Senate District 3 A Wasted Creation LMBDAO Part 1

Senate District 3 was created to help send black representation to Raleigh NC. A black person has not been elected since the seat was created.

I did not take the election day off so I didn’t ride around to the polls. Since I don’t know how people are going to vote, I do not predict how the results are going to be. People will say they will vote for a certain candidate but they can say one thing but go in the booth and vote differently. So if I was going to trust a poll it would have to be a poll that is conducted after voters have gone in the booth and they are truthful about who they actually voted for.

If I want to play with numbers, I would find the following very interesting. Let’s look at the numbers in all 3 counties and then in individual counties.

The total votes in all 3 counties were Jenkins 50%, Bordeaux 38% and Armstrong 12%. If one of the black candidates got the total of the votes that Jenkins didn’t get that would have been 50%. If Bordeaux didn’t have the Cambridge controversy then what?

The total votes in Edgecombe County were Jenkins 47% Bordeaux 32% and Armstrong 21%. If one of the black candidates got the total of the votes that Jenkins didn’t get that would have been 53%. If Bordeaux didn’t have the Cambridge controversy then what?

The total votes in Martin County were Jenkins 56% Bordeaux 40% and Armstrong 5%. If one of the black candidates got the total of the votes that Jenkins didn’t get that would have been 45%. If Bordeaux didn’t have the Cambridge controversy then what?

The total votes in Pitt County were Jenkins 49% Bordeaux 43% and Armstrong 8%. If one of the black candidates got the total of the votes that Jenkins didn’t get that would have been 51%. If Bordeaux didn’t have the Cambridge controversy then what?

I recognize and understand that Jenkins could have gotten some of the votes that he didn’t get.

So looking at the numbers, is this something to really be proud of as the incumbent? I feel there is a message in the numbers but that is just my opinion. You go figure.

The money. Over the years Jenkins has spent $100,000 or more and his opponents well under $50,000. Jenkins didn’t have to spend over $100,000 this year because he recognized Bordeaux and Armstrong would split the votes. When he saw the major black leaders were all divided, it was easy to see where this race was headed. The cloud over Bordeaux with the papers reporting on Cambridge and the Boys and Girls Club was a plus for Jenkins.

I had much respect for Dr. Florence A. Armstrong however I take her comments as an insult to me as it relates to why the Senate District 3 seat was created. Armstrong comments that she feel proud of what she did and consider herself a winner is funny as hell to me. Proud of what and a winner of what? I am not proud of what you nor your campaign did especially when I have been involved in trying to get a black person elected in this seat since the seat was created to help send more black representation to Raleigh. I do not apologize for being a part of trying to make that happen.

Armstrong said the race was a vicious, ugly race. I beg the difference. Bordeaux raised issues about Jenkins record but no one questioned the issues that Bordeaux raised publicly but they do it all the time behind closed doors. Why in the hell run a campaign against someone and not point out what the incumbent has not done.

I beg the difference that Bordeaux was not focused on the issues when he pointed out what Jenkins had not done. If he was making up things and lying on the candidate then that is another thing but since no one questioned the issues, I guess no one knows if Bordeaux was lying or not. What should have taken place is a debate between Jenkins, Bordeaux and Armstrong and this would have made this race more educational. It would have been interesting if The Daily Southerner, and the 2 sister newspapers The Daily Reflector and The Rocky Mount Telegram had hosted it. Maybe the Martin County paper as well. And then again the black radio stations could have hosted it but actually anyone could have done it.

And lastly Armstrong said she didn’t have a professional consultant. Well that might would have made the difference because the consultant may could have directed in such a way that you may could have pulled it off. Armstrong said she spent the least amount of money and that explains why she got the least amount of votes.

I am looking at the numbers of how each precinct voted in Edgecombe County and that is very interesting. I am going to do a report on how individual precincts in Edgecombe County voted for Jenkins, Bordeaux and Armstrong. Inspite of all the newspapers articles in both The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram, in my opinion Bordeaux still did a good job. If he could have received all of Armstrong votes he would have done a damn good job.

I have been following the Senate District 3 election since the district was first created and has been actively engaged in electing someone to represent me however this time I didn’t get involved. I didn’t simply because it was too much division among the black leaders just in Edgecombe County alone and I was not going to waste my time and energy fighting within the black community which I recognized and understood would only help get Jenkins re-elected.

My opinions about the Senate District 3 seat is not a vicious attack on the incumbent Senator Clark Jenkins who I voted for in the last election however I supported Shelly Willingham the election before that. I voted for Frankie Bordeaux on last Saturday. I was willing to support a change and to yes see a black person in that seat. If Bordeaux didn’t do a good job of representing the people then I would have campaigned against him during the next election.

If I should offend someone as I use the Senate District 3 seat as an example of how divided the black community is, then so be it. A seat that was created to help us send a black person to Raleigh and the blacks work against each other instead of with each other to make it happen is ignant as hell. I don’t want to hear nothing from certain black folks who continue to hold us just where we are. I don’t hold it against Jenkins so don’t get it twisted.

Yes I am Laughing My Black Democratic Ass Off.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

The above is in response to the following article but not limited to:

Jenkins wins all 3 counties

Leading up to Election Day, state Sen. Clark Jenkins of Tarboro thought the three-way battle between himself, Frankie Bordeaux and Florence Armstrong would be close. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

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