Councilwoman dismisses racial motives in arrest – Source: The Daily Reflector

A Greenville City Council member does not believe her weekend arrest is a racial issue, her employer said Thursday.

Dennis Mitchell spoke on behalf of District 1 representative Kandie Smith in front of City Hall Thursday morning. He is chief executive officer of ReStart Behavioral Health Care and a member of the city’s Redevelopment Commission. (Read more @ The Daily Reflector)

Note: So what if it turns out to be about race? But the reports that were read at the SCLC about the incident race was mentioned.

I attended the SCLC meeting this week and I did not hear anyone speak on behalf of the councilwoman. However I did hear some folks discuss the issue of the Chief’s resignation. I wonder why was it so important to dismiss the racial motives in the arrest but has yet to make a statement about the incident which to me is way more important. Those who ask for the chief’s resignation can do that without her permission so that is irrelevant. I believe a press conference to address what happened the night of this incident would be a step in the right direction because it would tell her side of the story and also she could answer any questions the media may have. I will continue to follow the councilwoman and those who are asking for the Chief’s resignation.

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