A Political Note: Race, Money And Who Likes Who Matters

Don’t be fooled that race, money and who like who does not matter.

Race matters because many times folks vote for candidates who looks like them and if they know them and like them. For those who do not agree that race matters has issues. Race for me can be compared to who look out for whom be it people or animals. In the natural a dog will look out for another dog and other like animals. So why is it people want to think that people are not the same? Well the above is true until the dog and the people become trained to go against their own.

Money makes things happen. For the love of money some folks will sell their souls. It is a damn shame that some black folks have fought so hard for change to level the playing field and then they sell their damn souls for a few crumbs. Check out the pac reports during and after election time. See these guys report as an example.

Who likes who really matters. People normally support candidates whom they know and like unless they are convinced to do otherwise and that is when money may possibly come into play. When a person knows a candidate and like that candidate then experience is not always at the top of the list.

We have to stop getting it twisted that candidates of good will can not go into office and do a damn good job. People sometimes act as if elected officials can’t be replaced. What in the hell happens when a candidate retire, die and or be voted out of office. I am going to give you an example or 2.

Congressman G.K. Butterfield was appointed to fill the unexpired term of a former Senator and Congressman. Butterfield in my opinion has been the most effective Congressman during my life time. Look at his record from the time he was appointed and where he is ranked in Congress. He is always educating the people in his district about what is going on in his district as he fight like hell for the people in the 1st Congressional District.

NC House Representative Angela Bryant was appointed to fill the unexpired term of former House Rep. Ed Jones who moved over to the Senate side when Senator Robert Holloman died unexpectedly. Bryant quickly moved up and became one of the most effective reps. in the House.

My point is do not be mislead that folks can not go into an elected office and be effective. It depends on how effective the officials want to become.

For me race, money and who I like matters. I want someone who is going to want what is good for black folks and whatever is good for black folks is good for all folks.

For me money matters because it takes money to run a campaign. Folks can not afford to work on campaigns, take off their jobs on election day to volunteer to work for free. Yep, this is not the olden days because missing a day out of work will set many folks back. Hell they don’t even take off work to go to their child’s school for a couple of hours.

For me who I like really matters. If I know someone who I feel will truly represent me, why would I not want to vote for that person? Damn that’s common sense. Well when it comes to election time some folks don’t use common sense but totally rely on political pimps to advise them who they need to vote for. These pimps don’t give a damn about change but just in it for the handout, the thousands of dollars that come to town when there is an election.

I love it that Former Senator and now President of These United States Barack Obama got it right when he sent his own people to town to run his campaign and that made the pimps in the local and surrounding cities pissed because they couldn’t get the monies like they do from the local candidates.

People don’t totally rely on others when it comes to elections but do some homework. Ask a couple of folks what they think, look at the local tv talk shows and listen to the local radio stations to see and hear what the candidates are saying.

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With local elections coming up in May, one month from now, it is important to me that voters have accurate information upon which to base their votes. The Jenkins-Bordeaux race should be no exception, regardless of personalities. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Note: Kenneth Pledger the former auditor. It is so damn funny how The Rocky Mount Telegram and the Daily Southerner has not done the history of the Senate District 3 but continue to let the discussion be solely about Cambridge.

Damn Pledger and the Rocky Mount Telegram act as if he has done something because anyone in their right mine should believe there is an ongoing investigation from what we have read in the papers which I do not totally rely on. But I have seen it in several newspapers. What I find so funny is this letter in my opinion is in response to the other local newspaper: Jenkins or Bordeaux? – Source: The Daily Southerner Editor Terry Smith and also to my responses to the local newspaper reports.

I wonder how many letters how been written to both papers about the Senate District 3 race that has not been published in both papers. I know I sent a letter about 3 weeks ago to both papers and neither have been printed. Why? Because it will educate the folks about the history of the seat and it could possibly benefit Armstrong but you see both papers do not want the truth to be made known. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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