The truth about H6 – Wake County Public School System

At the first reading regarding the purchase of land in Rolesville for a new high-school, several speakers suggested we keep politics out of the site selection process, i.e. out of the Forest Ridge site. But consider the "road" to Rolesville.

  • 2008 – Republicans in the NCGA introduce bills that would dilute the voting power of inner city residents for the BOE. Of course, that had nothing to do about politics!!
  • 2009 – Setting a new precedent the Republican Party takes an active role in supporting the new majority on the BOE. Of course, that had nothing to do about politics!!
  • Nov. 2009 Art Pope sends Margiotta  a congratulatory email and thanks him for using Pope’s suggested strategy in the election campaign . Of course that had nothing to do with politics !!
  • The major donors to the party include Art Pope and Bob Luddy, both of whom promote the end of public education.
  • Based on selective and misleading data, Ron Margiotta, Kent Misegades (Luddy’s headmaster for his private school) publish a white paper promoting the success of re-segregated public schools in Charlotte-Mecklenbu rg. CMS was offered as the model for WCPSS. Of course that was not politics!!
  • Luddy is building a chain of private schools ( Thales Academy ) and is an advocate for the public paying for his schools through vouchers. Ron Margiotta sits on Thales Academy ’s board. Of course!! That has nothing to do with politics!!
  • Upon taking office the new majority on the BOE began spending tens-of-thousands of dollars on a stream of ideological compatible lawyers. They used a highly dubious cover story of an audit that would show the way to save legal fees. Surprise! The audit proved to be a dud..easily seen from day #1. Of course, that’s not politics!!
  • The new majority, counter to staffs advice, initiates a poll to affirm their view of year-round schools. When the results were counter to their views, they ignored the costly poll and went ahead with eliminating some YRS…coincidently schools where their supporters had been most vocal and active. Along the way they committed hundreds of millions of school construction bond capacity. Never was a plan, a financial analysis or a strategy mentioned…of course! That’s not politics!.
  • The new majority on the BOE made “diversity” a dirty word within WCPSS. Chair of the Assignment Committee John Tedesco claims the previous diversity policy was counter to Brown vs. the Board of Education. But that’s not politics!!
  • The new board majority chooses to be the only school system in NC that is not a member of the NC School Board Association. Their cover story is that they are saving $40,000. Closer to the truth is that the national Council of Urban School Boards (CUBE) supports diversity and opposes vouchers…but of course that’s not politics!!
  • Out of meanness and spite Margiotta and Tedesco propose to change the name of Enloe High School – home base for many protestors. Obviously that has nothing to do with politics!!
  • The new board majority has abandoned a data-driven process for site selection; denied relief to the worst over-crowding in the County, i.e. Wakefield. Wakefield is in a BOE minority nember’s district; and selected a site (Rolesville) in a district represented by one of the majority…but of course!! That’s not politics!!!
  • The new board majority , with only skimpy explanation,  rejected the findings of a non-partisan task force of stakeholders that the original (Forest Ridge) site was the best of several investigated…but of course!! That’s not politics!!

Denying Rolesville as the site for H6 high school is NOT only about locating a school two miles outside the growth target area. It is NOT only about building a 2200 seat high-school in a town with 212 high-school age kids. Its NOT just about the low population density in the area and the excessive busing that will be required.

It IS about stopping the death of WCPSS by a “thousand cuts”. If the line in the sand is not drawn here, future cuts will be harder and harder to stop.

The H6 vote is the first opportunity for the Board of Commissioners to take action to stop the madness, the meanness and the eventual death of diversified public education in Wake County .

The vote on the siting of H6 will be on Tuesday, July 6th in the 7th floor board room of the courthouse. You can email the County Commissioners at commissioners@ us

Stan Norwalk

Wake County Commissioner

H (919) 363-4685

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THE EXODUS by William Reed Columnist

Once again, Western countries are succeeding in cutting another African country down to size.  Sudan, a country in northeastern Africa, is the largest country in Africa and in the Arab World, and the tenth largest in the world by area.

Sudan is rich with abundant resources represented in vast areas of land and varying climates.  Sudan was made special with fertile agricultural lands, large amounts of fresh water, and a variety in animal resources.   But, the crown jewel of Sudan’s current economy is oil production.  And, that’s the base of the Sudan story.

Sudan produces 500,000 barrels of oil per day and has reserves estimated at six billion barrels.  But that may go away.  With just months until the referendum to determine whether the South remains part of a united Sudan, coupled with the conflict in Darfur, the country remains volatile and its future uncertain.  The future of North and South Sudan is rooted in implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which requires the January 2011 referendum.  For American advocates, it’s important to ensure a smooth referendum process and beyond.  For the political movements in Sudan it’s important to keep a hand on the tiller.  Under the National Congress Party (NCP) and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) coalition government, Sudan’s economy is currently the 5th largest in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world.  The per capita Gross National Product (GNP) in 2009 was $2,300.  Sudan has 42 million people and a labor force of 12 million.  But, the booming economy and vast array of products exported may soon experience drastic changes.

About 70 percent of oil pumped in Sudan comes from the South.  Separation of Sudan will deny the North billions of dollars in revenue from the South’s vast oilfields. Currently the North and the South split proceeds from crude in accordance with CPA requirements. In what is likely Sudan’s last unified government ahead of January’s secession referendum, President Omar al-Bashir appointed Southerner Lual Acuek Deng to a new cabinet post with an “Oil Minister” portfolio.    American political activists still see Sudan in terms of the decades of civil war between the mostly Muslim North and the South, which follows Traditional and Christian beliefs.

Sudan is divided into 25 states which are subdivided into 87 districts; the 10 states in Southern Sudan comprise 84 counties.  The country’s oil reserves are in the South but the pipeline that carries the oil to export terminals and refineries runs through the North.  The South needs Khartoum’s co-operation to sell its oil. and the North needs revenues from the South’s resources. Government of South Sudan (GoSS) officials already say they’ll continue sharing oil revenues for a time.

Sudan’s ruling political parties are the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).  In the April races for the National Assembly the NCP won 73% of seats, while the SPLM won 22%.  The NCP is headed by Omar al-Bashir and follows ideologies such as Islamism, Arabism, nationalism and conservatism.  However, Western human rights groups and governments claim it attempts to create a totalitarian state through extreme Islamic and dictatorial practices. The SPLM is a predominantly Christian rebel movement turned political party.  The SPLM has been the US favorite in the fight.  Based in Southern Sudan, SPLM fought against the Sudanese government from 1983 to 2005.  Since signing the CPA in 2005, the SPLM has had representatives in the North’s government, as well as the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS).  Salva Kiir is First Vice President of Sudan and the SPLM Chairman.

Beyond politics, opportunities abound in the vast lands that make up Sudan.  For example, Juba, the capital of the South, has just three paved roads.  The region’s lack of infrastructure is an opportunity for investors and donors from banking to agriculture to construction and telecommunications.  While much of Southern Sudan’s development is likely to be undertaken by local companies and individuals, the U.S. government provides important encouragement and opportunities for American companies and donors to contribute to help build Southern Sudan.

(William Reed is available for speaking engagements via

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CAN YOU SAY NOT IN MY NAME? by William Reed Columnist

Were he alive today, a number of people would be throwing shoes at Dr. Ralph H. Bunche.  Most African Americans know little of the role Dr. Bunche played in today’s Mille-East debacles.  Ralph Bunche, not Barack Obama, was the first African American awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.  But, among African Americans that know of Bunche many are critics that saying he was “a useful idiot” that enabled Western Powers’ plans to establish the State of Israel.

Bunche was given the 1950 Peace Prize for “successful mediation of a series of armistice agreements between Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria” that brought about the ability to make Israel a nation.  Bunche thought he was making a peace that has never come.  The deal Bunche made created a situation that has left 4 million Palestinian refugees spread across the Middle East.

Willing tool as he was, Bunche believed that “no problem of human relations is ever insoluble”.  But, results count and Bunche foolishly thought he was setting the course for “two states living side-by-side”.  Bunche never foresaw the wantonness with which the Jewish State would evict the Arabs and expropriate their lands.  Sixty years after the fact, the Palestinians are landless and Bunche’s dream of a peaceful Middle East wanes.  Mainstream Blacks celebrate Bunche, but AfricanAmericans like Malcolm X, in the 1960s, criticized Ralph Bunche’s role saying: “the agreements started a process that created millions of Palestinian refugees and Jewish taking of Palestinian property as their ‘historical homeland’”.

Will the African American population ever experience an epiphany and figure out the injustices occurring in the settlement activities on Palestinians’ land?   Few African American leaders have challenged these patterns.  Before he was beaten into submission, Rev. Andrew Young gave an effort to righting the wrong.  After serving with Martin Luther King, Young was elected to Congress in 1972.  In 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed Young the first African-American Ambassador to the United Nations.   During his brief and stormy career at the UN Young emerged as a leading spokesman for relations with African and Third World nations.  A storm of protest from Israeli and American Jewish leaders following Young’s violation of the US’s prohibition against meeting with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), forced his resignation in 1979.

Since Young little is being done in aiding the people Bunche though he was helping: “people whose normal place of residence was Palestine, who lost their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict".   In obedience to tradition, our first Black President continues America’s past treatment of Palestinian people.  Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have a “go along to get along” posture of compliance on the issue and regularly vote Israel $3 billion in aid each year.

Thousands of Black American preachers and pundits have had sponsored trips to the “Hoy Land”.  They comprise a cadre that sees no evil in the ongoing treatment of the Palestinians.  Many Blacks fear expressing dissent when issues about Israel are raised. If you don’t agree that Israel is a moral exemplar and light to the world, "the only democracy in the Middle East" that is just attending reasonably to its security needs against a world that is (for no good reason) hostile to it, you can be hounded, harassed, intimidated, discredited, denied tenure or fired.

A movement like that the one that combated apartheid in South Africa, is needed to increase awareness of the depth of Israel’s practices toward Palestinians.  Surely Bunche would “call a spade a spade and endorse a global movement advocating on behalf of equity for the Palestinian people.  Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was forced from her seat for being evenhanded on Middle East issues.

Israel’s right to exist does not confer a right to abuse and oppress the Palestine population.  It’s time to respect the right of Palestine to exist as much as we insist that the Palestinian peoples respect Israel’s right to exist.  When Palestinians can go home maybe then, Ralph Bunche will rest in peace.

(William Reed is available via the Lakeland, Florida-based

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Princeville Mayor Oates speaks out. Letter to editor – Source: The Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — On June 4, Terry Smith, editor of  The Daily Southerner, wrote a (column) which  uses a quote from Commissioner Howell, an open opponent of the current  administration, as its headline. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

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Note: The whole mess in Princeville is just crazy. It was past time for some new folks during the last election so that the drama would go away or atleast not be the same drama that appears every 4 years.

When will it end? C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Some new faces in some new places, Edgecombe County Public Schools announces adminstrative changes

TARBORO — There will be some new faces in some new places when students return to class this fall.

While the search for a new superintendent continues, others within the Edgecombe County Public School system will be playing musical chairs. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

Note: I find the change at South Edgecombe to be quite interesting. I have heard several folks talk about the dealings they had with the head principal. I have had some dealings with him and aware of some others whom have had some dealings with him as well.

Someone approached me on Monday morning to tell me that the assistant principal at South Edgecombe had been moved to West Edgecombe because it was said that he and the head principal didn’t work well together.

Someone also told me that the Edgecombe County Public Private Elementary School G.W. Carver was going to get another assistant principal which now they will have a principal and 2 assistants because of the population of the school. Interesting.

It is a damn shame all of the mess that goes on at South Edgecombe and G. W. Carver but not limited to and this is all of the changes that I have heard about.

I also heard that Tommy Tolson will be the new baseball coach at SouthWest Edgecombe High School and that many do not welcome that move.

Hoke County NAACP Annual Community Back to School- Stay In School Event

clip_image002 National Association For The Advancement of Colored People clip_image004

Hoke County Branch NAACP

Hoke County Schools Dropout Prevention

Full Gospel Temple Department


clip_image008 Community event Supporting and Motivating students to do their very best in school.

Encouraging students to stay focused and strive for Academic Success during the school year.

Special Parent Information Session & Packets: Updates on Nutrition Forms & Immunization

Scholarship Information, Voter Registration




Saturday, August 7, 2010 J.W. Turlington School, 116 West Prospect Avenue 10:00am – 12:00

clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014


Community Supporters: Hoke County Schools Public Relations, Student Support Services, Superintendent, Hoke County Commissioners, Food Lion Corporate Office, Representative Garland Pierce, 48th District, Walmart, NC Justice Center, Hoke Reading Literacy Council, Blue Springs CDC, Attorney Debbie Baker, Judge Regina Joe, Sheriff Hubert Peterkin, Lide Barber Shop, Ford Motor Corporation, Order of eastern Star, Evening Light Chapter 256, Full Gospel Temple, Hoke County Civic League, BO’s Food Store, Sandhills Community College. Contact Chairperson, Daphne Graham-Dudley @ 910-551-3598 or Jackie McLean @ 910-875-7732 or 875-6613, Ext. 6613 or

Contributions/Donations are sought from local county agencies, private businesses ,and/or individuals and Churches

Asociación Nacional Para el Avance de las Personas de Color
(NAACP, por sus siglas en inglés)

clip_image017clip_image004[1] NAACP Sucursal del Condado de Hoke

Las Escuelas del Condado de Hoke Programa de Prevención de la Deserción Escolar

Departamento del Templo de Adoración



Un evento de la comunidad para apoyar y motivar a los estudiantes para hacer lo mejor en la escuela. Animando a los estudiantes a enfocarse y alcanzar el éxito académico durante el año escolar.

Sesiones y paquetes informativos para padres: Cambios recientes a formularios nutritivos y de vacunas

Información de becas e inscripción para las votaciones

• ¡¡Entretenimiento!!



Sábado 7 agosto del 2010 J.W. Turlington School, 116 West Prospect Avenue
10:00am – 12:00
medio día

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Patrocinadores: Hoke County Schools Public Relations, Student Support Services, Superintendent, Hoke County Commissioners, Food Lion Corporate Office, Representative Garland Pierce, 48th District, Walmart, NC Justice Center, Hoke Reading Literacy Council, Blue Springs CDC, Attorney Debbie Baker, Judge Regina Joe, Sheriff Hubert Peterkin, Lide Barber Shop, Ford Motor Corporation, Order of eastern Star, Evening Light Chapter 256, Full Gospel Temple, Hoke County Civic League, BO’s Food Store, Sandhills Community College. Contact Chairperson, Daphne Graham-Dudley @ 910-551-3598 or Jackie McLean @ 910-875-7732 or 875-6613, Ext. 6613 or

Buscamos donaciones/contribuciones de agencias locales del condado, negocios privados e iglesias