Pitt County Coalition For Educating Black Children Meeting


Immediate Release*****************Immediate Release

Contact: Rev. Ozie Lee Hall, President
             Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children
             P.O. Box 1699
             Winterville, NC   28590
             (252) 520-3397

A Complaint has been filed with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights (see Attached) alleging that Pitt County Board of Education’s Dress Code Policy targets Black students and effectively denies them their rights to a free public education.  The policy has resulted in Black students that have been successful in school now developing discipline records because of this Dress Code.  Possibly hundreds of Black students across the district lose valuable instructional time because they are being punished for minor Dress Code violations.  The Complaints from parents are mounting and something has to be done.  School Officials have been conducting roundups and going classroom to classroom to find Dress Code violators.  The schools now seem to be more interested in finding dress code violators than in providing classroom instruction.

Notice and Invitation to Meeting The Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children will hold a meeting on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the C.M. Epps Recreation Center(Multipurpose Room), 400 Nash Street, Greenville.  The agenda will include the following:

1.  Up date on federal court litigation.

2.  Meeting with U.S. Attorney General, Civil Rights Division follow up.

3.  New OCR Complaint (See attachments).

4.  Sadie Saulter issue.

5. Organizational issues.

6. Up dates by our legal team.

Rev. Ozie Lee Hall, Jr., President
Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children

OCR Complaint:

If you would like to see the original OCR Complaint please email me.

3 thoughts on “Pitt County Coalition For Educating Black Children Meeting

  1. Greetings! As a new resident to Pitt County , I am very disappointed with the dress code. I have four children in public school and the cost of purchasing uniforms that fit properly and look nice is quite high! I find myself spending triple what I used to spend to cloth my children because we have to have two sets of clothes. I was not here prior to uniforms to see how the children came to school: but, I have noticed some children look absolutely a mess in the uniforms: dirty and wrinkly.( Even my own have stepped on the bus not looking as good as they should!!) I understand that the purpose of uniforms was to try to help to not make the children from poorer families stand out. But they still do. Besides, the children are already aware of others’ financial standing. They can figure that out on the bus ride to school. Rather than dictate to our children what they should wear to school, they should concentrate on teaching respect and acceptance of differences. The zero tolerancey policy should be in effect for teasing and bullying and fighting. That would get down to what the real problem is: having children respect and accept those who are different. Teachers should focus on academics and give the children plenty of stimulating work to do. As they compleat their work and learn new things they will start to feel proud, and good about themselves!


    • there is no way you should be spending that much! i myself go to wal-mart, goodwill, and garage sales. You can even go to aeropostale for $1o shirts and $25 pants–that is without a sale or coupon. and i noticed i dont need as much other clothing since they are in the uniforms 5 days a week. be serious


    • “they should concentrate on teaching respect and acceptance of differences.” If parents would teach this to their children, there wouldn’t have been a problem to “fix” in the first place.


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