Senate District 3 was drawn, as were several other House and Senate districts, to maximize the chance of an African-American being elected to the legislature – Source: John Hood, Carolina Journal Online

Is this situation really all right? The facts lead one to conclude that Willingham is, essentially, correct. District 3 was drawn, as were several other House and Senate districts, to maximize the chance of an African-American being elected to the legislature. Indeed, minority-oriented districts are widely interpreted to be required under the federal Voting Rights Act. It would be odd to agree that the VRA mandates districts drawn for black candidates and then to excoriate black candidates when they say so explicitly as part of their campaign strategy.(Read more @ Carolina Journal Online)

Note: John Hood confirmed what Shelly and I both are saying. I have been saying this since the district was drawn and re-drawn but Hood put his twist on it again trying to take away from the truth because he does not agree with it. Well it is what it is and until the district is re-districted then the facts remain the same.

But you see my question for Hood then and now is when he says, “But there is also a strong political case to be made that race-based districts and appeals to racial solidarity have no place in a society still struggling to remove the vestiges of racism that poisoned it and its politics for generations. Would we settle for a white politician campaigning so brazenly on race? Of course not. I’m just wondering when the double-standard is going to disappear.”

So who are trying to remove the vestiges? Definitely not Clark Jenkins and others who think like him because he could have easily used his monies and influence to help a black person get elected. He was a member of the Department of Transportation at the time and resigned to seek to become a Senator. Some black folks met with him and asked him why he was running and since he was, would he use his influence to help a black person get appointed to replace him on the DOT board? Who got the appointment? A white male by the name of Tom Betts. We all know that he eventually had to step down.

Again I ain’t mad with Jenkins because black folks voted him in. I am just making sure the facts show that it is what it is and you can call me a racist or whatever but one damn thing about it I am not ignant to the facts as they are. I damn sure ain’t one of the Safe Negroes who are afraid to speak truth to power. You see it is “the all” who are keeping us right where we are not the white man.

The b.s. about a double-standard just tickles the hell out of me.

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High-living NC pastors freed until tax trials – Source: ABC WTVD 11

Husband-and-wife pastors have been ordered to live apart until their trial next month on charges they dodged paying taxes they owed on millions of dollars in income their church paid them. (Read more @ ABC WTVD 11)

The indictment alleges that since 2001 the Jinwrights have leased 18 vehicles, including a Bentley GT worth about $175,000 and a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth $352,500. The pastors have bought a $990,000 house on Lake Norman and leased a $3.7 million house, according to prosecutors.

Note: So what have these pastors and others like them done to help folks in their community? I could have some sympathy if they were giving back to the community but how is living the life above helping others? But I do not fault these pastors and the many others like them who have not gotten caught yet because the congregation make them the pastors they are. I refuse to pay into this mess.

It just bothers the hell out of me when I am out here struggling working a real job and trying to help folks in the community and these pastors is making all of this money and do not have to work for it. I believe they should have some nice things but I be damn if they need to have the luxury of driving the high dollar cars and living in these high dollar houses at the total expense.

Have Black Folks Been Truly Represented Since The Creation Of The Senate District 3 Held By Clark Jenkins?

Most of the people in the district probably do not know the history of the district and why it was created and what has been accomplished since the district has been created.

So my question to all of the candidates:

1.   Why do you feel you ought to be elected?

2.  Have black folks been truly represented since the creation of the district that was created so blacks could have a voice in Raleigh?

3.  Are we better represented now than we were before 2002?

4.  If the white man who was elected by black folks are truly representing our issues, should he be allowed to stay on?

I have no problem with a white person representing me and that is not my issue. I am just raising the fact why the district was created especially when race is mentioned and those who bring race into the picture are singled out as if they are a racist. I am raising the issue of how Jenkins got there. Now that he is there, is he representing black folks by carrying our issues to Raleigh?

It is a fact that when black folks are represented and the issues and concerns are on the table, all folks benefit. Poor white folks and progressive thinking white folks sometimes benefit even more.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.


Two Black Candidates Wants To Unseat Senator Clark Jenkins In District 3 But Do The People Really Want Change?

Although Bordeaux is under the radar, he is putting out information about Senator Clark Jenkins and no one is questioning if the information is true or false. I would love to have seen how this race would have turned out without the cloud over Bordeaux.

My problem with all of the articles and comments about Frankie Bordeaux and his issues with Cambridge in the 2 local newspapers is the district was created for the opportunity to get black representation in the Senate but that is not discussed. I would love to see the history of why the district was created and how we ended up with Jenkins. I ain’t mad with Jenkins because he was elected by the people (black). It is funny as hell to me the so-called political leaders (black) who have a problem with Jenkins is not saying anything so therefore I question do they really want change? First these black folks have to change themselves.

What I admire about Bordeaux’s campaign is he first has campaign money. He started campaigning early on and he took Jenkins, Armstrong and others by surprise. People have not been used to a candidate starting as early as Bordeaux did.

For those who do not think it takes money to win the Senate District 3 seat need to look at the Campaign Finance Reports (Clark Jenkins For NC Senate) to see how much the incumbent has spent over the years and see how much certain black folks were paid in Edgecombe County alone.

It is funny what some folks are saying but do they realize that it is Frankie Bordeaux at the moment but it may be them the next time. Nope not in the same light but it will be something else. Let it appear that Dr. Florence Armstrong is a threat and see what happens. It is obvious that the incumbent and those who are close to him do not feel she is a threat. But if people in the district really weighed all of the information being presented by both males in this race, it could benefit the female to a certain degree.

Some are blaming the papers for the way the Senate District 3 election is being played out. Well where in the hell have these folks been because the one thing we all ought to know is the papers have not changed. They continue to do what is in their best interest and that is to sell papers.

My main concern is keeping the facts about this race and other races that affect me directly at the forefront. I hate it when people are mislead especially intentionally.

It bothers the hell out of me when race comes up during the Senate District 3 race a seat that was created in 2002.  The fact is the seat was created for black representation. So when a black person uses the phrase, I want to see somebody that looks like me go to Raleigh, why do people want to say race does not matter because they are color-blind. Well this seat was not created to be color-blind.

The Congress seat in the 1st Congressional District whereby the Senate District 3 seat is located, why do we as a black people and progressive whites keep race in mind when electing a Congress person but for some reason the same mentality is not used when electing a Senator.

Why do black folks have to be scared to say the Senate District 3 seat was created for the opportunity to have black representation? Shelly Willingham a former candidate for the Senate District 3 seat did make it known throughout his campaigns during previous elections.

I recognize and understand that just because the Senate District 3 seat was drawn in 2002 and then re-drawn a 2nd time within a 2 year time frame that the seat is open to black, brown, white and other candidates. But I repeat the seat was created for the opportunity to elect a black to go the Raleigh so that blacks would have representation. I will continue to remind folks and I will not be apologetic.

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