Students And Parents Being Used For A Good Cause At G.W. Carver Elementary School

In response to a comment on the Rocky Mount Telegram addressed to me. See the original post here.

An Eastern Carolina principal received a purple & pink makeover, all for a good cause. Carver Elementary students got a chance to paint Principal William Ellis on Friday to benefit Relay for Life. As part of the Edgecombe County school’s "Quarters for a Cure" campaign, for every $10 collected, students and teachers got the chance to put one brush stroke of paint on the principal. They could choose purple or pink paint. The principal is no stranger to crazy fund raising stunts for the American Cancer Society. In the past he’s climbed on the roof and even taped to a wall. The monies will be totaled May 14th at the annual Relay for Life walk at Tarboro High School’s track field, all to benefit cancer. HEY DANCY, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATED. where did he get the purple and pink paint? looks like you can try again to get this TOP-NOTCH principal fired. how many times have you tried and failed? you are probably mad because they didn’t use any "BLACK" OR "BROWN" paint. LMAO!!!!!

Although the Relay For Life is a very worthy cause, I have a problem with the school using the same children to make themselves look good but many of the children are not receiving a quality education.

First of all this is a public private school where there is only one black certified teacher in the classroom. There is one black certified special teacher. Why has Ellis not hired any black teachers at this school? Maybe if they join his church they may get hired.

I am very much familiar with what goes on at the school and long Ellis became the principal there. You are damn right some crazy things have gone on and continue to go on at the school.

I am not impressed with none of the crazy mess you mention when the children who are mistreated on a daily basis. Over the years black students are sent to ISS (In School Suspension) while white students time is reduced or they don’t go at all. TOP-NOTCH?

Just today I was told that 11 teachers were allowed to stay home because they didn’t want to work because it was field day. TOP-NOTCH?

A child ate some chemicals that was put on some regurgitation and Ellis never made the parents aware of the incident. He has not had a conversation with the parents about this incident as of today and it happened in February. TOP-NOTCH?

A male student along with 3 other male students had a knife and threatened some little girls and Ellis didn’t contact the girl’s parents. When these parents met with him he acted as if he didn’t give a damn. He lied to them that he was going to handle the situation and he didn’t. The parents had to go to the police station to take the necessary actions that he said he was going to do. TOP-NOTCH?

Some parents told Ellis their child needed speech therapy at the beginning of the 2009 – 2010 school year and he didn’t respond until after the incident in February. The parents took it upon themselves to go to Heritage Hospital and their child began receiving speech therapy. Because these parents had gotten frustrated with Ellis they had mentioned they wanted to move the child out of a teacher’s room or out of the school altogether. He was willing to allow them to move the child out of the school after the February incident that happened in this teacher’s class. Simple solution would have been to move the child out of the teacher’s classroom last year. I told the parents in March they didn’t need to move the child with only a couple of months to go and the child was moved to another classroom and the child is doing great. TOP-NOTCH?

There was a meeting in March with Ellis to talk about issues surrounding the child that was moved to another classroom and Ellis wouldn’t allow the meeting to take place because I was there. The child was moved shortly after we left on this very day. We asked that he reschedule the meeting per Roland Whitted Associate Superintendent who was present for the meeting and Ellis has not given us a time for that meeting as of today. TOP-NOTCH?

You say, “how many times have you tried and failed?” Well our concerns are not dead yet because we are still following the proper chain of command and we will continue until we get some justice.

To allow a child to eat some chemicals that the staff put out and not report it to the school nurse nor to the family is just sorry as hell. And then Ellis has not shown any sympathy towards the child and the parents makes me mad as hell. TOP-NOTCH? This should be grounds for a lawsuit.

This school like many others do not follow their own policies and procedures. TOP-NOTCH?

I had much respect for Ellis until I got involved with the child eating the chemicals and the knife incidents. I have always had a problem with the make-up of the staff which do not include diversity.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.


2 thoughts on “Students And Parents Being Used For A Good Cause At G.W. Carver Elementary School

  1. Mr. Dancy,

    While I may not agree with many of your opinions, I recognize that you are just as entitled to them as any other man. So I will leave you with this knowledge and then a bit of wisdom. There is a second grade assistant who is a licensed teacher, but who refuses to be a full teacher because she doesn’t want all of the paperwork and liability that goes along with it. I can’t say I blame her. Little pay, and a lot of BS to deal with…. it isn’t worth it. Now for a bit of wisdom. I don’t think the point of the civil rights movement was to give preferential treatment to anyone. It was to even out the playing field, giving out the equal chance for anyone to succeed in life (legally that is.) Socially, it comes down to the society to decide if they are going to promote education in the communities. Many of the teachers at Carver are from this area originally, and came back to teach. If the African American community would promote the education of their members, I’m sure that the area would see an increase in minority educators. Always remember though: the day that the civil rights leaders have won their battle of equality, is the day that we no longer see race at all.


    • That’s right they are from the area because they have someone who looks like them to look out for them and that is what is preferential treatment.

      You say, “There is a second grade assistant who is a licensed teacher, but who refuses to be a full teacher because she doesn’t want all of the paperwork and liability that goes along with it. I can’t say I blame her. Little pay, and a lot of BS to deal with…. it isn’t worth it. I say she is in the wrong damn professional and she needs to get the hell out “NOW.” She needs to go get her a job where she can make more money.

      You have proved my point. She is over qualified for that job and this is preferential treatment. But this is how this schools rolls. It sounds like this person is lazy as hell, but I feel it is the principal’s responsibility to make sure his staff is in the best position for the school. Thank you for this bit of information. This deserves to be an article by itself and I will do one later tonight on it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


      Promote the education in the communities. Oh hell no don’t go there with me. I have been in meetings (AT THE SCHOOLS), at the Central Office where we discussed the lack of black teachers. We found out they like getting their teachers from ECU and other conversations that we had.

      I hate to tell you but RACE will continue to be an issue until the end of time so it ain’t no such thing that people will no longer see race at all. It ain’t no such thing as becoming a color blind society and anyone who thinks that that day will come is ignant to all of the facts that we face today.


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