Declaring that the state was ”in a war,” Governor Beverly Perdue told members of the NC Legislative Black Caucus last weekend that she, as a citizen, fully supported the efforts of NC NAACP President Rev. William Barber in challenging the resegregation of public schools across thee  state. (Read more @ The Wilmington Journal)

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Calls for change at police department continue Tuesday – Source: The Daily Reflector (Featured: Minister Melvin Muhammad)

The heads of several black community groups continued to criticize Greenville Police Chief William Anderson on Tuesday during a meeting with Anderson, City Manager Wayne Bowers and other officials. (Read more @ The Daily Reflector)

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Full ride scholarship at Johnson C. Smith

Johnson C. Smith University of Charlotte, NC is giving full scholarships to students with a GPA of 3.5 and above. They are looking for scholars for the Golden Scholar Program.

They want these students NOW! They are listed as a Historically Black College/University and work hard at nurturing and guiding students.

Contact: Mrs. Carolyn Scipio Glover
1-443-463-6426—Husband’s cell

Don’t wait call now.

High school graduates or if you are attending a school and need financial assistance, and have a 3.5 and above GPA, you are eligible. I believe all majors are accepted.

Pass the word along to family, friends, groups, etc to let them know about this program.

— Crystal M. Smith, 4-H Youth Development Agent
NC Cooperative Extension- Franklin County Center
103 S. Bickett Blvd. , Louisburg , NC 27549
Phone: 919.496.3344 Fax: 919.496.0222

Community questions from NAACP, Wilson County Schools forum – Source: The Wilson Times

The following questions on the topic of student attendance and suspensions were submitted by community members to Wilson County Schools to be answered during the May 27 forum.

Q: What options do teachers have regarding disruptive students, other than sending students out of the classroom

A: Teachers have numerous tools to deal with behaviors in class. Most teachers use a tiered system of warnings and penalties in class that escalates to students being removed from class for chronic violations. (Read more @ The Wilson Times)

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Too funny now a light bulb has been turned on with the folks

George Fisher and myself have talked about the citizens of Rocky Mount needing to challenge the meter reading, learn how to read the meters and to hold those in customer service accountable for their actions. We also talked about talking to the utilities department about folks who have life support equipment in their homes. We have had talk shows for the past 2 – 3 years. We have attended meetings in Rocky Mount NC dealing with the utilities and we talked about it on WNCR TV and also on FM 92.1 Joy In The Morning with Bob Arrington weekly.

But daily I continue to hear folks say what has not been done and what is not being done, it just pisses me the hell off. But they are just getting in the game. They are making it about people instead of getting to the route of the problem.

I have heard some say it starts at home. Well nope for them it starts with the city council. I could see it starting with the city management however again it starts with making sure your house is in order and that you are not losing energy due to something that you need to take care of.

Things that need to be done in the now.

1. Get the free energy audit.

2. Make sure your meters are being read and/or properly.

3. Learn how to read your meters.

Yep may be some other things however these 3 things can show you where the problem/s really are.

You have resources by contacting your ward representative. Ask them to work with you on your concerns and if they do not work for you then you know what to do. However if you have not asked them for anything, how in the hell can you hold them accountable for their actions?

Keep listening to folks talking about the present council need to be recalled and etc. Go ahead and recall them and see how much they can do without you handling your own damn business by doing the 3 steps above.

Many folks are angry but they don’t think others ought to get angry. Well it is what it is. Beating up on the city council when you have not asked them to work on “your personal issue” does not make any sense. When you ask them to work on your personal issue, they must then go to the city management to research your issue.

The system works when you learn how to work the system. So until then you will continue to have your high utility bills.

Yes the truth hurts.

When I have these moments I go back and look at Rev. Al Sharpton who said it best in this video, “Some folks act as if they have figured something out.”

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T. Graham Edwards, CEO ElectriCities Conversation With Rocky Mount NC Councilman Andre Knight On ElectriCities


clip_image003clip_image004Serving Public Power Communities Since 1965

T. Graham Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

To: Councilman Andre Knight

From: T. Graham Edwards, CEO ElectriCities of NC

Subject: Rocky Mount’s Involvement in NCEMPA

Date: June 16, 2010

Pursuant to our conversation, I would like to briefly outline your and other Council Members’ involvement in NCEMPA.

Over the past year since I have been the CEO of ElectriCities, you have been very engaged in the meetings and decisions of the NCEMPA Board of Commissioners. In fact, resulting from some of your discussions and ideas several initiatives have taken place. I have summarized some of these discussions below as well as requests you have personally made during Board of Commissioners meetings.

1) You have consistently questioned our costs in an effort to reduce the electric rate impact on your citizens. This includes the refinancing of our debt to the operating costs of the generating facilities.

2) As a result of your questioning of our Economic Development efforts, we made a specific presentation to the Board of Commissioners relative to our efforts. This lead to our staff working closer with you and Rocky Mount’s staff, developing brochures, attending trade shows, and assisting with grant development requests. In addition, we are currently working with the City staff to begin development of a long-term economic development plan for Rocky Mount.

3) You questioned the possibility of a city withdrawing from NCEMPA. As a result, our legal counsel presented to the Board of Commissioners how a city could move forward in evaluating this alternative and the legal restrictions. In addition, we met with your Council to discuss this.

4) You have asked staff to assist the cities with customer information about high bill complaints. As a result, we have implemented webinars to help train customer service representatives and share best practices.

5) We have conducted surveys across NC to seek input about public power and customer concerns.

6) We have worked with Rocky Mount to assist with energy efficiency and energy audit programs.

7) You requested that we discuss “best practices” among the 32 cities. This provided the opportunity for cities to learn from one another.

8) In addition, I have reviewed the minutes of the Board of Commissioners over the past two (2) years. Below are some excerpts from those minutes.

· July 30, 2008 – “Mr. Knight read a written statement expressing the City of Rocky Mount’s request that NCEMPA consider absorbing some of the proposed 14 % wholesale rate increase and creating incentive programs for energy conservation for residential customers”. Result – NCEMPA was not able to absorb any of the rate increase; however, additional programs for energy efficiency and conservation for residential customers were instituted.

· November 19, 2008 – “Mr. Knight stated that as the agency moves forward, he would like to see more diversity of Directors elected by the NCEMPA Board as well as officers elected by NCEMPA in an effort to represent all of the communities”.

· November 19, 2008 – “Mr. Knight moved that staff and legal counsel investigate how the Agency may approach the NC General Assembly to seek financial relief and report back to the Board on December 10 concerning the results of their investigation”. Result – This particular motion failed in a weighted vote.

· November 19, 2008 – “Mr. Knight submitted for the record a letter to the Wilson Daily Times with a list of 25 items that could affect the budget.

· December 10, 2008 – “Mr. Knight commented that the agency should take a regional approach, a state approach, and a federal approach to the high energy prices affecting the agency. He suggested a NC legislator and a member of Congress or their staff meet with the Board to discuss high utility rates and costs”.

· January 28, 2009 – “Mr. Knight distributed copies of a resolution that was adopted by the Rocky Mount City Council on January 27, 2009, and read the resolution in its entirety. The resolution is entitled “Resolution Requesting the Commissioners of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency to Consider the Current Economic Climate and Postpone Effective Date of Recent Electric Rate Increases To Member Cities and Seek Alternatives to Future Rate Increases”. Result – the Agency could not postpone the rate increase; however, the CFO performed a complete evaluation of restructuring the outstanding debt for savings. The evaluation showed that virtually all of the debt refinancing opportunities had been accomplished.

· January 28, 2009 – “Mr. Knight restated his prior request to look at a regional, state and federal approach to address the high energy costs”.

· January 28, 2009 – “Mr. Knight reiterated his earlier statement about inviting a state and federal delegation to the Board meeting to discuss the energy crisis”.

· January 28, 2009 – “Mr. Knight moved that staff invite a legislator to a future meeting to discuss energy policy at the state level and possible impacts and issues facing the NCEMPA, and moved that staff invite a congressional representative at a future meeting to discuss national energy policy, impacts and other issues facing the NCEMPA”. Result – The motion passed.

· February 24, 2010 – “Mr. Knight suggested that forums be conducted where NCEMPA members could discuss various energy topics and apply the knowledge in their communities for the betterment of the other communities and their constituents”. Result – the initial forum is the Mayor’s panel discussion at this year’s annual conference in August.

Councilman Knight, I want to thank you for your participation on the Board of Commissioners. Through your discussions, ideas, and recommendations we have implemented various programs that have assisted the end consumers.

I look forward to working with you as we move NCEMPA forward.

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Calvin Woodard Wilson County Defeated Sheriff Wayne Gay In May, However Gay’s #2 Man Name Will Appear On The Ballot

John Farmer’s name will appear on the ballot during the general election in November.

Farmer, an unaffiliated candidate for Wilson County Sheriff, needed 2,096 registered voters to sign a petition for his name to appear on the ballot. (Read more @ The Wilson Times)

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Raleigh, N.C. — The state NAACP says the Wake County Board of Education’s move away from busing students to help balance socio-economic diversity in the school system is a "public emergency" and that the group won’t stop fighting the board’s "morally wrong" decision to move toward community-based schools. (Read more @ WRAL)

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