G. W. Carver Elementary School The Comments From Mean Whitey Continues However They Are Using A New Code Name

“Concerned” you still don’t get it. Why do you still continue to post using a different code names? I am not going to approve your comments.

I love it when racist white folks and safe Negroes call me arrogant because I speak truth to power. I was the one who made sure G. W. Carver put P.T.O. by-laws in place and that they followed them. I also made sure they put some School Improvement Team by-laws in place also. I worked hard as a member of both groups. This was before I had a child in the system so when my first child began to attend the school, it was not like I just popped up just because I had a child there. I also attended G.W. Carver.

I know why our children do not have books to take home because I along with others questioned that years ago. That is nothing new. This is why I am so glad to see the laptop initiative and I hope that someday they will be in all the schools.

I am involved in what is going on at G. W. Carver because I was contacted the families asked for my assistance. I am more than happy to help them simply because I am an advocate for children, parents, teachers and others. When anyone contact me and ask for my assistance, I will decide if I want to get involved and don’t think once about what folks like this ignant person who continues to make comments on my blog but only I can read them because I am not going to approve their comments and any others who are trying to make the issue about me and not commenting on the main thing. The main thing is the school is not following their own policies and procedures but they expect the children and parents to do so.

No, the blame is not on everyone at this time and the focus is on the school.

No, my life is not boring because I do many things and it is never a dull moment. I will continue to be a voice for “all” children be they black, brown, white and other.

Concerned, you say, “It is obvious that you are out to get mr. Ellis. You state he wasn’t there , but you are ready to have him fired yet again.” Why do I have to be out to get him? It was the families whom came to me and asked me to assist them. It is not about he not being there, it is about how he handled the situation when he returned to the school. He is the head and he is suppose to make sure the others follow his lead. So maybe they are following his lead and that is why the school is in such turmoil.

Thank you Concerned for your comments. You further validate my concerns. Why not do your homework and prove me wrong? But since you are hiding behind a code as far as I know you could work at the school. LMBAO

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“white meany” Keeps Posting Comments About My Posts Concerning G.W. Carver Elementary School

Ignant you don’t understand that the last 15 to 20 comments have not been removed because they have never been posted. You see I have to approve them before anyone can see them. I approved some earlier comments and none, I repeat none of those have been removed. However I can remove them at anytime because you see ignant I am in control of my blog so get the hell over it. If you and the others would post information in disagreement with me that is fine however you are not going to disagree with me by trying to discredit me on my blog. If I allowed that I would be just as ignant as you but not!! LMBAO From C. Dancy II DCN Publisher

In re:

This man is a racist, he keeps removing my posting of this but I’m not done w/ you, Dancy! This poo boy states clearly that he uses race to deal with issues on part 4 of the vomit story. (Note: Click here to go directly to Part 4.) This low life, scumbag, punk is a Racist and  he doesn’t even hide it. This ‘tupid bastard get inside our school systems and destroys it. If its wrong for a hooded clansman to be in our schools then it should be equally wrong for this wacko to be there. You might have this site on which you spew your hatred for whites, but I’m making it my personal mission in life to expose you, bastard! If you hate adult whites then you equally hate the white little boys and girls and you will not be at these schools for long, you loser!

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