Pray For Me Because I Can’t Stomach Ignance On Behalf Of My Black So-Called Leaders. Dare You To Look At This Video.

Ya’ll pray for me because I can’t stomach a whole lot of ignance and I just may say anything but keeping it real. I am sick of confused black folks in leadership roles be they elected officials, ministers community leaders and other who continue to hold us just where we are.

“If You Are Scared, Say It!! and get the hell out of the way!!" – Rev. Al Sharpton thank you.

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Endorsements Of Candidates 2010

Kenneth Lewis

Senate District 3 Race


Lewis picks up Durham committee endorsement and former Congresswoman Eva Clayton endorsement also – Source: The News & Observer

Democratic Senate candidate Ken Lewis picked up the endorsement of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People on Sunday night. (Read more @ The News & Observer)

Note: Now this is what I am talking about former Congresswoman Eva Clayton taking a stand.

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Kenneth Lewis

Black Tea Party Members Face Tough Criticism – Source: The Americano

Black conservatives throughout the Tea Party Movement are facing harsh criticism from liberal blacks, according to the Associated Press. They are being called Oreos, Uncle Toms and traitors for opposing the policies of Barack Obama, the United States’ first black president. (Read more @ The Americano)

Note: Damn we have some confused black folks but then again I am black and maybe it is just me.


Forum eyes state of the community – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce will hold the 11th annual State of the Community Forum & Luncheon on April 27 at Nash Community College Business & Industry Center — Brown Auditorium. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Note: This should be quite interesting:

1. Education and Technology Initiatives presentations that will cover Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

2.     Community Initiatives presentations

The forum presentations will conclude at 12:15 p.m. and will be followed immediately by the Luncheon that will feature a special presentation and keynote speaker on job creation and economic development.

David Perkins Jammin 99 April 14 Show Why Did You Try To Contradict What I Said When I Was A Guest On Your April 1, 2010 Show In Regards To The District 3 Senate Seat History?

D.P. I understand I was a topic of discussion on your show today, Monday April 14, 2010. I was told you talked about the information that I shared about what John Hood said back in 2004. This is what I said on your show, “John Hood said it best back in 2004 was it really all right? The facts lead one to conclude that Willingham is, essentially, correct. District 3 was drawn, as were several other House and Senate districts, to maximize the chance of an African-American being elected to the legislature. Indeed, minority-oriented districts are widely interpreted to be required under the federal Voting Rights Act. It would be odd to agree that the VRA mandates districts drawn for black candidates and then to excoriate black candidates when they say so explicitly as part of their campaign strategy.”

D.P. maybe you do not remember but I recorded the show on my pocket recorder so I just played it so I could make sure I said what I said. I sent you an email last week asking why my interview was not on your site and you said that you didn’t have time to put it up that week and to send you a picture. Well the picture is on the way via the internet. Once you put the interview up folks can listen to it for themselves. I was on the show that Thursday and it was played on that following Friday as well.

So what was your point today? I understand you said I didn’t read the whole article. Hell no, I didn’t need to because I was not concerned with his opinion then nor now about whether he or anyone thinks it is relevant to to carve out districts to maximize the chance of black folks being elected to the legislature. Until the district is re-districted then the fact still stand on why the district was carved out. But what I did do is tell folks to go to my blog to read John Hood’s article.

I have also heard folks say that the NAACP is not relevant today. I say let the NAACP go out of business and see what happens. It is just as relevant today as it was back then.

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Senate District 3 was drawn, as were several other House and Senate districts, to maximize the chance of an African-American being elected to the legislature – Source: John Hood, Carolina Journal Online