the studio to do the show since we have been coming back on. I told George Fisher that I would not come to the station and would do it from home because I knew it would come to this. You see Bronson was so damn messy when I had my previous show, “Making a Difference” that was 2 hours every Wednesday night from 9:00 PM until 11:00 PM and I shut it down. I shut it down one night after some stupid bull manure went down at the station because it was just too damn crazy down there. The only time I came down to the station was the night we had Ken Lewis on who was running for the US Senate and I was not on the air. I just came to meet him in person because he had contacted me several years ago over the internet because he had been reading my online newsletter.

You damn right we didn’t pay for the show simply because we were asked to do it. What else is going on at the TV station. Not a damn thing. LMBAO!! Hell you can’t get anyone to work there.

It is so funny that I had just told George earlier this week that he needed to start doing the show either one or two days a week because daily was just too much on him having to go to the station. With George taking care of his mother, shutting the show down is a good thing for him in my opinion however we had a plan to do our talk show over the internet anyway which will be coming soon. We both can do this at home or we could go to each other’s home if we want to be in the same room.

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What’s your problem with Andre Knight? The Back Story! At Long Last. – Source: by George Fisher

A lot of people don’t like Andre Knight. But, when you come down to it, it has nothing to do with the man himself, but the public positions he holds, the jealousy, and hidden agendas of others.  In this post, I’m going to tell you the back story—at long last.  This is a post that is much overdue and you’re probably going to hate me also for even thinking this way.  Well, hate away. It’s a story that needs to be told. You’re not going to see this in the Telegram or on a religious radio station, for that matter. (Read more @ Behind The Scenes Of A TV Talk Show)

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The Real Reason Why Ms. Mozell Is Mad With 2 Rocky Mount City Councilpersons About The Utilities And Now Me

I receive phone calls from time to time from Ms. Mattie Mozell about what is going on in Rocky Mount. The most recent call came on June 18, 2010. Ms. Mozell had called to my home and my daughter called me on my cell phone and said Ms. Mozell wanted me to call her. I pulled over on the side of the road and called her. I basically listened to hear for 15 minutes and couldn’t really get a word in.

You can hear the conversation on The DCN TV.

On yesterday I called Ms. Mozell to ask her about what she said on The Truth Hurts Broadcast on last Friday because some people had called me. Her comments were in regards to the NAACP meeting that was held on Thursday night. I told her I didn’t hear her so I was calling to hear from her what she said because I have not commented on it as of yet. I said I called Andre and some other folks so I wanted to have my facts before I responded to it.

Ms. Mozell went off on me and said I was calling for Andre and Reuben and I said no I am calling for myself. She went into her spill about the utilities and why she didn’t like Andre and Reuben and I said I don’t want to hear that I just called about what was said last Friday.

She said Andre said Bronson was joining with folks who are in the Tea Party. I said the reason why he and some others are saying that is because he is doing just that. I said Bronson, George and myself discussed this on Connections Talk Show where George is the host and I am the co-host. Bronson talked about he was going to meet with the annexation folks and some other white folks who are going after the council about other issues and not the high utilities. We said why are you going to meet with them folks when they don’t care about you.

A lady called me and said that Ms. Mozell was mad with Andre because he didn’t come to see her when she was sick but he was in the neighborhood to someone else house.

I knew that when I called her on yesterday I was taking a risk. The only reason I didn’t record this conversation is because I called her while sitting in Bojangles on my cell phone. She told me she was going to call the radio station later that day so I knew she was going to talk about me calling her because she said I was going after her.

Sure enough Ms. Mozell called The Truth Hurts Broadcast and just went off on me. I have tried to stay neutral to a certain degree in all of this mess. The only somebody that knew about the recorded conversation was George Fisher who I also had on 3-way when I called Ms. Mozell because I knew she was going to talk about utilities.

Ms. Mozell and Glenn Draughn calls me all the time about the utitilies thing and I have not shared any of the conversations with Andre nor Reuben. They will hear about this for the first time here on The DCN TV.

I don’t call Ms. Mozell and only called her yesterday because as always I try to do my homework before speaking on issues.

Ms. Mozell is now mad with me because I talk to all the people she named in her conversation. I hate it has come to this but it is what it is and like I say all the time, “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Please click on The DCN TV to listen to the audio of the conversation with Ms. Mozell.

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Ignant Column: Tea Party trying to replace all politicians. Really?

A new comment on the post "Bronson Williams, Nehemiah Smith Jr. vs Rev. Andre Knight and The Rocky Mount City Council A Utilities War" is waiting for your approval

Author : Captain Crunch

If nothing else positive can be said for the Tea Party, at least they are trying to replace all politicians. Perhaps the replacement of the council would benefit rocky mount. This is also why we shouldn’t put something that generates revenue in the hands of the government…. they get greedy and overcharge.

Note: More ignance from someone who hides behind a code name. This comment was not approved in the comment column but rather made the Ignant Column. LMBAO

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