2010 Is Approaching, What Role Will You Play?

We as a black people must come together, work together and be about the business of moving our communities forward. Hell we do not have to like each other but damn let’s do what is best for the community at-large. But we can not do that if we continue to do the same things. We talk a good game but year after year we see the same results. And then we say it will take some time to get there.

Hell I have been dealing with some folks since the early 90’s and damn they ain’t there yet. So how can we move forward when those around us continue to hold us just where we are. And the sad thing we think we are doing something but look at the news daily and see what is going on right in our communities. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of lies and those who got theirs and don’t give a damn about others. But then their children end up out there and they don’t understand why.

Oh well 2010 is approaching. What role will you play?

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