Why Is The Focus On Curmilus Dancy II And Not The Children Issues At G.W. Carver Elementary School

It never seems to amaze me how the issues with the children at G.W. Carver Elementary School pertaining to the child who ate the vomit and the knife altercation is not the main thing.

The main thing should be dealing with the issues that have been raised by “the parents.” However I am and has been an advocate for children since the early 90’s and it no stranger to G.W. Carver Elementary School. I have served on the PTO, School Improvement Team and etc. and did so long before I had a child to enter into the school.

I have held G.W. Carver School administration accountable over the years so what is the problem? Well they have not heard from me in quite some time so they thought I had gone away. My son attended this school up until the 2008 –2009 school year. He is at the middle school now.

The parents who recently experienced some challenging issues at G.W. Carver School contacted me and asked me to help them resolve some their issues.

It is clear that the focus has been put on me because I am helping the parents resolve their issues and the real issues have not been dealt with in a professional manner. It should not matter that I am working with the parents because it does not matter if I was working with them or not, the issues are still the same.

I have the right to work with any parent that ask for my help be they black, brown, white or other. I have and will continue to work with anyone who contact me and I have been contacted by white parents as well over the years.

I have enjoyed the comments on my blog whereby some folks have stated some of the most ignant comments that I have heard in a long time. Someone had the audacity to ask why kind of degree do I hold to be able to help the parents.

I do not need a degree, it takes only common sense and it is evident that I am dealing with some folks who do not have such but they are suppose to be educators. However I have received certificates of graduation for participating in the yearly (PESP) Parent Education Studies Program through the NC Justice and Community Development Center Education Leadership Institute at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill NC on June 14, 2002 and again on May 30, 2003 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Rocky Mount NC.

Someone had the audacity to say that I am acting like a Johnny Cochran. Well I took that as a compliment because we know he was damn good. I have been called Rev. Al Sharpton as well. I used to didn’t care much for Rev. Al because he had made some bad choices during his years of advocacy but during the past years I have begun to like the man more and more and look foward to listening to him live every Sunday morning on a local radio station.

Some want me to reveal my resources and want to know do I have proof of what I say. How ignant to think that I would such. Do crime stoppers and other types of information stations give reveal their resources. Not! Well anyone that knows me, know I do my homework so.

The issues that the parents have asked me to help them resolve are far from over. The parents attempted to deal with the staff at the G.W. Carver and they felt disrespected.

I sent Mr. Ellis a message and he has not responded.

When I arrived at the school with the parents concerning the child eating the vomit on Tuesday March 9, Mr. Ellis said I could not come in the meeting and the parents said if I couldn’t come in there would be no meeting. Roland Whitted Associate Superintendent said reschedule the meeting.

It is obvious that Mr. Ellis was inferior of me being in the meeting because he knows me well. It is not like he do not know me and know that I am an advocate for the children. So why was he afraid of me attending the meeting? It is obvious he feels that I can give him a challenge. I can because I know how the system works.

Someone has said that I am out to make a name for myself. Nope my mom and daddy gave me a name and I love it. I work a real job and since I have been dealing with these parents I have been losing sleep  by going to bed between 2 – 4 am and I have to be to work at 7 am. I do not get paid for what I do. I do what I do because I am a professional advocate who will stand up for the children. I am a voice for the children who have been targeted and do not deserve the treatment that they may have received. The DCN got their back.

Some folks have said that they don’t know why I was involved because it is nothing I can do. Well if it was not for me, Mr. Ellis would not have been at the school board meeting on Monday night March 8. He was in closed session with the board. It is my belief that he was told to send out the memo that he sent out on March 16, 2010.

Folks I know the progress I have made with accomplishing changes being made at G.W. Carver and South Edgecombe Middle School over the years. Several years ago I requested that both schools receive diversity training and it was done. I was also given the opportunity to participate at both schools but I didn’t attend because I did not want to be in the room with some of those staff members whom I was dealing with back then who had a problem with me.

I want to send a message to the staff at G.W. Carver Elementary School and especially those who are posting comments on my blog that this is not about you and not about me but about the children. I know how to work the system and I will deal with you per your policies and procedures and not from a personal matter. I will deal with the facts as they are presented to me and when and if I should error, I will own up to my errors and will acknowledge it.

Anyone who my have some issues within the school system, you may contact me. However don’t come to me with no mess because if I do not know you, I am going to check you out before I check into your issue. I tell people all the time to check me out and don’t just take my word for who I am. You see when I work with folks I must know who I am working with because you are not going to make me look ignant.

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Timeline Of G.W. Carver Elementary School Issues

The DCN sends a letter sent to Mr. William Ellis Principal dated February 28, 2010 reads as follows: Child Eats Another Child’s Vomit At A Local School

Note: The DCN has not received a response from Mr. Ellis.

Child Eats Another Child’s Vomit At G.W. Carver School 

Parents of Child At G. W. Carver School Questions The Central Office To Move Their Child But Tell Them Not To Come To The Hearing Scheduled for Monday Night 

Parents Reschedule Meeting With Principal At G.W. Carver Elementary School 

5th Grader Pulls Out Butcher Knife During Altercation

G. W. Carver Elementary School My Principal Got My Back T-Shirts

Two Parents of 5th Grade G. W. Carver Elementary School Students Press Charges Against Other Students Today (Butcher Knife Altercation)

Press Release: Statements G.W. Carver Elementary School Knife Altercation Involving Our Children

In response to The Daily Southerner Jamica Ashley Reporter “Fifth –grade boy pulls knife on girl”


The parents of the students involved in the knife altercation are waiting to hear from the Pinetops Police Department/Juvenile Justice/G.W. Carver School.

The parents of the child that ate the vomit has not heard from Mr. Ellis about the rescheduling of the meeting. However they did receive a call from the Central Office on Wednesday March 17.

The DCN also received a call from the Central Office on Wednesday March 17.

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