Had the opportunity to release some frustration on the radio today talking about issues education and politics.

Are we really moving forward politically as a black people? Hell no!! Look at our school system.

Received a text and a call from 2 brothers whom I didn’t even know they listen to the show that enjoyed my comments.

My mission is if I can help somebody, my living will not have been in vain. If I reach 1 person that’s enough for me.


3 thoughts on “Had the opportunity to release some frustration on the radio today talking about issues education and politics.

  1. I’ve been say this same old thing for years: “No Child Left Behind” has got to be changed. When schools/teachers are rewarded when students pass tests, there is no incentive for schools/teachers to keep those students around who may fail the test or who is a behavioral problem. ie, no incentive for teachers to really teach.

    I also wasn’t aware that the teaching staff in Rocky Mount/Nash and Edgecombe Co is overwhelmingly caucasian. (Don’t know how that escaped me????) Caucasians are afraid of our children. Doesn’t take much for a caucasian to suspend/expel a Black child from school. I’d love to see some numbers on this? The numbers definitely reflect that Black children are expelled and suspended from school at a much higher rate than other races. Does this mean that our children are less well-behaved? Are our children unable to understand and comprehend the rules? Are Black parents lacking parenting skills? What are the real issues that should be addressed? Our children are being allowed to fall through the cracks and it’s just WRONG!


    • Hell no our children are no more less well-behaved than other children. I have been to the schools and seen how all races of children cut up.

      Don’t know how you missed there are more white teachers in our schools because it has been that way for many years.

      I understand a child who are a real threat but when a child is picked on who does childish things and/or unintentionally this is a problem for me.

      Understanding the rules and comprehending them. My question is are they being enforced consistently? I bet not.

      Black parents lacking parental skills. Yes they are within a certain age level. Some children parents are children themselves and the grandparents are not much older. So yes this is a problem.

      But my problem is when parents like myself who are involved, get treated as if we are nobody and we get categorized like they do our children. You are a good parent if you do not question the teacher/system.

      Yep so many children are falling through the crack and I am talking about good children because they and their parents are treated without respect even when we are respectful to them but question them?


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