Talking About Morals And Values, Edgecombe County Had To Reimburse Andre Knight For His Attorney Fees

I know of many stories that included some others and myself in the community whom do not have criminal records nor have shown our ass unlike some others who have been promoted and rewarded.

When the children staged a walkout at SouthWest Edgecombe some years ago when a white coach grabbed a black student around the neck where was the letters and support? Hell the children called me and I was there supporting the children and the teachers who supported the children anonymously.

Because of my involvement with helping to solve the matter, the former principal at SouthWest Edgecombe at that time invited me to the cornfield and where was the letters and the support? I was the vice president of the Rocky Mount NAACP and we had asked for his resignation but after Rev. Elbert Lee President, Rev. Richard Joyner Pastor of a local church and member of Community Enrichment Organization who was working with the school system along with some other black folks met without me, they then compromised and made a deal with the principal that they would no longer request his resignation.

There have been many school issues that I have been involved in over the years.

Because of all the mess we have allowed this is why the school system is in the shape they are in today and we can thank our black leaders for selling us out.

Edgecombe County Commissioner Rev. Wayne Hines and a former Edgecombe County Manager Joe Durham removed me from the NEED Inc. Board where I was the vice chair when they knew the board was going to vote out a former director they saved him. We had done our homework and had visited an office in Raleigh to make sure we had our house in order to vote the director out. Nash County Commissioners removed William Hobbs who was the treasurer at the time and we were told they called Edgecombe County and told them to remove me. Hines and Durham came to the meeting and Hines removed me so he could vote. First time either of them had been to a meeting since I had served on the board.

Now to a more recent situation.

Why in the hell have we not seen anything in the local newspapers about Edgecombe County having to pay Andre Knight’s attorney fees several months ago? This is one of the best kept secrets in Edgecombe County at the moment. How do I know? I have contacted both newspapers and asked why they have not ran a story on this. I only got a response from the Rocky Mount Telegram and the reporter told me he was going to do a story. No story as of yet and this has been about 2 months.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs challenged Rev. Andre Knight’s residency and the local board of election that consisted of 2 white females and 1 black male ruled against Knight. The black male voted in favor of Knight while the 2 white females voted against Knight. Knight appealed to the NC Court of Appeals after a lengthy fight and won.

So why has The Daily Southerner nor the Rocky Mount Telegram ran a story on this? They were involved along with Kenneth Pledger who teamed up with Higgs in trying to destroy a young black leader by sending information to the the local board of elections.

I dare you to go to The Daily Southerner and the Rocky Mount Telegram and do a search on Andre Knight to see what you find. Also see what you find here when you type in Ken Pledger’s name.

And black folks say they are about what is good for the black community when we do not support young folks who are trying to make a difference. Our children read the newspaper so if they do not see us supporting each other why in the hell should they think we are going to support them?

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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