Message of hope, change takes on new meaning – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

If there’s two things our state could use healthy doses of, it’s hope and change. Specifically, hope for change, and then a real change.

We’re speaking of the economy. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Endorsements Of Candidates 2010

The DCN proudly endorses the following candidate.

SHERIFF Edgecombe CountyJames L. Knight Black Male (Incumbent) also visit him on Facebook – I played a major role in seeking to get Knight appointed to fill the unexpired term of Ellis. Knight has done a great job and has unified people in the county through his leadership. He campaign year round because he is always doing things in all communities be it church, sports, civic groups and etc. He is a people’s person and a stone country boy.

US SENATEKen Lewis Black Male I received a phone call from Lewis many, many years ago after he had seen my blog on the internet. We had a long talk and I found the brother to be very intelligent and wanted to do something for the people. I had no idea and he probably had no idea that one day I would be able to vote for him if he decided to run for an office. Lewis contacted me sometime last year to inform me that he was considering running for this seat.

Note: Cal Cunningham contacted me via my blog. I have received emails from Elaine Marshall.

US HOUSE DISTRICT 1Congressman G. K. Butterfield Black Male (Incumbent)I played a major role in seeking to get Butterfield appointed to fill the unexpired term when Ballance stepped down. I have supported Butterfield because he has worked faithfully for the people in the 1st Congressional District. Whenever he is in your area, he will always give a brief but thorough report on what is going on in Washington DC. He is accessible to the people.

NC SENATE DISTRICT 3 Edgecombe/Martin/Pitt Counties No endorsement at this time. I wish I could endorse Frankie Bordeaux (Black Male) because he started campaigning early. This is what I have been preaching over the years. I hate it when folks wait to the last minute to begin campaigning. He has the money and it takes money to run a campaign especially to compete with Jenkins. The main thing is Bordeaux is saying what many folks are saying across the district while others are saying it behind closed doors. If I knew the issue with Cambridge was over there is no doubt that I would support Bordeaux. I will bet that we will not find out anything about the investigation with the Attorney General’s Office until long after the election. This will be to the advantage of Jenkins and Armstrong however Jenkins has the edge. Go figure.

Note: Was contacted by Bordeaux and Armstrong seeking my support.

EDGECOMBE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 3 – No endorsement at the moment. Have not been contacted by either candidate.

EDGECOMBE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 7John W. Edmondson White Male(Incumbent)  Edmondson has served 1 term. I believe he has done a good job overall and deserve the opportunity to serve another term. His opponent is an older white female who is a retired school principal from within the system. Sources say she wants to serve on the board to help push an agenda that would not be good for the system overall. In my opinion I must agree because I do not like her attitude. I know of several folks who could not get along with her. I was told that the last year as a principal she went out with an attitude.

Note: I am a strong advocate for children and parents but not limited to.

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 6 Edgecombe County – No endorsement at the moment. I live in this district but have not heard from nor received anything from any of the candidates.

* Check back later for more endorsements

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Tedesco quits job as fundraiser – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — John Tedesco, the Wake County school board member who emerged as the front man in the board’s contentious shift toward community-based school assignments, announced Friday that he had resigned from his job with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle. (Read more @ News & Observer)

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Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care – Source: Orlando Sentinel

MOUNT DORA — A doctor who considers the national health-care overhaul to be bad medicine for the country posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care "elsewhere." (Read more @ Orlando Sentinel)

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