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In the early 90’s there were some black key leaders in the community who said we needed our own communications such as our own radio talk shows, newsletters and etc. and they have done nothing. Since that time I have had a talk show on WCPS 760 – AM (Tarboro NC) Wednesday evening 4 PM – 5 PM and some months went to 6 PM, founded Dancy Communications Network daily, had a talk show on WNCR TV (Rocky Mount NC) Wednesday nights 9 PM – 11 PM. These things take time to prepare and preparations must be done daily. While doing this I also participated in other talk shows almost weekly by calling in to FM 92.1 Express Yourself (Rocky Mount NC) Monday evening 6 PM – 7 PM and FM 104.3 (Raleigh NC) Sunday mornings 10 AM – 11 AM.

Today I see things differently from many folks because I have been in the struggle for so long and when I see people getting involved, I do not want them to do the same things those in the past did. I talk to a lot of folks and I hear what the people are saying about our current politicians/leaders so therefore I try to take what they are saying and try to make things work for the better good of the community.

When I get involved in the community or anything that I feel is a worthy cause, I put my all and all into it. My philosophy is that there is something to be done daily in order to make a difference. If I am working with others, I feel we need to touch basis daily either via voice or email. By staying in touch, we can do a little daily and this keeps the burden from being so heavy.

I feel I have learned much because I have educated myself, know all the politicians, community leaders and others locally and I know what they are capable of and what they stand for. I will challenge any of them at any given time. Therefore I am going to hold these folks more accountable than ever before beginning in 2010. However I am going to hold other politicians, community leaders and others whom will have a play in what goes on in Edgecombe County at any level of government or community activities that is of interest to me.

My number one passion is advocating for our children however I have been an advocate for education standing up for our children and also educators in the area since the early 90’s long before I had a child in the system. I will continue to be an advocate for our children to a certain degree however I will not continue to be an advocate for ungreatful Negroes who do not appreciate folks like some of us who fight their fights. The sad part for me is working along with some leaders who are collecting a check monthly but use us to make them look good at our expense.

I am always hearing about meetings and when I attend them if I like what I see I have volunteered my services. However the time has come that I will not be volunteering anymore time at my expense. I feel I have paid my dues since beginning my grassroots activism back in the early 90’s. I feel that if I do not do anything else that I have done my share. I have promoted other folks when they were at home or wherever and what have these folks done for me lately or at anytime?

I have decided that the time has come that I need to promote Dancy Communications Network. I have been promoting other folks in many ways over the years and I have come to the conclusion that it is time that I begin to focus on taking The DCN to the next level. I have gone above and beyond promoting other folks at my expense sacrificing much.  I do not regret a moment of what I feel I have accomplished trying to educate black folks especially, but not limited to and not only locally but abroad as well. I have not truly promoted The DCN like I should so therefore if I want to take The DCN to the next level I must make it happen and not leave it totally up to others whom many times do not want to be held accountable nor want the truth to be made known.

Some folks say I have not been actively involved lately but I beg the difference because if you visit my website I have been very, very busy posting information and videos bringing about awareness. Nope I have not attended several meetings this year because I am sick and tired of business as usual. However I will be picking and choosing the meetings and events that The DCN will be covering in 2010. I have also asked others to write articles to share with my readers to help me educate the people.

Please look for more changes to The DCN blog and Online TV coming soon that will be more user friendly.

Thank you George Fisher for keeping me motivated to do what I do as you continue to push me to take The DCN blog and Online TV to the next level.

Please remember, "Knowledge is Power, Sharing it is Empowerment" and know that "I Have No Permanent Friends, No Permanent Enemies, Only Permanent Interest!!"

Curmilus Dancy II DCN Publisher

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