Steele not comfortable with Rand Paul’s views on civil rights

In a "This Week" interview Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said he was not comfortable with Rand Paul’s views on civil rights. Steele’s comments came in a debate with DNC Chairman Tim Kaine. Anchor Jake Tapper asked Steele, “Are you comfortable with” Paul’s views? (Read more @ ABC News)



See The Superintendent’s Entry Plan For Birmingham City Schools. Is This Something That All Systems Could Adopt?

Birmingham City Schools
Superintendent’s Entry Plan1

Purpose and introduction

The purpose of this plan is to present the goals, objectives, and activities associated with the successful transition of Dr. Craig Witherspoon as Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools. This plan is centered on listening, learning and allowing for effective leadership of the district moving forward. (Read the Whole Plan)

Dr. Craig Witherspoon is the former Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent. Witherspoon is the 1st black superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools who recently moved on to lead the Birmingham City Schools. 

So Who Is Responding To What Is Going On In Our Communities?

I sit back and wonder how folks can see things going on around them and not respond. Some folks see things happening first hand and say nothing. Some folks see things are happening after reading or hearing others talk about what is happening and they say nothing. You would think that when they (church folks, community organizations and folks of good will) see others responding to things that are going on that they would respond to find out more and to see how they can help. But not!!

Well let the happenings be them or someone close to them and they will contact those who are responding to the happenings. Now those who have not been responding will contact those who they know have been responding and will want them to stop what they are doing and respond to their issue.

We all should be responsive to what is going on around us. When individuals learn their role then we will see a change in our communities. But as long as those who are not responsive say nothing we will continue to get the same results.

So Whose Fault Is It The Girls Of Rocky Mount Were Lost?

I purchased a GQ Magazine on yesterday after talking about it on Thursday night on “Connections” Daily Talk Show broadcasted daily 7 PM – 8 PM on WNCR TV 41 digital tv, Suddenlink Cable 20, Windjammer Cable 6 and online at and where George Fisher is the host and I am a co-host.

I glanced the magazine on yesterday while sitting in my car waiting for a funeral to begin.

As I began to re-read the article on today I became disgusted when I got to the 2nd page of the interview with the cabbie. The cabbie talked about how he knew these girls and how he transported them to one of the grubby motels on Highway 301. He said a john had bought them a room whereby they would smoke cocaine and turn tricks.

Now I find it hard to believe that this cabbie was the only one who was aware of this. Why didn’t the cabbie, the motel owners and others who were aware of this not report what was happening at the motel to the police?

Well I have always wondered how these small motels stayed in business so now I see. It is sad that these types of carrying on is what probably kept these motels in business.

Read the article in the GQ Magazine to see the rest of what the cabbie had to say.

So why is it some folks feel it is okay to say that the Rocky Mount Police Department and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department has not done enough? Do you think that if it had been reported to the Rocky Mount Police Department about the illegal activity that was going on at these motels that it is a possibility that none or a fewer number of these girls would be lost?

So now my question is, “Whose fault is it the girls of Rocky Mount was lost?”

At one time I was concerned about the relationship with the mothers of the murdered and missing and law enforcement because of the anger that I had seen as if law enforcement was not doing enough. During the recent memorial service held Edgecombe County Sheriff James L. Knight said it would take more than this to divide us. Powerful. So powerful that Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II President of the NAACP NC State Conference of Branches elaborated on it before he gave his speech during the memorial.

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Request for resignation William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School

Open letter

May 23, 2010

Request for resignation William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School

I am requesting that William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School Pinetops NC to resign his post at the end of the 2009 – 2010 School Year.

I am requesting that he resign for the following reasons but not limited to. I am working with some parents on several different issues that are ongoing and have not been satisfactory as of yet.

Issue 1: A kindergarten student has been denied receiving basic education since the beginning of the 2009 School Year.

The parents were actively engaged in the child’s education and requested help for their child who needed some special services but did not get a response from the system until one day from being 90 days. Ellis seems to think that it was okay because the school supposedly met the timeline which is 90 days.

No it is not okay. It is not okay because black children are used in almost every statistic for showing that black children are behind academically. It is not okay because it seems as if the teacher that this kindergartener started out the school year with was not concerned about this child receiving special services. It seems as if this teacher had written this child off.

An incident happened in this teacher’s room in February where the kindergartener ate another child’s vomit and this teacher nor Ellis informed the parents. But on top of the vomit a chemical was put on the vomit before the child had eaten it. The parents requested a meeting and Ellis has refused to meet with the parents. So this is evidence that he is not concerned about this child and we are concerned that he is not concerned about other children as well who have been single out like this kindergartener.

The child was taken to the doctor the following week after the parents found out about it. The interim Superintendent requested the parents to take the child to see a doctor again but this is nearly 2 months after the incident happened. The teacher nor Ellis has shown any concern.

It appears that Ellis was willing to move the child to another school before moving the child to another classroom because the parents felt the only alternative was to move the child from the school since it appeared that the teacher and Ellis did not care. I told the parents that was not the right thing to do because the parents would have been responsible for taking the child to and from the new school.

Outcome: The child was moved to another classroom in March and the child is doing well. The new teacher seems to be working diligently with the child. The child seems to be happy now and not as if he is in bondage. In which in a sense it appears he was trapped in an environment that was hindering him from receiving a basic education. But the sad part is when the child was removed from the previous classroom, the school year was almost over. The time that this child has lost can not be made up in such a short period of time. Ellis has not responded to the request from the parents in regards to the vomit incident be it a meeting and/or responding to the questions that was submitted to him. It appears he is protecting previous teacher and himself.

The school did not follow policy and procedures. Parents were and still has not been notified by the teacher in the classroom where the vomit and chemicals were eaten.

Issue 2: In March some 5th grade girls life were in danger involving some 5th grade boys chasing them with a knife and contact was made with the knife.

Although it was atleast 4 girls involved, I am speaking to 2 girls that were involved. One of the girls is my great niece and the other is a cousin.

An incident happened on the school’s playground at the end of the school day. The boys were chasing the girls with a knife and my niece’s pants were cut and my cousin received a nick on her hand as she tried to keep the boy from poking her with the knife. A staff member was able to intervene and he did not allow the boys to get on the school bus.

The girl’s parents were not contacted about this serious incident. My niece’s mother found out after she received a call from someone at the Boys and Girls Club at another school where she had gone after the school day. She went out to the school the next day and she was told by Ellis that he was going to get the police involved.

My cousin found out about the incident a couple of days later via a text message when someone asked her about her daughter. She then asked her daughter about it and her daughter told her that the assistant principal Florence Wilkins was suppose to handle it. The parent went to the school and Wilkins disrespected her and said she knew why she was there because she was not notified and that she had had a hectic day. After walking out of her office the parent told Ellis what she said and Ellis said he was not going to be behind the 8 ball that he was not going to be responsible for what his assistant had said. Wrong answer sir you are responsible for your staff and students as long as they are on your campus.

The parents ended up going to Tarboro to the magistrate office to take out a warrant however to find out that they had to go back to Pinetops to meet with the Pinetops Police Department so they could file a juvenile petition. Well Ellis should have filed the petition per the handbook because the police should have been notified because a weapon was used and the girls were threatened.

Outcome: The school did not follow policy and procedures because they never contacted these 2 parents that are still engaged in this process and it is believed that the system has not talked to the other girl’s parents whom were involved. The police was never contacted and if it was not for my niece and cousin parents, there would not have been a juvenile petition filed.

Ellis also had the audacity to speak to the local Daily Southerner newspaper and made some comments that were half truth. He made it appear that it was only 1 parent who had approached him when it was 2. The parents did a rebuttal to the article and it was never printed in the paper. This is because the paper supports certain principals and educators and not making sure the truth is made known.

Opinion: This school is out of control. Anytime the staff will purchase tee shirts talking about my principal got my back is just down right disgusting. This is discrimination in my opinion because it sends a message that the staff can do things and Ellis has their back. This is true in the case with the vomit incident where the teachers in that classroom have been protected and the assistant principal in the knife incident because Ellis has not reprimanded either for their actions.

This is only 2 issues that I am working on however I have received calls and/or spoke with some folks about some others. Many parents feel intimidated and that they have no confidence in Ellis.

It appears that Ellis is not concerned about these 2 issues but has put the focus on me since I have been involved at the parents’ request. But I guess he has a right to be because he knows that I am no dummy when it comes to dealing with school issues since I am a longtime grassroots effective community advocate especially for the children dating back to 1993.

It is time for Ellis to go because it appears that the staff at G.W. Carver Elementary School is in a comfort zone and that Ellis got their back.

Well who has the children and the parents back? Since Ellis has not followed the proper policies and procedures for running this school then it is time that he resign or be removed.

Curmilus Dancy II
A Grassroots Effective Community Activist
Dancy Communications Network

Signatures of parents who are mentioned above

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Can Bank of America Do This?

If the answer really is "Yes" all of y’all had better start chapters of the Collective Banking Group, like tomorrow!  Jim


Bank of America

do this?

Thanks to the hundreds of responses I received from the initial posting of this question.

My client has a checking account and credit card with Bank of America. The only thing the two accounts have in common is his social security number and address.  On May 5, 2010 he received a letter from Bank of Americainforming him that they exercised their right to debit his account in the amount of $4743.30 which will be applied to the balance owed on his Bank of America credit card account. The balance owing on the credit card is now $3236.26. The balance left in his checking account is $100.00

Is this legal? YES

Here is the reply from two reliable sources: Attorney David Workman, and Ginna Green, Center for Responsible Lending — California Office.

It’s called the "bankers’ right of set-off" — which gives banks in which a customer has a deposit account the right to dip into that account to pay debts the customer has with that bank without going to court like other creditors do. 

He should check the deposit agreement with his bank, which will almost certainly have a clause in it saying so, and saying under what conditions they can exercise that right. 

Marie Deary, BSEE,MSEE, MBA

Loss Mitigation Counseling Specialist

Shore Management Solutions Inc.

3064 E. Broadway Ave.
Long Beach Ca. 90803

How about getting a Black person on the Supreme Court? by Jim Clingman Columnist


By: James Clingman

How about getting a Black person on the Supreme Court?

It’s been a long time since Thurgood Marshall served on the highest court in the land; I think it’s time we get another Black person on the bench. We have a “Black” president who has now nominated two females, one white and Jewish, and one Hispanic and Catholic. Now we have six Catholics and three Jews on the Court, and no Blacks or so-called Protestants, the most prevalent religious segment in the United States. Hmmm.

You would think that after all Black people have done for this country, there would be a continuous effort to keep at least one Black person on the highest court in the land. Considering all we have sacrificed for this country, it is reasonable to assume that any fair-minded government leader would make every effort to appoint and maintain one Black person to the Supremes.

And now that we have reached the nirvana we have all been waiting for: a “post-racial society” that is willing to elect a Black man as President, one would think the Supreme Court would be one-ninth Black.

Are there no qualified Black people to serve on the Court? Since they all have to come from Harvard or Yale, do we have any Black folks with that pedigree? What’s up with this absence of Blacks on the Supreme Court? Somebody help me understand this, please!

Brother Anyim Palmer, in his book, The Failure of Public Education in the Black Community, quotes Susan B. Anthony as saying, “The old antislavery school says that women should stay back, that we must wait until male Negroes are voters. But we say, if you will not give the whole loaf of justice to an entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. If justice, intelligence and morality are to be placed in the government, then let the question of White women be brought up first and that of the Negro last.” Could that statement be the answer to my questions?

Are white women more intelligent than Black men, as Anthony suggested? Is that why Elena Kagan was nominated? Surely our President knows of someone Black who is intelligent and capable to serve as a Supreme. With all of his Harvard connections and such, I just have to believe he does. What do you think?

Okay, maybe I’ve got it. Kagan was real close to Thurgood Marshall, right? So, she is nearly Black because of her association and relationship with Marshall. All right, I get it. I hope some of Marshall’s Black consciousness rubbed of on her, since she spent so much time with him. We desperately need someone on the Court who is in tune with Black issues and someone who can relate to Black problems and stand up for us. C’mon, one out of nine is the least we can do.

I always say that, more so than a mere color of the skin, Blackness is a state of mind. Black on the outside does not necessarily mean Black on the inside. And since our government has not shown a willingness to deal equitably with the issues facing Black people in this country, there should be someone on the Supreme Court who at a minimum has a Black consciousness.

The Jewish folks have their advocates, the Catholic folks have their advocates, the Harvard folks have their advocates, the Hispanic folks have their advocate, the gay folks have their advocate, and certainly the white folks have their advocates. Where is the Black folks advocate? Considering the fact that this deal is done, I hope Elena Kagan will fill that void – for now. And, who knows? Maybe next time, huh?

By the way, who is the next white guy scheduled to retire, Scalia or Thomas?

James E. Clingman, an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati’s African American Studies department, is former editor of the Cincinnati Herald newspaper and founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce. He hosts the cable television program, ”Blackonomics,” and has written several books, including his latest, Black Empowerment with an Attitude – You got a problem with that? To book Clingman for a speech or purchase his books, call 513 489 4132 or go to his Web site,

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