Entrepreneur makes then rectifies mistakes, so take accusations elsewhere – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

“What goes around comes around.” “Your chickens will come home to roost.” “Don’t do anything to your neighbor that you wouldn’t want your neighbor to do to you.” “Believe half of what you see and none of what your hear.” “Don’t look down on a man (person) unless you’re picking them up.” (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Feud between two candidates grows in three-way race for District 3 – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

Greenville businessman Frankie Bordeaux has championed what some say is the most aggressive campaign to unseat N.C. Sen. Clark Jenkins in the seven years since the lawmaker took office. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Note: I have read in several places and 1 being a letter to the editor in another local paper saying that Dell paid the money back. But now Senator Jenkins says it would have been paid back if they had stayed here 10 years but they left in 4. Again no one is questioning the issues that Bordeaux is bringing to the table when he has not been convicted yet? I don’t know if he will or will not, all I am saying is no one is questioning the issues that he is putting on the table. If one do not show why Jenkins do not need to be re-elected, why would people vote to replace him? Most of the people in the district probably do not know the history of the district and why it was created and what has been accomplished since the district has been created.

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Bordeaux under investigation, Perdue begins Medicaid fraud, waste prevention effort – Source: The Daily Southerner

Deacon Dennis Ray Hussey Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus Called Me A Nigger And Told Me To Write About That

My cousin Dennis Ray Hussey Treasurer of the Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus and Deacon Ebenezer Baptist Church came flying up to the carwash today. I was wiping down my car while talking to 2 of my cousins, 1 is his cousin.

Our cousin said you come up here flying like you coming to get somebody. About this time the Good Deacon jumped out of the car and came over where I was and said I was a crazy Nigger and go write about that. I said you are the one and you better go kiss Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker’s a . . . because I do not kiss a . . . He kept saying you are a crazy Nigger while walking back to his car.

My cousin that was standing there that was no relationship to him said he would whip his a . . . if he had came up and called him a Nigger. I said he is not worth it. He told the Good Deacon he would whip his a . . .  several times and while he was driving off the guy told him he didn’t like him anyway.

I have been holding the Good Deacon accountable for the PAC money since the 90’s and this is the first time he has shown his ignance. Obviously they must not be collecting the PAC monies like they have in the past for him to approach me. LMBAO

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Senate District 3 Was Created To Be A Black Majority District So When Folks Say It Is Not About Race, Oh Yes The Hell It Is

Race matters. I get so sick and tired of folks saying it ain’t about race. Well this seat is clearly about race. I ain’t saying a white person can’t run, I am just stating a fact that the district was created for the opportunity for  black representation in the legislation. If anyone has a problem with truth, I didn’t create the district, I am just the messenger.

What tickles the hell out of me is that the folks it was created is some of the same Safe Negroes who sold black folks out in the district by electing Senator Clark Jenkins as the 1st senator in the district. I am not mad with Jenkins. However I know how he got there and I know those in Edgecombe County who was bought and paid for.

I am just trying to get to the bottom of all of this because I live in the Senate District 3. I have been actively involved in the voting since the district was created as a black majority district.

When the district was created it began with 6 counties, Tyrell, Washington, Bertie, Martin, Pitt and Edgecombe. We knew 2 years later the district was going to be redrawn. Two years later it was narrowed down to 2 whole counties Martin and Edgecombe and part of Pitt County.

I am going to do a history of when and why the district was created next week on a local radio and tv station. I will post it here on my blog at that time. I am still doing my research at the moment. I will be working on my research through next Wednesday.

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Crusader has troubles of his own – Source: News & Observer

A Greenville state Senate candidate who has made an issue of the state’s overpayment of mental health claims is himself on the hook for $4.2 million in Medicaid overcharges for services provided by his family’s company. Read more @ (News & Observer)

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