Press Release: P.R.O.M.M. Parents & Relatives Of the Missing & Murdered Organization Formed

Parents & Relatives Of the Missing & Murdered

P. O. Box 2978

Rocky Mount, NC 27802

For Immediate Release Contact: Ms. Jackie Wiggins

(252) 210-3100 or (252) 266-8777

Family Members of Missing & Murdered Women Announce Formation of Organization for Support & Closure

Rocky Mount – The family members of women who lost their lives on the streets of Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County and who have been reported missing have come together to bring structure, support and closure for them and their families. At a meeting held at OIC on Friday, December 18, over half of the parents, children and friends formed P.R.O.M.M. to serve as an effort to support the needs and concerns of close relatives and outreach to people whose lives are still at risk because of drug addictions and prostitution.

“We appreciate all the efforts of those who have advocated on our behalf,” Jackie Wiggins, President of PROMM and mother of victim Jackie ‘Nikki’ Thorpe stated, “but it is time that we stood up for our family and for ourselves. It is our daughters and close relatives who were brutalized and murdered or abducted. It is up to us to communicate to the world our pain, our loss and our anger. It’s also up to us to help rescue other women and men who are still living the same lifestyles that our daughters and their friends did.”

Juray Tucker, mother of missing Yolanda Lancaster added, “no one lives with the pain and memories of their family like we do. We don’t expect others to care like we do if they are not found or their murderers haven’t been identified. We are standing together as family and friends because we just can’t move on like nothing has happened.”

And other survivors of the murdered and missing agree. “We find strength just sitting and sharing the good and the bad times that we had with our daughters,” Patsy Hargrove, mother of victim Jarneice Hargrove said. “We know what we would do if we just had another day, a second chance to talk with our daughters or just see them. Maybe we can help other mothers and family members of the young ladies who are still on the streets. Maybe we can help find the ones who took our babies’ lives.”

“PROMM is working to provide counseling, encouragement and accessibility to a safe haven that offers rest, nourishment and referrals for women who are selling themselves right now to fulfill something that money won’t buy,” Deborah Lucky, friend of victim Elizabeth Smallwood explained. “We want to make sure that people know that someone cares about them and that they don’t have to trade themselves for security and acceptance. We also want to make sure that the family members left behind are nurtured and assisted.”

The group plans to meet regularly to offer emotional and financial support to family members of the missing and murdered. “We are also reaching out to other organizations like ours across the country,” Jackie Wiggins reiterated, “We aren’t trying to reinvent anything. We just want to make sure that people who want to help us know that we are doing something for ourselves. They can work with us directly.”

Contributions to survivors of the murdered or missing can be made payable to PROMM in c/o OIC, Inc. “All funds will be strictly accounted for and applied to the needs of the children and family of the missing or murdered women,” Andre’ Knight, President of the Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP stated. “These mothers and family are speaking for themselves and their concerns. We support them and want them to know that we are working for them.”


P.R.O.M.M….Hope on One Accord!

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